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  2. Hello! You are welcome to join the KC group, even from afar. Thank you for your service in the armed forces. Safe travels!
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  4. In the context of the D&D 5e rule system which this will be based on, Zats should inflict Exhaustion levels only and the exhaustion lasts for X time (2 rounds maybe?) unless zatted again which resets the counter and inflicts another level of exhaustion. Also they should inflict the Stunned condition on a failed CON save. You recover a level of exhaustion each turn after you wait out the two round timer. Example - Jack gets hit by a Zat. Jack takes a level of exhaustion and makes a CON save which he passes. Jack is not stunned however the effect of the Zat has made him weaker. Jack is Zatted again the next round inflicting another level of exhaustion and this time he fails his save and is stunned for that turn. Jack is not zatted for the next two turns and recovers a exhaustion level. Thoughts?
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    OK here is my 4 suggestions but first I need to explain some terms Cover - A barrier that protects against both incoming fire and can provide concealment. Concealment - Hides the creature but does not protect the creature from incoming fire, like a bush or tall grass. So I would treat D&D 5e half cover and 3/4 cover bonus to AC as types of concealment. So taking these into consideration we can get into your questions Flanking "When you attack a creature from a direction that is not protected by Cover, you gain advantage on those attack rolls. Targets that have concealment still obtain the increase in AC provided by that Concealment" Example - Bill attacks a Jaffa who is standing in the open without any cover or concealment from a concealed position that provides Bill 3/4 cover. In this instance Bill would have advantage on all his attack rolls made against that Jaffa. If the Jaffa attacks Bill, then the Jaffa would have advantage on his attack rolls but Bills "AC" is 5 points higher due to the concealment he has. If Bills Concealment also provided cover then the Jaffa would not have either advantage or disadvantage but would still need to meet Bills increased AC The idea is to make player choose their cover wisely and not get caught in the open! Suppression Suppression should be a way to impose disadvantage on your opponents attack rolls or completely remove their ability to return fire. However to effectively suppress a target you need to fire enough rounds down range so it should tied to how many time a creature is shot at during a turn. A Wisdom save to ignore the suppression could be used as you keep your cool under the hail of fire. Another Idea is that a weapon could have the suppression attack feature which uses an attack action to instantly cause the affected creature to save against being suppressed My example would be "When a creature is fired upon (insert balanced number here ed 5) times in a turn or is attacked by a weapon that used the suppression feature that creature needs to check to see if they become suppressed. Make a DC15 Wisdom Save. On success you ignore the suppression as you keep you cool under fire. On a failure you can only make 1 attack at disadvantage on your next turn as you fire blindly in the direction of incoming fire." Multi Attack Nothing wrong here totally agree. Damage First thing is what are the damage types available My thoughts would be (Ball) (Armour Piercing) (Hollow point) (Concussive) (Fire) (cold) (Electrical/lightning) (Acid) and all the other types from 5e. Next how do those damage types affect a creature. Creatures could have (Immune - attacks do nothing) (Vulnerable - attacks do double) (Resistant - attacks do half) (Not listed - Attacks do normal) Damage would then be based on ammunition class. Pistol and SMG would be a D4 or D6, Rifle a D8 or D10 A heavy weapon a D12 and explosive could be anything as they are base on how big a bang you want. You then can make weapons fire a number of times per attack making some weapons better than other however they chew through ammo faster. here is an example of the complete damage model Bill has a M4 carbine and the M4 has a magazine of AP loaded. The M4 has a damage die of a D8 and is capable of firing up to 3 time per attack with the last two shot at disadvantage. If Bill fired at a Jaffa that was resistant to Ball ammo only, Bill's AP round would inflict normal damage as it was not listed as a resistance or vulnerability. A M4 would use rifle ammo of the 1D8 type. Bill is able to make two attacks per turn. On his first attack he fires in "burst mode" which fires 3 rounds. 1 normally and the next two at disadvantage. He successfully hits with all 3 rounds and inflicts 3D8 + Dex damage and expend 3 ammo in the process. Bill then uses his second attack action to repeat the process and inflicts only 1 hit of 1D8 + Dex but still expends 3 more ammo in the process. Does that make sense?
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  7. Interested to see how the balance having to multiclass past level 5. Would prefer to go to 20 in the same class with the option to multiclass. That being said I am glad there is a sg1 table top game coming out, was looking at running a homebrew session based of starfinder
  8. Magic is replaced by technology I am also curious about that leveling etc.
  9. Perfect answer I saw almost all interview of wyvern games about this project and I am so excited to see your, to my mind, unique idea
  10. I'm excited to see how the leveling works with the feats and such it sounds like 5e meets pathfinder 2e. I'm also excited to see what they do with the "magic" idea. I hope we get the open playtest soon
  11. I like the idea of playing as Unas or other races from the series. If you have rules on humans, jaffa etc. it is not that hard to homebrew a new race, Wraith for example friendly Wraith ofc Do you guys think that they will add new and more interesting feats?
  12. I believe SGP is more a location for the story of the game but the rules and what not could be used for a homebrew of the SGC. They stated in the interview that they will have a story recap of the show to the point the game takes place so its not ignoring anything. In fact that's why they made the SGP so they can make a new canon story. Finally the SGP is still run by the military its just not all Tau'ri.
  13. Glad to find Stargate the rpg. Fan of the TV show, since you could lend the first season on VHS in Germany. From that moment I watched each episode. Owner of 4 books of the d20 stargate rpg and can't wait to go for a new mission
  14. Yeah that's a pretty beastly weapon. I've never played the AEG version of the game. But if AEG was the last company to have its license then it makes sense that a new version is ready to be deployed considering AEG has had a major face-lift. I'm honestly surprised FFG didn't scoop up the opportunity. I definitely see this game as a prime game to make several Proprietary dice for as FFG is oft want to do LOL! But I for one am glad that Wyvern is using the 5e SRD I hate proprietary anything! but I digress Its always difficult to match lore up with game rules. Take space marines from 40k for instance...an entire ork waagh can be put down by only five or so but its not exactly fair to have super warriors. same is true with the staff weapon. we shall see! addendum:: maybe in addition to its other properties maybe it will provide a bonus to intimidation rolls or something of the like considering it is the most commonly employed weapon of the Jaffa and like ol' BahamutA6M5 said "it inspires dread..."
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    link if you want to join https://discord.gg/skbJN7Z
  16. Problem with Ma'tok (staff weapon) is it's a dread-inspiring weapon because of its sheer firepower and showing that mechanically is hard. In the TV show, most people hit with it was basically instakilled and only plot armor would save main characters from dying when impacted by one. I have yet to see how Wyvern Gaming has managed the weapon, but my experience with it in AEG's Stargate SG-1 RPG left me under the impression it was an overwhelming weapon up to mid levels; a single shot wouldn't kill some characters but still leave them fatigued even at those levels. In AEG's game, the staff weapon required two proficiencies, melee for using it as a quarterstaff in hand-to-hand and rifle proficiency for using it as a ranged weapon. It also had a recoil rating of 12 (meaning characters with STR scores lower than that would get a -1 to hit unless they only fired it in single shots), an accuracy rating of -2 (meaning all attack rolls made with it received that penalty), had an error range of 1-2 (fumbling with it was easier) but also extended threat range, 18-20 (making easier to crit), a ranged damage of 6d6 (a bit scary; it also was energy damage, making antiballistic armor nearly useless), had 75' range increments, it was considered an armor piercing weapon (meaning it could ignore some damage reduction from armors) and, on top of the previous penalties, difficulty to handle it meant characters suffered a -2 penalty on initiative rolls at the beginning of combat. Finally, when using fluid initiative, some GMs considered it a tactical weapon, thus imposing a -2 initiative every round it was fired. So, in 5e, most of those features could be worked with some ease. But, as said, have to wait and see how devs modeled the staff weapon.
  17. I agree with some of your statements. And as the series progressed, the rebellions did become more of a focus but it never overshadowed the fight of the Tuari. The Tuari lead the fight. The game does not have to be all about the SGC, but it should be one of the main focuses with the military side as a big part. SGP seems to me as a great location sourcebook more than a main focus for the overall game. That being said, I am excited to see a Stargate game in print again.
  18. Is there any information/content on youtube or twitch I can watch?
  19. As a experienced DM I think staff weapon will be two-handed weapon, it is too long for one hand. It might come with reach and 1d10+STR bludgeoning damage or 2d6+STR/1d12+STR without reach. It looks pretty heavy. It is alien ranged beam weapon so most of the players won't be profficient with it but still can have a lucky shot. Problem is players or NPC on higher lvl will hit almost all the time, so disadvantige on attacks or flat -5 for hit for example might be good idea. For damage I think it will be force because that is the most dangerous type of damage that is similar to beam weapons by my opinion. Damage dice? Well if players will gain HP on lvl up as they do in other d20 rpg's they might survive multiple staff weapon shots. If Hp will be fixed then damage dice should be around max health. That way you can die in one shot, but you also might get lucky and survive I would set it somewhere between 2d6 - 3d6 or 3d4+3 Knockback is usually STR save and for items it is usually fixed DC number. Might be around 15 but it should be auto knock if that weapon is that strong If you would ask me about armor class, well cover in field will be really important now (half cover +2 to AC, 3/4 cover +5 to AC, total cover - can not be shot at) then there is flanks etc. Kevlar Armor might give you +1 or more to your AC but it also might give you temporary hit points (5e do have these), so if you do got hit that armor might save your life but is ruined after I am sure it is already done by now, so I expect them to outsmart me with their weapons this summer :D
  20. February...time to spend about a paychecks worth on this project!
  21. I can see its final stat block looking kinda like this; Staff Weapon: (monetary cost if any) 1d6 Bludgeoning (weight) versatile 1d8 / Ranged 10/100 1d10 Radiant Something like that at least. now i haven't seen ANYTHING of this game prototype but it keeps being said its based on the 5e SRD so I can pretty much assume as to how things may behave.
  22. this is very true to the core aesthetic of the series and hopefully the game. However I do know that its not just the tau'ri taking the fight to the goa'uld. As far as the trials and tribulations of the SGC on earth we have pretty much seen all there is to be seen from that particular perspective. where making the Humans of Earth an option and not the core focus hints that this particular incarnation of the game is most likely going to be centrally focused on the rebellions of the other Xenos against their oppressors! either way this game is going to be the bomb diggity.
  23. Does the development team plan on having any miniatures made for this game? is it going to be something we could perhaps kickstart? I know I for one would kickstart the heck out of some miniatures! i mean think about it! an aspiring "mission commander" gathers their friends around the table to try out the new Stargate RPG not only do they whip out enough books for everyone at the table but they also have plenty of minuatrues and maybe even some paper maps to make this inaugural session an immersive and memorable experience! ive seen some miniatures by other developers but they're difficult to find and generally in poor condition.
  24. I so hope Earthers are a focus in the game. I see the Dev said they will be an option. Don't know what that means for the overall feel of the setting they are creating. The reason I love Stargate is that with all the crazy tech and villains, it is about humans, military service people going out and getting the job done. Stargate is military scifi, not space fantasy. The latter seems to be the way Wyvern is going. I hope not. All of the source material still centers around human characters with fun aliens added, not aliens with the quirky human. If that is the way the game is going, I can play Starfinder for that and the old AEG game for the Stargate feel. That being said, I am still on board to try it and my group would look to playtest.
  25. This is going to be fun! where do i sign up to help write missions?
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