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  3. As we have seen from Esper Genesis, 5e can work extremely well for Sci Fi
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  6. Yes but complete radio silence is kind of hard to deal with. A simple update. That is what some of us want.
  7. Allyallyct6, I've playtested a couple of different scenarios, and really enjoyed it. If you're in the Memphis area, they might be running scenarios at MidSouthCon again. We're trying to convince them to run again at the local game store on out local gamedays.
  8. On the 3rd of Feb, Sazeral commented on a General Discussion post that they don't have a solid date quite yet, but they are close. In my opinion, we should just patiently wait until the month ends and then consider asking more questions.
  9. G'day guys I come from can demons land which is off the coast of new Holland or as it is currently know as Tasmania and Australia, been a massive Stargate fan since I saw my first episode after sneaking out of bed to watch it on late night tv. Since then I have watched every season and movie so many times I can tell you what will happen in an episode after the first few seconds, been an avid dnd fan for many years and currently play starfinder which is DnD but in space. Lovely to meet you all and say hello if your ever in my end of the world
  10. Is there any further information for the Feb Kickstarter date? February is almost over and there hasn't been as much as a peep anywhere about this
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  12. I like the idea of incorporating exhaustion. How about this as a general idea. A con save with a DC that increases every time the target is shot with a (or perhaps the same) ZAT in a minute. And having the degree of failure indicate the level of effect? That would allow an over time debilitating to hardier beings like the Wrath or times we've seen some lofe form being slowed down then KO'd or killed. "Mooks" with their low saves would be affected more and players would then still need to be aware of ZATs on the field but not be afraid of instant death outside of multiple hits or unfortunate rools.
  13. Sixtus_quinn


    As far as damage goes, I would recommend looking at Spycraft instead of d20 modern. Example is looking at a Beretta M92FS (an M9 as most know it) and an M1911A1. D20 Modern M9 damage 2d6, range 40ft, Crit 20 M1911A1 damage 2d6, range 30ft, Crit 20 Spycraft M9 damage 1d10+1, range 20ft, Crit 20, error 1-2 M1911A1 damage 1d12, Crit 19-20, error 0 Spycraft allows for a bit more variability in it’s weaponry while keeping them from getting ridiculously overpowered. It provides for a difference on the damage based on caliber without going into the deep end. And it provides an easy example for the P90. But that depends on how armor is handled in this system to determine how it would be defeated or penetrated.
  14. UK, South Yorkshire area
  15. I've been playing RPGs since 1978. There was a long break in there of about 25 years or so but I've had more time to play now and even started broadcasting games with my old friends on Twitch and YT (Look for Fliko_Paints). Fair warning, the painting videos are real boring and should be watched at least at 1.25 speed. I've been a big fan of SG since the movie and the TV show first came out. Can't wait to check out this new RPG! Where can I preorder?!
  16. Hi everyone, here is Jan from Frankfurt, Germany. I'm a big fan of SG-1 since I can think I hope I can spread the word about the project here in Germany. Greetings Jan
  17. This is not a "hack" of D&D. It's a game designed entirely around the 5e SRD just like several others, so it can't just be ported over to other systems. It would also drastically increase the necessary work and playtesting, as no two systems are the same. And I have never heard of any (licensed) game being developed on multiple systems unless it was a separate iteration made by different designers. I'm not a huge fan of 5e either, and especially now I prefer it used Modiphius' 2d20 system (as used by Star Trek Adventures), but that's not possible as it's an in-house system without a public SRD.
  18. Any chances of supporting other systems than OGL 5th? I'm a huge fan of Stargate but I find 5th to be kind of ill fitting for the setting and it's a system I find really quite dull and un-thematic. I would love to see hacks for other systems, seriously think it would be amazing being run by Cypher System. If not I guess I can port everything across from this game to cypher.
  19. I mean I attempted to get into the play test, but was apparently too late. Considering as soon as I heard about this I reached out. Since then had money set aside for a kick starter, and been working on getting my friends involved. I literally watch Stargate SG-1 every day, and it isn’t a lie. I just don’t want to be a horse chasing a carrot here. Been disappointed too many times before when it comes to reviving Stargate in some way. Been radio silence I feel like
  20. Hang tight everyone. There is news coming soon. We are just as anxious to get this out as you are. We promise we are close. We don't have a solid date at this time for the Kickstarter.
  21. As annoyed i am on the silence here i was just on there twitter and yesterday they posted about the kickstarter coming out soon. Still would like to see somthing.
  22. I just checked out the calendar and it is no longer listed on the calendar. I am very curious as to the specifics of WHEN the kick starter is going to launch. I've been looking forward to this game for awhile not and now there is no date. Beginning to wonder if it will ever happen.....
  23. so im just about to start playing i revamped the character sheet n did a promo vid for him enjoy 777.mp4
  24. I'm revisiting Bill McCay's Stargate novels for the first time in a while. I read them through a few times about 10+ years back. I'm a sucker for alternate takes on things so I've always really enjoyed the experience of reading these. I'm about a third of the way through the first book, Rebellion. Any other fans on here?
  25. You don't have to multiclass after level 5 if you don't want to. If you want to keep getting more and more powerful Feats in the same class you started in, you can!
  26. The new race is actually called the Aturen. https://stargate.fandom.com/wiki/Aturen
  27. Yes, the issue I foresee, is that all the players will have the similar setup then after level 5. But again, I haven't seen any rules myself.
  28. I do hope we see something soon a date or something. I'm so excited for this game I want to start planing stuff out ASAP.
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