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  3. I have a standard laser jet, how do I print them so the grids are 1”. We like to use miniatures for game play, so I need to print the map to scale. Please help.
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  8. Over Discord or some other program?
  9. I am looking to play a online game as well.
  10. I am wanting to learn how the game is played so I can eventually run a campaign. I am looking for a group to play with over Discord, Skype, or any other program.
  11. Thanks! I was confused because they were still showing as $2.99 USD. Should have noticed where it said "Purchased on".
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    Loves Guns... terrible shot. Made Earth Great Again. BlakeMEGAHouse.pdf
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  17. Go into store as if to purchase it, and it should show as already purchased.
  18. Personally, I like the third option, as long as the "rewards"that they don't access till appropriate level does not include the mission points. Give them the credit to help level up. But I have to ask, what about the opposite situation? If season 2 released episodes for newer players, what about someone that has a character from season 1 that is over the level? You don't want to make people unable to play through an episode with their favorite characters, so this needs to be addressed too.
  19. I just assumed they messed up and used metres instead of feet. The only other logical option if the dimensions are correct is that the briefing is taking place in the currently empty hangar space (too close to the base and taking no account of the terrain shown on the map, *sigh*), and bunking is taking place either in the 2 quonset huts on the other side of the river (top left section of the skirmish map) or additional hangar space unseen but logically located on the other side of the taxi way
  20. The gate is supposed to be 22 feet (6.7 m) wide, so at the standard 1" = 5ft/1.5m, you're looking at 4.4 inches
  21. The problem with advantage is that the encounters can take multiple rounds, so you could end up with everyone dropping their other approaches and going for whichever granted advantage, so I'm not sure I like the idea...though I guess narratively it could just be recognising that they seemed to respond best to that kind of approach I agree with your point that accomodation assignment would be one of the first things to happen before combat training. However, when I ran it I had 5 PCs, so what I did was add Em'lyn as the NPC 6th to round out the combat training - this provides a basis for a grudge to erupt in an argument later on (could be as simple as "You shot me!" or "I won you lost, so I get the top bunk", though in my game one of the PCs went prone in cover despite the explicit orders not to do so, so she called him out on that for disobeying orders and generally being dishonourable). This worked really well and linked the encounters narratively very nicely - and provides a basis for the argument erupting later in the session after the combat, rather than the very first time they see their bunks.
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  23. Thats the closest room I figured. Is the grid 1 meter? If so it's only 11 meters.
  24. Is it not the entry into the base where the MALP and FRED are usually kept?
  25. Yes. It's exactly the same as replaying it multiple times as a player
  26. The simplest option really would have been just to assign everyone basic competency then let them selcdt their own
  27. Advantage does seem the logical way to go Speaking of Em'Lyn and logic, the encounter with her should be switched up to take place immediately after Loyer's briefing, as the way the module is currently structured makes no sense at all. You have a bunch of people, many of whom are culturally or actually alien. The very first thing you need to do is work out where to put them and anything they brought with them, NOT have them drop everything and just thrust guns into their hands trusting blindly that they will know how to use them without being a danger to themselves and others. Shooting isn't going to happen until after intake, orientation, medical checks, etc etc
  28. If your reading of the rules contradict your assumed dosage, clearly your assumed dosage isn’t what the rules are presenting. Carbon monoxide poisoning certainly can be quick and deadly, but it can also be slow and insidious, with people hospitalized after literally days to *weeks* of long-term, low-dose exposure.
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