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  4. @CoolExp Good to see someone in the same boat as me! You keep me posted too, please!
  5. Uk - Currently in Derbyshire, though originally from Leicester
  6. Hi I'm the same, though form the UK. Looking to set up or find a online RPG SG universe sessions, so if you catch wind of anything keep me posted Dan
  7. Hi everyone, I'm Milo. I live outside of Washington, DC, USA. I've been a Stargate fan for more than a decade and have recently restarted watching SG-1. I have limited table-top gaming experience, having only played D&D a handful of times. However, an RPG in the SG universe is exactly what I need to push me into the community! Best, Milo
  8. Hi all! I'm from Barcelona (Catalonia) and I just discovered this project. It expect it will release some interesting material. In our club we are running our 2nd campaign on Stargate setting. In fact we are finishing it as I'm the DM and the writer and I see how theay are reaching the ending of the story. In first campaing we played 22 game sessions during 2016 and 2017 and in this 2nd campaign we have already played 15 sessions. So more or less it will be the same. We use Pathfinder+little house rules and it fits good. Just erased all magic and spells that cannot be "explained" by technology. I selected and accepted from players some feats from original RPG Stargate SG-1 game and Star Wars D20 (both d20 system, version 3.0 of DnD). Months ago we introduced some starship mechanics inspired in those from Starfinder (never played a game yet, although I see a lot of interesing things to export to Stargate). Its amaizing to see how the group makes an infiltration into an enemy Ha'tak and after killing those in the bridge handles to manage and steal it. We have a dozen of one-shot games that run very well on local meetings, even to introduce new players to rpg. On those, players join the SG-31 team while on campaing the usual players run SG-29 team. It's good to see that interest in Stargate franchise isn't lost and this new project is under production. Sure it will be in my shelter. In case you have any interest, this is an url of a friend that lists content and information about different RPG -official or not- and includes a Stargate section [in catalan] https://sites.google.com/site/elrefugidelargonauta/stargate-pathfinder
  9. until
    Public launch of Stargate: RPG! Don't forget to wear your Favorite SGP garb.
  10. Hi Everyone, Just wanted to hi and how much I love the idea of geeking out with fellow Gaters. I am going to my first Stargate convention next August (Gate Con 2020) and just wanted to get to know everyone who loves Stargate. I am fairly new to DnD and when I saw the idea of the Stargate RPG, I need to get playing this ASAP. I may be a little lost with this site but I wanted to find out more information regards to the idea of the Stargate game, can anyone help me Best wishes to all Dan (CoolExp)
  11. Hey just joined from WV, I was looking to see if there was a book I could start reading over as I tend to be the DM/GM of my group. I am a huge SG fan and I would love to see how they turned the series into a tabletop game. If someone has some way for me to find the book I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks, Ruby Mad Hatter
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  13. I feel all alone here in the Low Countries . At least the Stargate Program is international now.
  14. Glasgow, Scotland. Happily waiting on the kickstarter (and hoping we can get something like quick start rules via it to get some hype going)!
  15. Austin, TX. Large gaming community here. Would love to play test this. I can easily get a group going at Tribe’s Comics and Games, here in Austin, TX
  16. This all sounds good so far, I like the idea of the Phoenix site. So glad you have decided to put Tau’ri as a playable race I couldn’t imagine my sg team not having one.
  17. This would have solved the issue of the Wraith in SG:A and the Ori in Stargate:Sg1 give them the origin coordinates to the Ori super gate. Let the two duke it out and than take on the winner. The Ori would have to go on the defensive, buying you time to find a solution in both galaxies. It would make for a cool alternative timeline RPG campaign: infiltrating into the war zone to find a Ancient/Ori/Pr-Wraith weapons left behind from when they were corporeal creatures. As for the Wraith, you could give them Sarcophagi technology. They do have deranged human "cultists" they could use the sarcophagi to regenerate for food. This would remove them as a threat if they win.
  18. Glad to hear about that choice. I don't know how you've structured the races but, perhaps, tau'ri could be the base template for humans (as the goa'uld took slaves from Earth to populate their domains beyond the stars) and create other near-humans* from that point. Also, as we are talking about races, is some thought in the team about including reetou or reol? * It's the term used in Stargate SG-1 RPG for those humans evolved in other planets but with different social, scientific, technological and/or biological evolution.
  19. bonjour comment vas tu?

  20. Fantastic! Good news, thank you!
  21. Yep. https://stargatetherpg.com/clubs/
  22. Hey guys, we very much appreciate your feedback and want you to know that it was heard. Upon careful consideration and consultation on how the US military handles armed coalition forces. We have decided that it totally makes sense that Tau'ri forces and personal would defiantly be included in a base of this type. Tau'ri will be a human race option. Thanks!
  23. This Stargate RPG looks like it might be a fun one, and hopefully it proves to be successful, although there are concerns about some of the decisions that have already been made and that might be made prior to its release. Continuity: With the introduction of a new race that was not present in the original movie or 3 shows, along with a number of other elements about this RPG, this game is a split continuity. It might help to market it as being part of an alternate universe so fans are aware of the differences. If anything, it could help soften the blow for those expecting something that could have been more true to those productions. Timeline: It sounds like this is based off of season 6 of Stargate SG-1, which is a great part of the history, although it would be nice to have the option of choosing any time. Time travel is an important part of the franchise. If anything, this RPG can start in the present, then travel to that point in the timeline, while still allowing characters to travel to the future or past. Of course, some or many players may do that anyway. Might as well write it in. At the core of it all, however, Stargate has always been based in the present - that is, the present at the time of the production - so basing this RPG on the past, while rehashing memorable elements from the series can be nice, is just another step away from the foundation that the franchise was built upon. Starting the story out in the present day would at least be a way to maintain some of that foundation. Location: Earth is and always has been home. Sure, the shows took place in other locations - Atlantis in Pegasus, Universe across the universe - and those other places even become a "second home", although they always started on Earth. In most of them, they even returned to Earth. This is based on Stargate SG-1. Earth is home. The Phoenix offsite location can fit nicely into this, if it is simply that: an offsite location. Tau'ri: Considering how significant of a presence the Tau'ri have with the entire franchise, it would be a grave mistake to exclude them, enough that it would likely result in sending many fans away from this game, with Wyvern losing money, and Stargate fans spending their money on other RPG sources, opening up to different rulesets that may be more fitting for a more authentic Stargate RPG experience.
  24. I believe Tau'ri should be a variant human option. I'm all for Phoenix site but i want to have my players be a mixed team because I have a few that are not as versed in the lore. If its all new and strange to their characters i don't need to make or explain seasons of the show to them.
  25. The original team is dead, there is nothing that says the new team has to have the exact same specialty. In my setting, SG-7 has just been newly assembled as a secondary to SG-1 (that is, a multi-focus team), hence why they are sent on the missions that my story centers around. That was also the point of me picking that team designation, as it was never seen nor heard from again throughout the rest of the series, so it contradicts nothing (though my plot may be very slightly contradictory)
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