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  4. Yep, I completely agree. I use Foundry VTT every week for my D&D 5e games and I am never going back to Roll20. I would love to have some official support for Stargate RPG in Foundry, at least for the system itself. Are there some aspects of Stargate RPG that are part of an "SRD" for people to use?
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  6. Sauna and Hot Springs This facility is where members of Phoenix Base can relax and unwind. Surprisingly popular with humans, Jaffa, and Aturen, these spaces are quickly spreading to Haven in general. Saunas and hot springs help restore achy muscles and foster a sense of quiet contemplation and community. Benefit: When you spend your downtime in the sauna or hot springs, choose Athletics or Culture. You gain a bonus equal to the facility bonus to checks made with that skill. Additionally, if the facility bonus is +2 or higher, ythen the first time you suffer exhaustion during the next
  7. Here's a homebrew feat and facility to enhance daily living at Phoenix Base! Sports Fan MP Cost: 3 Requirement: Athletics or Culture You are a true fan of sports, either to play or to participate. You enjoy taking in sports matches from a variety of worlds as they become available, and you may also eagerly take up opportunities offered by members of other cultures to join them to play team sports. When you spend downtime at the Sports Fields, you may choose to add the Facility bonus of the Sports Fields to your Dexterity and Constitution saves for the duration of the mission
  8. I believe in a more recent version it is no longer the default option and has been replaced with something a bit more appropriate.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    A four page character sheet with plenty of room to document your character's features as they level up. Certain fields auto-calculate values based on ability scores and bonuses. You can select no proficiency ("-"), half proficiency ("H"), proficient ("P"), or expertise ("X") for each skill. Since some feats and origins allow for it, you can change the ability each skill is based on. The last page allows you to add more background information for your character and even attach an image. Important: Acrobat doesn't handle flowing text between fields very well, so you should be ready to
  10. hey I come from a small village near Hildesheim (in Lower Saxony-Germany) and wanted to ask if there are other people who are interested in this Stargate game? If so, please send me a message, maybe we can play it together. I look forward to your message, oX_Wheel
  11. Here are a couple episodes that deal with hacking the DHD: One in particular, Carter and her "2nd favorite beloved" scientist, Dr. Jay Felger, remotely hacked Ba'al's DHD using a computer virus, Avenger, (scrambling his DHD's gate addresses) (of course with some initial R&D to create the computer virus), but Ba'al's Goa'uld scientist, the glutonous, Nerus, reprogrammed it to spread, and that took the afternoon. After fixing it, Felger says he has locked that tampering down. In the episode, "Prototype", we learn that Annubis programmed the gate on P3X-584 to "gate-forward" poten
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    Is dope.
  14. Sure any gate that has iris on it whould work for what they were trying to achieve. I thought it would be R&D as well just in this case it would take ages which players did not like although it made sense to me so i wanted to double check with you guys here
  15. Whether this works or not depends on how you have the DHD dial the gate. If a side chevron locks on when the appropriate symbol passes through the prime chevron, then that's a pretty reasonable chance for the victim to notice something's wrong. If the chevrons however just light up in response to keys being pressed on the DHD and the ring's just spinning until it builds up to 88 mph then the subterfuge could work. But basically they're talking about deliberately gutting a significant safety protocol (not to mention compromising Phoenix Site's security and secrecy by hardwiring its address
  16. Okay, assuming everyone has access to some recent flavour of the chargen rules, shall we see what sort of characteers you folks want to make?
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  18. I second this!!! <3 Even if I still have a plus account on Roll20, I always use Foundry VTT. It's such a pleasure to prepare "Scenese" there, whereas with Roll20 it's a pain. :__; Especially with this RPG setting Foundry would be perfect with animated maps, teleports, gates, special effects... wow! For now let's dream about it. ;-)
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    Hi´Sai Once at the service of Isis, she was stated Sho´lva by the System lords when she neglected to continue the fight against the tauri for her own reasons(She didn't believe in the system lords rule). before the betrayal of Anubis Isis was thinking about betraying her husband Osiris and dflect into the Tok´ra Coalition, because she didnt trust the System Lord Ra or her own husband. to this matter only her prime Hi´Sai was aware of this and secretly supported her. Since then Hi´Sai went into hiding and with her symbiont planned to deflect to the Tauri SGC and ask for political asylium
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  23. Hi, today we played session based on current preview pdf of rules. Players did come with idea to rewire DHD in a way that when Jaffa goes to dial adress it would override his adress and force him to dial Phoenix base resulting in him killing himself on Iris when he goes through. I feel like this should take considerable amount of time, maybe even trigger R&D encounter and take pretty much few days maybe. What would be your solution? (They did have 24 hours of time when they wanted to try that).
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    O'Neil with one L
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    Tollan studying abroad when he heard the news his homeworld was destroyed. Volunteered with SGC at the first available opportunity
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    Lieutenant David McIntyre served with USAF special operations Para-Rescue for two tours before being folded into the Black community. After a single duty station with Task Force 141, he was offered a position on a experimental unit testing the capabilities of an unknown aircraft. This craft was the prototype X-302, which allowed him to be briefed on the Stargate Program. He formally requested transfer to an active SG unit, and was allowed a trial deployment with SG-17. His value was recognized as a tactical asset and was assigned to SG-19 for a single tour, then to SG-13 to replace combat lose
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