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  3. Stargate SG-1 RPG had a table of tables to run through in order to create random planets and civilizations. Things such as climate, atmosphere, biosphere, water masses or technological state, government type, attitude towards aliens,... could be determined with a series of die rolls. And some results in a table could conditionate another in a diferent table (such as no rainfall if a planet temperature was cold and similar examples). Having a system like this, or some variation, might be greatly welcome in order to create worlds with a distinctive flavor on the fly.
  4. Starfinder has a "deck of many planets" idea that is worth looking into
  5. can you confirm if soldier gets all damage rolls maxed (from the ability "weapon training") or just ambiguously worded explanation of why die all go to D8 minimum. As i assume you are a dev from this comment. There seems to be some discourse on what that means.
  6. So on leveling, when does the proficiency increase. Is it the same as 5th ed. I could not find this in rulebook, I understand as beta it wont have everything, but this seems to be an important part to miss.
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  8. Assuming they are keeping elder Tok’ra out may account for part of the rules; if so, then legolas is kept out. Egeria made broods that had no elder memories but got hers only, then another recent pangaran brood that got the so-called ‘amnesia’. See the Tok’ra spy background. As for earlier powerful versions remember that she made many broods, younger ones might be acceptable if they were hidden away as noted, or if they served long boring duties as spies in various mining camps with low access to training. They might be good at evasion, but little else. The Goa’uld should be the all dancing all nasty skill sets, but tempered with crippling greed, but that’s another story as they are npc.
  9. Again, the assumptions of the system are that you're starting out with a bit of life experience under your belt but not a lot: after 2 millennia, tok'ra -- and indeed any of their species with access to the genetic memory of their system lord mothers -- should be proficient in most if not all skills. Given their experience and the physical enhancement provided by a symbiote, the average tok'ra is effectively going to be Logolas to everyone else's Gimli. If you were going Giving them advantage on checks Wis modifier times is realistically the closest you're going to get to reflect what they're capable of while keeping them reasonably balanced against other options. And honestly, given the setting of the game, I think I'd keep the elder tok'ra out of the PC's reach altogether. Being subservient to Earth's military is grossly out of character for the elder members of the faction from everything we've seen in the show, especially given how salty they were about Jacob/Selmak's tendency to side with the tau'ri led to them excluding him from some of their war councils. If you do make them a player option, they should be treated with considerable care. Keeping the species to the pangaran generation is, I think. the smarter choice. Their power level is more reasonable, and being a tabula rasa far more prone to interventionist action makes for a more probable reason for them to part of SGP and opens up interesting narrative choices playing them against their more cautious and conservative older siblings.
  10. Last week
  11. @borasavas Thank you for your interest in the Open Beta of the Stargate RPG. The PDF file that you downloaded is everything that you need in order to play the beta version of this game as it includes the current rules, character creation guides, and other information to allow you to play the game as it currently stands. This is a Table-Top RPG and not a computer-based game.
  12. Hi ı downloaded Stargate RPG Beta 03.17.2020 but this is a not open beta games. The file ı downloaded is a PDF file. What do ı need to do to play the beta version of the game? I would be very happy if you could help me.
  13. Just stumbled across all this and couldn't not stop by and read up. I'm strapped for time at the moment so I'll just say hi real quick before skedaddling off... Sooo.... Hi!
  14. 5e just finished stat’g vehicles and ships. I would venture an ATV at 75-100 hp.
  15. Loving the system so far. has anyone thought of anything for vehicles and ships? statswise?
  16. True about the army private, perhaps allowing proficiency bonus? Example ,,, if the symbiote is proficient in a background?
  17. Earlier
  18. 5e has armor with resistance vs piercing, bludgeoning, slashing, various energies. I assume bullet resistance confers piercing resistance, halving damage done. As the OGL limits use of 5e material, I present the base rules download for rule of thumb. https://media.wizards.com/2018/dnd/downloads/DnD_BasicRules_2018.pdf
  19. 5e off hand rules, Zat in each hand.
  20. The dice system this Stargate RPG is based around is the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition system. Its sometime referred to as 5e.
  21. You do realize that quadruple damage has a level minimum of 17, right? Also, as I wrote before, balancing things around certain feats makes those feats mandatory buys instead of just a build option. Zat guns are a weird anomaly, in that they are literally the only dangerous weapon in the game. But they also only fire every other round, don't stun and are stopped by armor, so good luck having a standard npc ever hit a PC more than once.
  22. I remember seeing them in the shops but never read them
  23. SGU came a few years after they'd sent SG1 out to pasture and Atlantis to the knacker's yard so it's not like they rushed into it. It was just a sad and all too familiar case of an SF series being early for the zeitgeist
  24. Even an 18 year green army private gets a +2 ability bump, so no, that doesn't even come close to modelling the symbiote's 2K years of experience.
  25. No symbiote means no host immunity=death. The add to stats, even as low as it seems would seem to represent the symbiotes years of living. I note the Unas symbiotes as base line.
  26. Hello, The first time I was introduced to the rpg it was well not really from playing but more so that I watched a show called community. Since then I've wanted to play, and I got the chance to play a star wars one but if thought about playing a stargate one. I wanna say thank you so much for taking your time in making this. I do have some questions though, whats the I don't know being new the proper term but what is the dice roll system and how do I learn more about it?
  27. Well, 5E doesn't do botches the way Spycraft does, one result of which was that when things didn't go to plan the host and the symbiote could find themselves out of sync with each other for a round or so. There were systems for dealing with the symbiote changing hosts. Mechanically, the symbiont and the host were distinct yet interdependent entities. Yet here, the mechanics don't really give any impression of that -- though to be fair when introduced into the series we were given the impression that Jacob was perhaps unusually... active... as Tok'ra hosts go. To start with, the cut'n'paste of the Jaffa's loss-of-symbiote drawback needs to be reworded to specify that it's a symbiote without a host that appears to be the one to suffer the con damage. Further, there's nothing there to suggest that the character is sitting on 2 millennia of hard earned experience, so the advantage to mental saves should instead be advantage to mental checks; if you want to get creative, offer the ability boost to the choice of any mental score, then apply the check advantage to the other 2 (a character who takes the +2 to Charisma gets advantage to Intelligence and Wisdom checks, etc) Credit where credit's due, I love that you folks picked up the Pangaran symbiote thread. (And Pangara absolutely needs to be one of the human world options instead of the tollan whose behaviour in the series would seem to make ill suited to membership in the SGP. Joined Pangarans working alongside their singular fellows offers an intriguing synergy.) However, the pangaran symbiotes aren't amnesiac. They're blank slates. Without the weight of their inherited memory, they have the chance to learn to be something other than conquerors or rebels. So their advantage to physical saves works, but I'm not really seeing Charisma, the force of personality, being a key ability. Similarly rather being shrewd diplomats, it strikes me their other racial ability should be more along the lines of adaptability or assimilating new things.
  28. Incidentally, I think this whole argument comes down from the fact people is ignoring AC is an abstraction representing chances for a target to be hit (it consider factors such as size or mobility) AND be damaged. This notion of "attack roll failing to meet AC means failure" doesn't automatically imply a hit/shot missed the target; it could also be the hit was deflected by armor (strike actually connecting but failing to "penetrate") or absorbed (a round hits but the armor absorbs the energy and results in just a bruise).
  29. Testing a system includes suggesting work arounds and different approaches if we feel the system as presented doesn't work. The whole point of betatesting is that we're trying to find stress and outright break points, and that as a result nothing we're given is set in stone.. Personally I dislike the higher AC = more effective armour idea and feel it fails on a number of levels, simulationist and otherwise. Armour makes you harder to damage; in doing so it can make you less mobile and easier to strike with a weapon that may or may not be effective.
  30. I find the simplicity of 5e to be the solution. In previous iterations of goa’uld a pathfinder approach was taken resulting in rules heavy tweaks to the race. This version is understandably simpler, with the basics covered and allows for local player and GM additions to the race. Though this is true for all the classes and races, the complexities of the goa’uld should imho be addressed with descriptions and option suggestions (host-symbiote in control as above) without tying down all players and GMs to clunky rules lawyering.
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