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  2. My brother and I managed to get tickets to all three episodes as well; very excited!
  3. Managed to get tickets for Episodes 1, 2, and 3. Pretty excited!
  4. Event registration just went live over on Gen Con's website, so I wanted to reach out and see who all was able to sign up for the introductory episodes that will be run. I was able to get in for Episodes 1 & 3, and cannot wait to get my first proper game with the new system.
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  6. the last isn't from abril, are from june..
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  9. We would use the latest version of the Beta Test rules, which is the April set. I have something set up on Roll 20 and would possibly use the Scenarios that are free to download. At most these sessions would be every other week. A first session would be on the 26th of July, if there are at least three interested parties. The time would be US Central time from noon to about 2:30 pm (I could go a little earlier but I have another game at 3:00 pm).
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    I like Cheese!
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  14. Version 1.0.0


    The purpose of this guide is to provide the details on the Stargate Phoenix Living Series and what you need to do in order to participate in the series as a player character. These guidelines set forth in herein are subject to change. This guide will be versioned and new versions of it will be published on about a quarterly basis. The latest version can always be found here.


  15. Yes, you can download the Stargate RPG Beta from this site. Those are the most current rules. The character creator has not been release just yet. You can play a pre-gen character or create your own for the Stargate Phoenix: Living Campaign.
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    Stargate RPG Beta

    The 6.13 version found here:
  17. I playtested the system last year at GenCon but am completely new to Roll 20. I would be able to play at noon. I am in Central time as well. There are three rulebooks in the download section. Is there a certian one we need? I have put session 1 and 2 in my wish list for GenCon. I am also new to this site. Do you have a group to join here? I need to use Roll 20 before Gen Con to become acustomed to using it. So this is great!
  18. Which rulebook will be followed at Gen Con?
  19. I have put the games in my wish list too. Looking for where I create my character etc.
  20. I just put episode 1 and 2 in my wish list and am figuring out what to do. I playtested a Stargate SG-1 game last year and it was a lot of fun. I am looking for where I create the character for Gen Con and beyond. Please add instructions to this thread or Original Post? I took off work today and tomorrow to get all my accounts, characters, and other setup done for the convention. I want to use the Character Maste or one based off of her. That is the character I played last year. Which rulebook are we using? Is it available for download here?
  21. Try out episode 1, you'll start off as SG Phoenix recruits. Learn the 5e system and the setting!
  22. I'm tempted by a demo session, but I've not really got any experience with the D&D engine. Is this an issue?
  23. That should be a good time frame for me! Are you planning on every week though? Just wondering because I do record podcasts on Sundays sometimes too, including this coming. And when are you thinking of starting? I've only had chance to just glimpse at the rules since I didn't think I'd get to play it anytime soon, and have no real experience with D&D (only played a single game). I've only really played the Free League engine.
  24. I actually ran a campaign similar to this when the first Stargate RPG came out (minus the Nazis). I altered the timeline of another universe. essentially the Goa'uld never discovered the stargate on their home world. You could simply say that the Nazis had control of the gate, used it to find advanced technology (you don't really need to explain how), and eventually found P3X-888. It wouldn't be much of a stretch from there to say that Hitler was somehow infected by a symbiote. You could even say the Goa'uld is one from the series, like Ra or Apophis. Although I'm not sure if they would have lived that long. And if you want to have Nazi Jaffa, just say the Nazi scientists are the ones who came up with the technology to implant the larva Goa'uld. Just remember that the Germans will have to discover the gate in Antarctica somehow. Because the gate in Giza was brought there by Ra. And you'll have to ignore the fact that the pyramids where built as landing pads for the Goa'uld ships. As well as ignore that much of human history was influenced by Goa'uld tampering.
  25. I'm going to be attending GenCon Online and saw that there was a Stargate RPG Event. Always been a fan of Stargate and it said to come here. So here I am.
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    Stargate RPG Beta

    @araxie This is a "tabletop" or "pen and paper" roleplaying game (RPG). One player is the game master or GM. The other players (usually 3-6, but more or fewer are possible) each roleplays a player character. From Wikipedia: The GM describes the game world and its inhabitants; the other players describe the intended actions of their characters, and the GM describes the outcomes. Some outcomes are determined by the game system, and some are chosen by the GM. In an episode of SG-1, each member of SG-1 would have been played by a player. All other supporting cast, enemies, antagonists, the MALP, Cheyenne Mtn Complex, the world(s) and the situations would have been described or roleplayed by the GM. As the players play, their choices affect the story and the game world. The Film Reroll podcast is a great example of how it works and how both character decisions and fate change the story. Hope this helps
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  28. Version 1.0.0


    Various Stargate fonts for use by .G.M.s and players. If you know of any others please tell me and I'll add them. Alien: Asgard, Furling, Goa'uld (Decorative), Goa'uld (screen used Nak't), Nox, and Wraith. Ancient: Computer, Handwritten, G-handwritten, and Anquietas. Stargate Glyhs: Mk.1 Gate glyphs (Universe), Mk.2 Gate Milkyway glyphs (.S.G.1.), and Mk.3 Gate Pegasus (Atlantis). Titles: Stargate franchise title and Assidious (early .V.H.S. episode subtitle font). Virus free when uploaded. NOTE: THIS IS NOT A WYVERN GAMING DOCUMENT. Download at your own risk! (This document was submitted by a member of this site. Wyvern Gaming does not vouch for the security of this document.)


  29. If it was Stargate 3.0, I wouldn't mind throwing a PbP game. But my actual experience with 5e is zero (have read the SRD, but haven't played nor mastered).
  30. You could always shuffle a few names. Rather than Ra and Apophis jaffas, you could throw Ba'al's and Yu's. And have the clones being for two girls; one at her teens (preserved), the other a child. And for additional surprises, have both be Nirrti's clones (and all this mess being another attempt at a hok'tar host: the child shows some "peculiarities"). Regarding AEG material on goa'ulds, I recall something about most of the content on suplements not being considered canon, so it wasn't covered by the IP.
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