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Should AC be broken into E(nergy)AC, B(allistic)AC, & T(ouch)AC?


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Always struck me that Jaffa going down easier would be down to better training and familiarisation. I can't imagine that confrontted with Alien warriors for the first time I would shoot my straightest. After a couple of encounters they would learn to shoot for the Symbiote pouch and the lighter chainmail parts of Jaffa armor. They become a known(ISH) quantity. 

It also strikes me that Jaffa armor is best suited to the weapons of the kind of civilisations they're usually suppressing and that it would probably be a waste of resources to equip a mass army that you don't mind taking a few losses with really fancy gear that they may well wind up using against you. 

As far as this conversation goes, I really don't see the Devs embracing this kind of granularity. We have had quite a lot of pushback on requests to even slightly expand the list of firearms for example and there are a couple of good threads on this. I cant see the bonuses of realism overcoming the confusion and slower pace it would require. 

If we were making Stargate: MMORPG then I'd say hell yeah let's have complex armor mechanics!


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