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Weapon Proficiencies


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So it quite skipped my notice that the June update robbed the Scout of the longarm proficiency and replaced it with bow and shotgun.

I think it's crazy and serves no particular benefit -- and is in fact the exact oppositeas it leaves the 2nd-most-likely-to-bean-actual-soldier non-proficient with the standard weapon of their profession -- but is this a changeup that my fellow scouts agree with?

Instead of being forced into fixed proficiencies, would you prefer a more open ended "You have [blah] weapon proficiencies and [blah] tool proficiencies. Spend them as you wish; weapons can be swapped for tools but not the other way around."?

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Longarms would be long range Rifles and Sniper rifles. SMGs and AR15 based weapons would fall under a carbine category if there was one.

That is just my interpretation of the weapons however.


Realistically speaking, it sounds like they are building the class around the Unas Scout they have in mind rather then a general scout class.

Scout should have a choice of either Longarms or shotgun proficiency. Bow is under Common right now as has been mentioned, and should stay there. If they wish to push the bow, give them an optional bow specialization feat at some point.

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On 10/21/2020 at 8:46 AM, EinherjarLucian said:

I'd especially expect scouts to be proficient in sniper rifles.

Sniper can be/is a scout, but scout is not necessarily a sniper... crap thats confusing. Being a scout or not (atleast in US Military) depends fully on your MOS or Military Occupation Speciality. 


MOS 19H is US Army Armor Reconnaissance Vehicle Driver

MOS 0317 is USMC Scout Sniper


Second most definetly is an expert with long guns. First one, not necessarily...

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12 hours ago, Lofwyr said:

Second most definetly is an expert with long guns. First one, not necessarily...

Fair enough. Point is, I think Scout should have proficiency in long guns. Notably in the game rules there's a separate feat for sniper training in particular.

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On 8/4/2020 at 2:28 PM, chitinid said:

Also listing "bow" is strange, since that's wrapped up under common weapons currently. It seems insane that a modern military scout would not have the ability to use longarms, so second that.

The scout doesn't read as a military scout. 

It reads as a cross between Ronin Dax and Daniel Boone.

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Remember that the Stargate program is a United States Air Force military operation and the Phoenix Site commander is Major General (2 stars) Loyer.  As stated on page 126, "General Loyer holds to the Geneva Convention, even off world."

As per the example of "Daniel Boone", he was very proficient with long arms. I will have to re-watch the episodes with Ronin, his side arm and blade were very .. unusual.


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