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I had a chance to read through the current beta version last night. Based on what we see in the shows, teams are ALWAYS led by military personnel. It's safe to assume that everybody on the team will hold either a military or GS rank. There are some civilian GS ranks, that outweigh military rank, though, it should be understood that unless stated otherwise in the warning or op order that a civilian is in command of the mission, that commend defaults to the team leader. Take the movie Predator, for example. Dutch was the senior soldier on the mission, but Dillon (a civilian with a higher GS rank) was technically in charge.

Unless this is specifically addressed, I think I may find it easier to inject an NPC into the group, as the ranking officer. Having run military-themed campaign in other settings, it is almost always a sure bet that the player put in command always lets it go to his head. This isn't normally a problem in fantasy settings, where one player will usually naturally emerge as the de facto leader. The military is a different animal altogether.

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Tau'ri teams always have military leaders. Logically as teh SGP is sometimes touted as aliens operating under human leadership you could extend that but just as easily you could classify the human members of a majority alien team as "technical advisors"...

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On 9/17/2020 at 11:55 PM, 1001100x02 said:

Tau'ri teams always have military leaders. Logically as teh SGP is sometimes touted as aliens operating under human leadership you could extend that but just as easily you could classify the human members of a majority alien team as "technical advisors"...

SGC is to the best of my knowledge part of the US Airforce. A US Military team would never be comprised of all foreign nationals. It would always be led by US personnel. A team made up of representatives of a foreign government would be a team of THAT government's military, wear its uniform, etc. US Military personnel might be seconded to it then as "Advisors", but the teams themselves would be foreign teams - Unless I miss-understand the basic nature of SGC (Especially during the SG-1 time frame).

of course you can always make your own realities 😄

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Given season 6 as starting point referenced in the vid...

the military chain of command looks like this for a phoenix team:

  1. POTUS
  2. Secretary of the AF: F. Whitten Peters¹
  3. USAF Chief of Staff: Gen. Michael E. Ryan (b.1941)¹
    1. USAF Vice CoS: Gen Ralph Eberhart (b 1946)¹ ²
  4. Stargate Command (SGC) CO: MGen George S. Hammond
    1. SGC CV &/or XO: ?? Possibly unfilled. 
  5. Phoenix Stargate Command (PSGC) CO: MGen P.K. Loyer
  6. PSGC CV (vice commander) ??
  7. Team Leader

I'm not certain whether SGC and PSGC are parallel or if Loyer reports to Hammond. Since I'm doing this for my own group... I'm sticking with subordinate. (A number of such equal rank generals in superior/inferior position are not uncommon.)

Note that military doctors also have a second oversight chain - USAFMS Surgeon General, the assistant Surgeon General, and possibly a specialty CO.

Likewise, the Engineering staff are subject to the Department of Engineering oversight.

I suspect prior to SGC being a major command, it was part of the USAF Space Command.

Civilian Oversight - 

  1. US Congress via committees, all considered vaguely equal
    • Senate Military Affairs Committee
    • Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee
    • Senate Appropriations Committee
    • House Military Affairs Committee
    • House Intelligence Committee
    • House Appropriations Committee
  2. Designated members of those committees
  3. Designated investigators for those committees.
  4. CO PSGC: MGen P.K. Loyer

Note that Congress Critters are adversarial even into Destiny season 2.

The IOA arises in season 9, so is not represented here.


¹ Real people.

² Ebert was briefly acting CoS,  for 33 days.

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On 10/13/2020 at 2:46 AM, 1001100x02 said:

Crucially, the SG-1 RPG has nothing to do with the SGC. Phoenix Base is confusinggly pitched as a training outreach program as well as a sort of French Foreign Legion

Where do you infer this from?

First paragraph of the Beta:


Greetings, Traveler. You’ve been recruited by
Stargate Command to defend the galaxy against
the Goa’uld Overlords. Stationed at the secret
Phoenix Site, you now embark upon your training
within the Stargate program.


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Besides - some of us are using it for teams out of SGC proper. Why? familiarity. (My current is set in season 1... They're going to see the funeral of Maj Kowalski. 

The P90 and M9 are both standard issue for certain types of units. (M16 or M4, and M9 for standard forces.)

RPGs are by their nature prone to being used for off-label uses. The setting presented in the book feels to me more like SGA or SGU intent.

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