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hello from "Pegasus galaxy" aka israel

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long time fan here. 

can I ask for your guidance as I am not as advanced as you people ?
been dying for ages to start a new Stargate campaign (as a first time DM)

and I would really love to find a gate and some 3D prints/models for my players.

found some awesome stuff on eBay (mostly from dst) but the price for shipping will kill my wallet. any diy tutorials I can use ? maybe cheaper options you guys know ?

I just ordered the DHD model but am willing to become a host or be enslaved by the Goahuld to get my hands on a good Stargate.

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While not done for RPGs, I did once made a 3D Stargate simply by printing it out on paper, cutting it out and gluing layers together, using what is known as "3D foam pads", a kind of foam with adhesive on both sides, to add thickness. Then I just used LEGO to build the ramp and put it upright. It's very cheap, but still looks pretty good. I also included an iris and the event horizon that I could fit inside easily enough.

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