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    landscape is always good. If you had a portrait one it could be harder to look over and interact with people. but the DM screen is an important piece of equipment for a DM in my eyes
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    I concur with the successive rounding rules described above. I'll throw my two cents out there and suggest maybe making zatgun attacks require a contested dexterity save on the part of the target. This is in line with the effect of the weapon: no real way to defend except for special armor or more practically to dodge/roll out the way. In much the same way that some spells have DC's in 5e I would think that energy weapons could benefit from having a similar mechanic (energy weapons are really just scifi spells no?) that could be penalized at certain ranges. For example, the default DC of zatgun could be 8 + dex modifier + any proficiencies - some penalty for being at far range. Furthermore, requiring a constitution check or save every round by the stunned target could be a good way to determine the duration of the stun effect. Perhaps the default behavior is: On a failed dexterity save the target is stunned for a maximum of 1 minute (10 rounds). At the start of a stunned targets turn they make a constitution save. On a success the target is no longer stunned. Insert above mentioned successive round rules here. If a stunned target is stunned by a zatgun again (not consecutively) it counts as a failed constitution save for their next turn. (i.e. a player can spend their action to keep they enemy stunned but in doing so may not be able to do anything else. This could keep zatgun spamming to a minimum...) I also agree with idea that death by zat should really just drop the pc to zero hp and trigger standard death saves.
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    Both missions were very well received! One of the questions on the survey asked if the game felt like Stargate, the unanimous response to this was YES! The players felt there character played well and loved the character sheets. Here is an image right before a session. The front of our Diplomat pregen character.
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    Greetings! My name is Cate. I'm a huge Stargate fan and I love gaming! I love a good story because we're all stories in the end. No power In the 'verse could stop me from being the nerd I am. Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. ^_^
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    I think screens present an effective tabletop mechanism for hiding notes while not creating too much of a barrier between players and DM if landscape. At the same time, I like having a screen in digital format because it makes for a convenient reference mechanism if the tabletop doesn't have the real estate space for another "thing." I mean, tables can quickly get cluttered with stuff and sometimes the GM can't claim the space.
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