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    Without saying too much, we plan on expansions.
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    Hey, sorry, didn't mean to ignore your anxiety. I'm sorta in the same boat (aspie myself) so I certainly didn't mean to minimise it. My personal experience was that a bunch of friends who RP eventually got me to give it a go. It was a horror setting which I didn't care for but in time campaigns came up that were interesting and I got more into it and gradually got over being self conscious (now play an outrageous paladin called Ivor Fleshammer who is based on Zap Brannigan). Now we're in a D&D 5e game and while I basically hate fantasy, it doesn't matter because the story and company is worth it. Now that I want them to get into Stargate I have people I can nudge to play and get a group together. So, if I were to suggest a strategy, I'd try one of those game shops. I don't know exactly how inconvenient it would be but it sounds like a potential option? If you're not up for that, I understand. As Paul says it still looks like you can contribute in some important ways anyway. Best of luck getting something together mate.
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    Dr. Jackson: Can you do me a favor? Could you keep an eye on this plant thing for me? Teal'c: I will keep both of my eyes on it, Daniel Jackson. Wyvern Gaming requests your assistance. At this point we have finished the first draft of the rules and are needing feedback. We need more eyes on what we have so far... So, can you do us a favor? Do you have a game group itching to play a Stargate Roleplaying Game? If so, great news! We are now ready to open private playtesting. If interested, request to join on the official Stargate Roleplaying Game website. Look under the PLAY > Gaming Groups > Stargate RPG Private Playtest Group If you have already requested to join the private playtest group, thank you. Please be patient as we review these. Rest assure you will be hearing from us soon. We are looking for groups/individuals that can provide constructive feedback as we complete development. Due to a high demand for the private playtest we will only be taking a set number of Gate Masters into the private playtest group at this time. After signing up, we will send you a questionnaire. Upon approval you will be asked to attend an orientation through our Discord. We are also looking for experienced roleplaying adventure writers that would like to participate in writing Stargate Missions. If you are interested in this, please send us an email at gamemaster@stargatetherpg.com. We look forward to gaming with you. Thank you for helping us make a great game. By the way, the forums are open! Come talk with the community. Thanks, Wyvern Gaming
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    Both missions were very well received! One of the questions on the survey asked if the game felt like Stargate, the unanimous response to this was YES! The players felt there character played well and loved the character sheets. Here is an image right before a session. The front of our Diplomat pregen character.
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