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    Version 06.13.2020


    Work in progress of the rules for the Stargate RPG. This is an early beta version and will be changing. These rules should be used for playtest and treated as confidential. Please provide feedback via: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfdpUL8Ankv3ZHN-Fxxc6WdQNlBZhklMtvVjGJgc3nx79zt6Q/viewform


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    Version 3.3.0


    Beta Version of a character sheet spreadsheet


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    Stargate is a setting with a lot of energy weapons... Without getting into the creatures with energy capabilities & such Replicator Disruptors, Staff Weapons, Pain Stick, Ori staff weapon, Ori Warrior Weapon, Kull Plasma repeater,The zat, Kara kesh, particle magnum, & no doubt many more considering this is just the handheld ones I could find in a few seconds. You've also got the jaffa armor that doesn't do much against bullets but presumably works well against staff weapons & the melee weapons used by the occasional unruly slave, the full body black armor worn by kul, the energy fied used frequently by goauld & maybe once or twice carter/vala, whatever the energy fields used by the asgards or ancient relics Splitting them would mean that a wraith, shortblade(knife?) or whatever can target TAC, taur'i firearms target BAC, and the various energy weapons target EAC while players really feel the hurt or different perspective of having to keep up appearances sometimes.
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    You will need to join the Group mentioned above to gain access. ( Click Play > Gaming Groups > Public Beta Playtest Group > Join Group )
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