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  1. As we discovered in esp2 there needs to be an official way to deals with team disagreements on social rolling situations. I personally thing moral debate makes to more interesting role play but still the game does need to move on. The simple disadvantage method seem was ok on the fly but would not work in all situations. for example there was a clear majority in our group so disadvantage was plied to the majority but the minority didn't get to roll. This seem fair enough except what happen in a more 50/50 split in opinion? And it didn't really give any weight to the person being influence own natural leaning. So say the split is 40/60 but the npc is leaning in the 40% favor shouldn't this taken into account as well? Plus because of the way the system works there does seem to be an almost endless amount of time characters can use to influence the NPC so even with disadvantage I believe you would find the majority party would always win, just take up a ton a game time doing so.
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