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    Our purpose wasn't to become a murderhobo party, but mostly to clarify the existing rules. If anything this restricts the players more. As it is, this actually binds the players more to what is available on base, and what they are actually able to requisition. Players are welcome to rearm themselves after the briefing, and this way I can be more free to have interesting restrictions or stories which force the players to think about their equipment.
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    Gen Con Online is taking place July 30th - August 2nd, and Wyvern Gaming is happy to announce that we will be launching our "Stargate SG-1: Phoenix - A Living RPG Series" at the event! Stargate SG-1: Phoenix – A Living RPG Series is a living campaign in which your character will live within a Stargate canon universe series called "Stargate SG-1: Phoenix." Your success and failures will shape the story that plays out over a course of a “Season” of “Episodes” released over the coming year, with the final episode release at Gen Con 2021! At Gen Con Online we'll feature our first three Episodes, which will be run by expert Gamemasters. While the SG-1 RPG Core Rulebook is not yet publicly available, the Gatemasters will be using the latest and greatest ruleset in order to run these games. As a player, in this Gen Con Online event, we'll provide each player a PDF version of a SG-1 RPG Quick-Start Guide. This guide will cover everything you need to play the game and will including pre-generated characters in each class! The events will be listed on the Gen Con Online website starting July 6th and will be available for registration on July 13th. When you join us for this event, you’ll be the first to officially join up with the Stargate Phoenix team and help mold the canon universe! In addition to the games, we'll be featuring: - Q&A session with Wyvern Gaming about the development of the SG-1 RPG - SG-1 RPG Gameplay Broadcast - Other Surprises! Be sure to watch for any updates to the schedule by signing up at stargateTheRPG.com. We hope that you are as excited as we are, and we look forward to seeing you virtually! We thank you for your continued support. https://www.gencon.com/online https://stargatetherpg.com PS: If you are interested in GMing games for Gen Con Online, please send a message to gamemaster@stargateTheRPG.com. There are still a few slots left. Thanks! Wyvern Gaming Team View full article
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    Yeah it'd be really nice to get any communication on planned beta update schedule going into next year
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    Since the feedback forum is only viewable to staff, I figured having more comments are good. Hello, Below are the current comments for our current game after a few episodes. Separately, what is the plan for further releases? In the COVID announcement it was mentioned that they plan to keep releasing versions every couple of weeks, but nothing has come out for 2 months. Obviously everybody is dealing with changes of plans, but just curious what the plan is. Deriachai Class/Race Ability Invisibility Duration for Noxian Pacifist not defined for non-combat situations. How long should it last? Can Word in an Ear be used repeatadly? Diplomatic Expertise says "4rd" as as "Presence" Equipment Weapon ranges are unwieldy as is MALP variants should probably be in equipment, vs in feats Grenade variants are mentioned, but not clear Feats All Tactical feats require Tactical Flexibility, so technically a soldier cannot choose any of them at first level. This is also true for Scout and Survivability. Cultural Proficiency is ambiguous. Does this give proficiency with all cultural weapons/armor, or is it a requirement for additional proficiency feats? Either this should be much more expensive and give everything Or it should be cheaper/eliminated, and use individual weapon proficiencies Why are soldier feats named tactical feats? Tech Specialist seems to reference no longer existing requisition rules. Are Engineer feats supposed to only apply to a signle person, whereas the other class feats apply to the entire team. Other Rulebook doesn't clearly state whether or not MP from the first 5 levels can be spent, or is basically just XP Font used for page number is almost unreadable
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    Yeah, I fed back something similar through the feedback form based on conversations with my players. Your characterisation of insufficient design space is bang on. In the interests of simplicity we've collapsed the complexity of the system to the point that in play it raises more questions than it answers. My suggestions were to (1) separate the upgrades into 'functions' and 'addons'. Functions are inherent to the weapon being stated (automatic, belt fed, etc), while add-ons can be added to any of the compatible types - that's your scopes, lasers etc. (2) limit the number of functions, add-ons as well as damage rating based on Bulk. More damage more bulk. I fed back more to the Devs but that's the main points
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    Purely as a listener, I'd certainly be interested in hearing that.
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    Quite possibly as a couple of my players are dragging their feet with chargen.
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