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    You ask, I deliver. I just asked a friend of mine who is currently in the Army. The following numbers should be read as a standard accuracy range, I would argue that the way we would apply them would be the combat distances would be a good first increment distance. Ideally with more like the 3.5 ish range increments than the 5e ones, but I can be only so picky. Target: (based on ratings for fire arms) Pistol: 50 yards SMG: 200 yards Rifle: 500 yards Sniper: 1800 yard Combat: of course fuzzy Pistol: 20 yards SMG: 100 yards Rifle: 200 yard Sniper: Undefined.
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    I see. But i still feel like there should be some form of currency to buy stuff from say the lucian alliance or other cultures and people. That way you can have the really cool insert here bed or computer or movie in your room or maybe buy a place to stay in town how do you pay for the inn thats just the reason i ask
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    While discussing things that came up on first missions. We probably should have some March rates. Being told to leave a FRED of supplies behind because it is faster to get back to gate without it doesn't make sense when it is capable of moving much faster than the team can most. Average US Army/Marine Loaded march is 19 km in 3 hours (6.3 kph) compared to a FRED's Movement rate of 10Kph in the book. If FRED is to be slower than a SG team march, its movement speed needs to be reduced by Half. Even if we go off 6m move, double move for 12m for full hour (10 turns a minute, 60 minutes), we only get to a speed of 7.2 kph (March speeds come from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loaded_march )
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    Except the default numbers are exactly shooting from the hip. Maybe we should do such affects, but that isn't how the rules are currently written. Hence talking about it in a comments thread.
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    I'm not sure I agree with the method chosen of retconning this episode. The original setup of "team finds a living Goa'uld queen" seems fine, even if the disposition of said queen could perhaps have used some work. If it was presented, for example, that the Pangarans worked out a way to study the queen to synthesize tretonin without needing to mulch any sentient beings, that might have been much more palatable, while still presenting enough of an ethical dilemma to be intersting. The biggest problem with the retcon was that the purported Dilemma wasn't much of one at all. Given the facility had already been broadcasting for two days, destroying it subsequently wouldn't have any value to protecting the location of SGP, so it's unlcear why any NPCs would be behind that course of action.
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    This felt like a benign version of the hoary old "an Enterprise crew encounter a godlike being" episode like that time Q stuck everyone in Robin Hood only without the benefit of any character exploration (because pit falls of writing episodes for randoms). I appreciate the desire behind the concept of episode 3 and the effort our GM made to run it, but this was just bad. Like alienatingly bad, and I say that as someone who got the whimsy of it. NPCs feel like they're there just as road markers and nothing more, with little or no weight or impost within the plot or to the PCs. The thing with Chucky is so utterly random it's farcical, especially as Puck makes no mention of the party having potentially unleashed another Anubis on the galaxy; the reveal is a haha gotcha slap in the face. I'm not against wacky adventures having repercussions, but this is just poorly executed. Given this whole thing continually runs over an hour short by all reports, I think you could easily establish that characters and items either do or don't migrate between set-piece scenes and have Chucky do the opposite (my preference would be for Chucky to display ontological continuity, thus signposting he's a real monsterboy, thus giving the party a scene to realise something is wrong and potentially correct their mistake). Speaking of poor design, a railroaded 80s nostalgia trip means nothing to people who weren't originally there for it (you're not going to remember the 80s unless you were born in the 70s), didn't care for it, or who are playing non-tau'ri characters and thus unable to bringing any of that fond familiarity into play without hugely metagaming. Everyone desperately rolling to try and figure out the Bowie song they play at the end was kinda excruciating. I mean, seriously, this is something that's being put out there as representative of a game that's already fighting almost 2 decades of lag between its setting and now in an attempt to appeal to new players? At the very least this mission should have been preluded with an 80s movie night in the SGP rec hall to give the alien characters -- who can potentially comprise an entire team -- and younger players some ground in the themes of the episode and some skin in the pop cultural game. Hell, given the module is using MGM properties -- certain time travellers illicitly appearing aside -- and the frivolous nature of the story I wonder if pre-circulating a youtube montage to that effect wouldn't be a wise step Naming the power behind it almost immediately the characters exit the gate also blows pretty much all of what little mystery the episode holds -- Oh, it's the trickster fairy, which means its an ascended ancient because english mythology is their thing. I think the story could have gotten its desired wacky shenanigans mileage out of an honest riff or pastiche of Midsummer Night's Dream. Frivolous relationships, comical misunderstandings, competing desires. That's something everyone can get into and cut loose with, especially if you get Puck coming in to give the speech at the end. On a final note, it might just be a personal thing, but I remain to be convinced of the place of "let's explore random new world" plots given the SGP comes across as being pitched as a semi-deniable special ops command designed to provide active support to ongoing anti-goa'uld efforts across the galaxy. Given the existence of cache worlds for Phoenix ops, I think if nothing else is changed about this ep, the reason for going through the gate needs to be recontextualised around that concept.
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    As we discovered in esp2 there needs to be an official way to deals with team disagreements on social rolling situations. I personally thing moral debate makes to more interesting role play but still the game does need to move on. The simple disadvantage method seem was ok on the fly but would not work in all situations. for example there was a clear majority in our group so disadvantage was plied to the majority but the minority didn't get to roll. This seem fair enough except what happen in a more 50/50 split in opinion? And it didn't really give any weight to the person being influence own natural leaning. So say the split is 40/60 but the npc is leaning in the 40% favor shouldn't this taken into account as well? Plus because of the way the system works there does seem to be an almost endless amount of time characters can use to influence the NPC so even with disadvantage I believe you would find the majority party would always win, just take up a ton a game time doing so.
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    This year Wyvern Gaming had the great opportunity to attend San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) and show off the new Stargate Roleplaying Game. The weekend was packed full of interviews, gameplay, and celebrity surprises. The weekend was highlighted by interviews with the Wyvern Gaming game design team, writers, gatemasters, and players. There was even a very special interview of Christopher Judge and Mike Disa on Sunday! However, by far the most fun event was the gameplay session on Saturday morning which included an Unas named Oringo being played by none-other than David Hewlett. There was much cheese had and acrobatic rolls had. Even though the event has passed you can still check out the action on Wyvern Gaming's YouTube site. Enjoy! Here is a complete playlist: View full article
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    I figured it out -you have to click the 'Join' button in the top right of that page, then you'll have a statement you have to agree to, then once you're joined click 'Files' from the top menu and you can download the beta.
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    The only thing the site will let me download it the png picture and not the actual beta.
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    Thank you for the link, unfortunately when I go there it indicates I don't have permission to download the file. Must be blocked to everyone but the official beta testers.
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    I'm signed up for Ep 1 and 2 on Thursday, and I don't see any Beta Core or Quick Start Rulebooks in the Downloads/Beta section - just blank character sheet and 2 playtest reports. I was hoping that we would be able to check out the Quick Start Guide a few days before we go.
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    I'm playing episodes 1 and 3 but couldn't get into 2. Really looking forward to playing something new and meeting a bunch of new people I was curious about the character creation part too. I am not sure I'll have time to actually create a fully-fledged character before Thursday. I haven't played anything based on D&D 5th Ed (played a lot of Living Greyhawk back in the day, but nothing since 3.5) and a Pathfinder campaign. And since this seems to be based on 5th ed open license I feel like I'm missing the details. I'd like to play a scientist as the characters I'm planning to create would be human, possibly Tollan. I need to go back and watch the episodes with the Tollan though. Part of the fun would be making the character fit in with continuity.
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    The two on the left seem to be pointing at the hand, but out of pure curiosity what is the difference between these two or is the still incorrect pointing at something other than the hand?
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    So you are agreeing that the numbers are ridiculous? Why have you been arguing they aren't? It is all well and good to say that the GM should modify to suit themselves, and that is exactly what I did, but what about new GMs, or just non-confident ones? Intentionally putting in poor quality stats with the intention of the GM modifying them is a poor way to go about it. Why not do something like use reasonable ranges for standard, and disadvantage range, then have some further penalized max range. Or some more creative solution.
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    Because a single record shot, from a stationary position, with a compound foot bow, is any way comparable, to shooting a primitive bow on the run. Should literally a character who is just barely proficient, really be able to almost match that shot, with just disadvantage, while running and being shot at? Does that not sound ridiculous to you? In case you are unaware, a foot bow like that (ignoring the compound part right now) has a significantly longer draw length, which therefore has significantly more power (exponential growth)
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    Got into ep 1. The info on the event page is sparse. Do I need to create a character (fully, by rules). I know i need to register a name\race\class for the event. I mean do I need a character sheet filled out? If so, where is that guide. The file listed on the site is not a link and i can't find a file named "Quick Start Guide."
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    Signed up for all three Episodes (#1 Fri@2pmEST, #2 Sat@12pmEST, #3Sun@1pmEST). Can't wait.
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    I'd advise the devs to go back to WOTC's own weapons data from d20 modern and draw the values from there, use the 10th range increment as the max range of an unassisted shot and the 2nd increment as place where such unassisted shots attract disadvantage on the attack roll
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    These are Phoenix-1 and our iconic characters. You can get started quickly and play up to level 3 with these character sheets. Check them out and let us know what you think here!
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    As has been discussed previously, basically all of them are absurdly long. Not only are they unrealistic, keeping track of any sort of battle is unwisely as to make use of those ranges requires an absurdly long map. Due to being a online game doubles down on it even, as it is harder to get stuff drawn out, with consistent distances, and if we try to use any sort of battle map software, imagine how far the 1.8 km range of the P90 is? Even the 200m short range is basically longer than any battle ever is, also far far longer than any sort of reasonable "short" range in reality with a P90, which would probably be closer to 20m.
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    Managed to get all three as well, at somewhat reasonable times for me in the UK. Very excited!
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    In Children of the Gods, Teal'c says that when junior matures it would take him as a host. but it was very much along the lines of someone being forced to drink their own urine to survive
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    I managed to get all three, and at a mostly sustainable time for Australia (sooo many colours on that spreadsheet)
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    I registered yesterday for three games at Gencon online
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    I was lucky to get all three sessions, two Thursday and one Friday, can't wait.
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    New to the site and the game - have created my Character for the three sessions for GenCon - looking forward to this - huge SG fan, love me some TTRPG so this will be a blast.
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    I found it, it was in the Play drop down instead of a button on the page.
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    I was able to get into Episode 1 but the Episode 2 tickets sold out. I played last year at gencon. probably episode 0, but not sure. Where do I register my character? I was aked to do so from the event email.
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    My brother and I managed to get tickets to all three episodes as well; very excited!
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    Managed to get tickets for Episodes 1, 2, and 3. Pretty excited!
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    Again, the assumptions of the system are that you're starting out with a bit of life experience under your belt but not a lot: after 2 millennia, tok'ra -- and indeed any of their species with access to the genetic memory of their system lord mothers -- should be proficient in most if not all skills. Given their experience and the physical enhancement provided by a symbiote, the average tok'ra is effectively going to be Logolas to everyone else's Gimli. If you were going Giving them advantage on checks Wis modifier times is realistically the closest you're going to get to reflect what they're capable of while keeping them reasonably balanced against other options. And honestly, given the setting of the game, I think I'd keep the elder tok'ra out of the PC's reach altogether. Being subservient to Earth's military is grossly out of character for the elder members of the faction from everything we've seen in the show, especially given how salty they were about Jacob/Selmak's tendency to side with the tau'ri led to them excluding him from some of their war councils. If you do make them a player option, they should be treated with considerable care. Keeping the species to the pangaran generation is, I think. the smarter choice. Their power level is more reasonable, and being a tabula rasa far more prone to interventionist action makes for a more probable reason for them to part of SGP and opens up interesting narrative choices playing them against their more cautious and conservative older siblings.
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    Well, 5E doesn't do botches the way Spycraft does, one result of which was that when things didn't go to plan the host and the symbiote could find themselves out of sync with each other for a round or so. There were systems for dealing with the symbiote changing hosts. Mechanically, the symbiont and the host were distinct yet interdependent entities. Yet here, the mechanics don't really give any impression of that -- though to be fair when introduced into the series we were given the impression that Jacob was perhaps unusually... active... as Tok'ra hosts go. To start with, the cut'n'paste of the Jaffa's loss-of-symbiote drawback needs to be reworded to specify that it's a symbiote without a host that appears to be the one to suffer the con damage. Further, there's nothing there to suggest that the character is sitting on 2 millennia of hard earned experience, so the advantage to mental saves should instead be advantage to mental checks; if you want to get creative, offer the ability boost to the choice of any mental score, then apply the check advantage to the other 2 (a character who takes the +2 to Charisma gets advantage to Intelligence and Wisdom checks, etc) Credit where credit's due, I love that you folks picked up the Pangaran symbiote thread. (And Pangara absolutely needs to be one of the human world options instead of the tollan whose behaviour in the series would seem to make ill suited to membership in the SGP. Joined Pangarans working alongside their singular fellows offers an intriguing synergy.) However, the pangaran symbiotes aren't amnesiac. They're blank slates. Without the weight of their inherited memory, they have the chance to learn to be something other than conquerors or rebels. So their advantage to physical saves works, but I'm not really seeing Charisma, the force of personality, being a key ability. Similarly rather being shrewd diplomats, it strikes me their other racial ability should be more along the lines of adaptability or assimilating new things.
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    Interesting to see how, in that list, reol aren't even mentioned. Seriously, those cunning bastards could make their way through a goa'uld facility with their chemical deception ability, sabotage it and walk away as nothing had happened. Now, wouldn't that make for at least an option to be considered? Also, reol would be less broken than a self replicating lego toy. Or an arrogant ascended being (they make for interesting NPCs just to poke PCs XD ). Still, I have my doubts about including Tok'ra as a playable choice, less a goa'uld. Even though Stargate SG-1 RPG allowed for both to be played, it didn't allow for both host and parasite/symbiote to be played simultaneously. A player acting as one had to create either the host or the symbiote and the other was a NPC (in the case of Tok'ra).
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    I struggle to see any of the not already written races as not being game breaking. Possibly that could introduce some sort of failed advanced replicator ("basic advanced replicator" sounds wrong) that doesnt have all the amazing abilities of its counter parts. But that stretching the canon fairly far. Like the aturen are pretty much made up by the game as Nox-lite because the power of resurrection is too good for a tabletop game player race. Also finding a reason for a whole bunch of nearly any of the other races to join SGP would be a bit weird. "Sure this rogue Clone of thor is totally happy to run around in combat fatigues and wielding a baretta". Maybe some side rules for if a whole party is playing as Asgardians or Nox it could be balanced. But that would need new classes as well. But who doesnt want to play as a lego spider.
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