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    Hi all! My name is Brad and I'm the CEO of Wyvern Gaming. I wanted to first thank you for joining us on this mission of creating a new roleplaying game for Stargate. We love the franchise and want to make sure our game puts you in it. This adventure was the brainchild of our friend & partner Philip Loyer, who unfortunately is no longer with us. He would have been thrilled with the progress we have made, but incredibly nervous about the days to come. If he were still here we would joke about it and he would stress over it anyway. I miss my friend. This is for him. Thank you for helping us make a great game.
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    Hey guys, I just wanted to put your mind at ease. We have a communication plan that we are sticking to. We are focusing a lot of our effort on game development at this time. Please understand that especially with a license property that there is an approval process that communications must go through. We're working with MGM very closely to ensure that what we produce is canon and makes sense for the franchise. This takes time. With that said, private playtesting has been going extremely well and there is a ton of excitement with those that are playing it. We'll be sending out new information soon and you'll see the frequency of communication increase as we get closer to February. Thanks Wyvern Gaming
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    Hey guys, we very much appreciate your feedback and want you to know that it was heard. Upon careful consideration and consultation on how the US military handles armed coalition forces. We have decided that it totally makes sense that Tau'ri forces and personal would defiantly be included in a base of this type. Tau'ri will be a human race option. Thanks!
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    Hello all, there has been a slight delay in the Kickstarter, but no delay in product development. I will have news in the coming weeks on the Kickstarter. Stay tuned!
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    We're still debating this internally as well.
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    The thing I will most interested in seeing is an Exploration generation ruleset. That was what I enjoyed the most when playing the previous SG RPG. There are quite a few systems with novel ways of generating exploration content. Roll a few charts to create the world entering (climate, culture encountered, etc). As well as some generic random encounter/mishap charts similar to those found in Forbidden Lands (my current fav exploration RPG).
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    Does the development team plan on having any miniatures made for this game? is it going to be something we could perhaps kickstart? I know I for one would kickstart the heck out of some miniatures! i mean think about it! an aspiring "mission commander" gathers their friends around the table to try out the new Stargate RPG not only do they whip out enough books for everyone at the table but they also have plenty of minuatrues and maybe even some paper maps to make this inaugural session an immersive and memorable experience! ive seen some miniatures by other developers but they're difficult to find and generally in poor condition.
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    This is an unlimited link to the Wyvern Gaming discord. https://discord.gg/Hh8Vdhe
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    Hear about the latest about the soon to launch Kickstarter for the Stargate Roleplaying Game! Brad Ellis, CEO of Wyvern Gaming, talks about why they choose 5th edition to base their game on, creating a new race for the game, and working with MGM to make it canon. https://roleofthedice.com/2020/01/06/episode-121-stargate-role-playing-game-with-brad-ellis/ iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/episode-121-stargate-roleplaying-game-with-brad-ellis/id1294474637?i=1000461700543 Google Play Music: https://play.google.com/music/m/Dsslvskqetlcihh6nojzb2h4jna?t=Episode_121_-_Stargate_Roleplaying_Game_with_Brad_Ellis-Role_of_the_Dice_Podcast Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-493438868/episode-121-stargate-roleplaying-game-with-brad-ellis RSS Feed: http://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:337077417/sounds.rss
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    Both missions were very well received! One of the questions on the survey asked if the game felt like Stargate, the unanimous response to this was YES! The players felt there character played well and loved the character sheets. Here is an image right before a session. The front of our Diplomat pregen character.
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    Greetings! My name is Cate. I'm a huge Stargate fan and I love gaming! I love a good story because we're all stories in the end. No power In the 'verse could stop me from being the nerd I am. Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. ^_^
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    I think screens present an effective tabletop mechanism for hiding notes while not creating too much of a barrier between players and DM if landscape. At the same time, I like having a screen in digital format because it makes for a convenient reference mechanism if the tabletop doesn't have the real estate space for another "thing." I mean, tables can quickly get cluttered with stuff and sometimes the GM can't claim the space.
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    You ask, I deliver. I just asked a friend of mine who is currently in the Army. The following numbers should be read as a standard accuracy range, I would argue that the way we would apply them would be the combat distances would be a good first increment distance. Ideally with more like the 3.5 ish range increments than the 5e ones, but I can be only so picky. Target: (based on ratings for fire arms) Pistol: 50 yards SMG: 200 yards Rifle: 500 yards Sniper: 1800 yard Combat: of course fuzzy Pistol: 20 yards SMG: 100 yards Rifle: 200 yard Sniper: Undefined.
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    Our purpose wasn't to become a murderhobo party, but mostly to clarify the existing rules. If anything this restricts the players more. As it is, this actually binds the players more to what is available on base, and what they are actually able to requisition. Players are welcome to rearm themselves after the briefing, and this way I can be more free to have interesting restrictions or stories which force the players to think about their equipment.
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    We have been very hard at work on the development of the Stargate RPG. The closed beta playtest has now been going on since October and the feedback has been phenomenal! There have been many iterations of the core rulebook put through its paces by hundreds of people. With that said, we have two very exciting announcements about the Stargate RPG! Public Beta Playtest is now available! We had an overwhelming response to our first round of private playtest, so much so we had to turn people away. Well in this round, no one is turned away. If you are interested in helping make us make a great Stargate game we would love to have your help. We want you, the fans, to help us on this journey to create the best possible Stargate game ever produced. The Public Beta Playtest process is about collaborating with you, the fans. It is a game for you, and it should have input from you! To sign up, head over to https://stargateTheRPG.com > Click Play > Gaming Groups > Public Beta Playtest Group > Join Group From there you will get further instructions on how to participate. We look forward to working with you! We need Gatemasters (GMs) for Gen Con 2020! This August, the "Stargate: Phoenix -- A Living RPG Series" will be officially launched and we need your help. We're looking for about 30 GMs to run a minimum of 3 episodes. In exchange for running games, we'll provide for FREE the following: Run 3 Episodes = 4-day pass into the Gen Con 2020 + Exclusive Stargate Phoenix Gold Pin. Run 4 Episodes = All Above + Stargate Phoenix Arm Patch Run 5 Episodes or more = All Above + the Stargate RPG Core Rulebook To Sign up, send us an email at gamemaster@stargatetherpg.com with the subject line "Gen Con GM Sign Up" About "Stargate: Phoenix -- A Living RPG Series" Wyvern Gaming will be publishing official Episodes to play with the Stargate RPG Core Rulebook. In these Episodes, your character will live inside a Stargate canon series called "Stargate: Phoenix." Your success and failures will shape the story that plays out over a course of a Season of Episodes released over a year starting at Gen Con 2020 in August! Thanks
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    I feel like this could be a good topic for the writers to keep an eye on, there are a lot of systems out there, and they all play differently. What aspects of other systems do you feel would work well with the Stargate setting, and on the flip side, is there anything that you would say wouldn’t work that well? Star Trek Adventures One of the reasons that STA spoke to me as a potential system to Deakin for Stargate was the simplicity of its attributes and disciplines. Rather than having a great big skill list leading to very specialised characters, STA took the alternative approach of saying that these characters are all pretty highly trained, and as such, are pretty good at everything, whilst excelling in their specialties. As such, every dice roll is based off one of six attributes (Control, daring and so on) and one of six disciplines (Command, Conn etc) whilst having a relevant focus allowed a greater critical range for additional successes. I feel that Stargate could benefit from something of a hybrid between this style and a more traditional skill based system, as some areas would require more specialisation, for instance the sciences and archaeology, etc. Whilst in areas such as combat, you would expect the characters to all have at least been through boot camp, and therefore be able to aim and hit a target. Having a greater critical range due to focusing on a specific type of weapon. Could make sense however, someone who has practiced with assault rifles or SMGs for hundreds of hours is going to be far more accurate with those weapons, and better able to inflict more damage with them, whilst not being able to handle a sniper rifle or a staff weapon with anywhere near as much efficiency. From a sciences type of standpoint, a more traditional skill system may work better, to give areas of specialisation that characters know more about, and are therefore more likely to be able to interpret something successfully, rather than having a greater chance of understanding every single piece of this completely alien device in five seconds (crit). I hope that all makes sense, and apologies for the mass text wall, more to come! Modiphius’ 2D20 System Threat is a wonderful idea, and is handled particularly well in STA in my mind, specifically when it comes to escalation. Threat is a GM resource, that can be increased by environmental factors, situations, the result of PC actions, and most thematically for the setting, obtaining certain types of equipment and shooting to kill. In STA this manifests in reinforcing Starfleet’s ideals of trying to find the path of least destruction/violence. Whilst this isn’t as relevant to Stargate, the idea of escalation based on the players actions and equipment choices would feel applicable to me, and whilst this could be GMd pretty easily, having it in system could help with the feel of the setting. Once again, apologies for the giant wall of text!
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    I played a Tok'ra, I enjoyed it. Made an Int/Wis character Int was the human part, wis the tokra. Rolled opposing ability checks at the start of the session to see who was in command at the start. Got to play two seperate character types. Had 2 defining factors, one for each persona, and when one of those was close, the corresponding persona would ask to be in command during that part.
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    You will need to join the Group mentioned above to gain access. ( Click Play > Gaming Groups > Public Beta Playtest Group > Join Group )
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    Are there versions of the Character Sheet for us to use in our beta testing?
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    This is not a "hack" of D&D. It's a game designed entirely around the 5e SRD just like several others, so it can't just be ported over to other systems. It would also drastically increase the necessary work and playtesting, as no two systems are the same. And I have never heard of any (licensed) game being developed on multiple systems unless it was a separate iteration made by different designers. I'm not a huge fan of 5e either, and especially now I prefer it used Modiphius' 2d20 system (as used by Star Trek Adventures), but that's not possible as it's an in-house system without a public SRD.
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    I believe SGP is more a location for the story of the game but the rules and what not could be used for a homebrew of the SGC. They stated in the interview that they will have a story recap of the show to the point the game takes place so its not ignoring anything. In fact that's why they made the SGP so they can make a new canon story. Finally the SGP is still run by the military its just not all Tau'ri.
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    Problem with Ma'tok (staff weapon) is it's a dread-inspiring weapon because of its sheer firepower and showing that mechanically is hard. In the TV show, most people hit with it was basically instakilled and only plot armor would save main characters from dying when impacted by one. I have yet to see how Wyvern Gaming has managed the weapon, but my experience with it in AEG's Stargate SG-1 RPG left me under the impression it was an overwhelming weapon up to mid levels; a single shot wouldn't kill some characters but still leave them fatigued even at those levels. In AEG's game, the staff weapon required two proficiencies, melee for using it as a quarterstaff in hand-to-hand and rifle proficiency for using it as a ranged weapon. It also had a recoil rating of 12 (meaning characters with STR scores lower than that would get a -1 to hit unless they only fired it in single shots), an accuracy rating of -2 (meaning all attack rolls made with it received that penalty), had an error range of 1-2 (fumbling with it was easier) but also extended threat range, 18-20 (making easier to crit), a ranged damage of 6d6 (a bit scary; it also was energy damage, making antiballistic armor nearly useless), had 75' range increments, it was considered an armor piercing weapon (meaning it could ignore some damage reduction from armors) and, on top of the previous penalties, difficulty to handle it meant characters suffered a -2 penalty on initiative rolls at the beginning of combat. Finally, when using fluid initiative, some GMs considered it a tactical weapon, thus imposing a -2 initiative every round it was fired. So, in 5e, most of those features could be worked with some ease. But, as said, have to wait and see how devs modeled the staff weapon.
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    I agree with some of your statements. And as the series progressed, the rebellions did become more of a focus but it never overshadowed the fight of the Tuari. The Tuari lead the fight. The game does not have to be all about the SGC, but it should be one of the main focuses with the military side as a big part. SGP seems to me as a great location sourcebook more than a main focus for the overall game. That being said, I am excited to see a Stargate game in print again.
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    They can't be serious. that's literally what Stargate is. If you can't be an SG team tor Atlantis team, then its not a Stargate game, it a generic Sci-Fi. Hopefully this inst the way it goes
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    According to the interview, all playable species will be alien and not Tau'ri. Why have you chosen this exactly? Because I find that kind of limiting, especially considering the Stargate franchise is about us Earthlings getting out there. Having variation by being able to play as different alien species is of course very good, but why remove the most important human race from the franchise? Granted, if you can play as a non-Earth human and if there are rules for Earth equipment like weapons and gadgets, then there shouldn't be a problem to create Tau'ri characters, but it still seems very odd for a Stargate game. That's almost like saying you can't play a human in Star Wars or as Starfleet in Star Trek.
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    The thing is, Stargate is going to use the 5e system. If that's the case, then the only way to support those kinds of roles like Carter is to use multiclassing. If any of the class, skill, and ability mechanics change, then it's not 5e anymore, but a different system. Does that mean they have to stick to the 5e mechanics 100%, I don't know. Maybe not. But it was probably a conscious choice to use 5e. And I for one think they should. Otherwise why use it in the first place and not just create a new system, or just create a setting supplement for universal systems like FATE or Savage Worlds? I backed The Spy Game on Kickstarter, which also uses 5e, and they explicitly stated that they chose 5e and they will stick to it. They're not going to change the mechanics, because otherwise choosing 5e would be pointless and would require more work. But of course that's just my opinion
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    Have you taken the time to consider for small companies having someone just to work on the hype train is taking the cost of at least one employee that could be making the game and diverting it, to post all the time. Whereas having the playtester post positive reviews that are genuine is probably better marketing, then the million of posts from the company that just feel like they are shouting look at us. I rather the company devote the resources needed to making the game and getting the rules and the final product worked out. I mean I rather have a book in the end that has good production quality, than good marketing pitch but get a product that has spelling mistakes, rules that are difficult to follow or understand.
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    I'm not sure if people already are in Discord servers, or if they are at all interested, but I have a proposition: Some time ago I got together with a few people in a Discord server about creating a world collaboratively and create RPG adventures for us to play in that world. Not much has come from that (yet), but based on recent developments there may still be use for the server as a whole. So now I had the idea of reorganizing the server for games I'd like to play, and anyone interested in joining me. This includes Stargate, Star Trek, and perhaps D&D 5e (in addition to the collaborative world). So my question to everyone here, especially those that are new to RPGs or still just an early beginner, if you're interested in joining me, feel free to ask. Right now I'm only gauging interest from here and on GateWorld to try and get more Stargate (and perhaps Star Trek) fans together.
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    Without saying too much, we plan on expansions.
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    Dr. Jackson: Can you do me a favor? Could you keep an eye on this plant thing for me? Teal'c: I will keep both of my eyes on it, Daniel Jackson. Wyvern Gaming requests your assistance. At this point we have finished the first draft of the rules and are needing feedback. We need more eyes on what we have so far... So, can you do us a favor? Do you have a game group itching to play a Stargate Roleplaying Game? If so, great news! We are now ready to open private playtesting. If interested, request to join on the official Stargate Roleplaying Game website. Look under the PLAY > Gaming Groups > Stargate RPG Private Playtest Group If you have already requested to join the private playtest group, thank you. Please be patient as we review these. Rest assure you will be hearing from us soon. We are looking for groups/individuals that can provide constructive feedback as we complete development. Due to a high demand for the private playtest we will only be taking a set number of Gate Masters into the private playtest group at this time. After signing up, we will send you a questionnaire. Upon approval you will be asked to attend an orientation through our Discord. We are also looking for experienced roleplaying adventure writers that would like to participate in writing Stargate Missions. If you are interested in this, please send us an email at gamemaster@stargatetherpg.com. We look forward to gaming with you. Thank you for helping us make a great game. By the way, the forums are open! Come talk with the community. Thanks, Wyvern Gaming
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    landscape is always good. If you had a portrait one it could be harder to look over and interact with people. but the DM screen is an important piece of equipment for a DM in my eyes
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    Hello explodes, My name is Drew. I live in Ohio. I am a huge Stargate fan. When we first got cable while I was in highschool, it was the first show I watched and I was hooked. I still remember seeing my first episode. It was where SG-1 was trapped in Sokar's he'll planet. Since then I was hooked and watched it almost exclusively through highschool and college. I fell out of it in adulthood as responsibilities took over and life got rough. Now with this RPG coming out I am rewatching the series and learning to play tabletop games. I never played before due to my parents religious beliefs. I have dabbled with d&d for the past month. No one in my area to play with though. But I do look forward to trying this out with all of you and hopefully we can all have some fun.
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    Tal ma'te, fellow explorers. I'll try to keep it short. Long time RPG player (both in consoles/PC and tabletop), I started into this hobby with MERP (Middle Earth Role Play), although the discovery of Cyberpunk 2020 sent me into the scifi "deviant" path of roleplaying. However, as those two games influenced me, I alterned both fantasy and scifi: D&D, Stormbringer, Shadowrun, Star Wars,... Stargate SG-1 (yes, AEG's roleplaying game based on d20 System). Okay, I must admit I spent most of my roleplaying time game mastering, but don't keep that in mind I am happy to help other Stargate fans to develop this project, be it as a tester or by providing suggestions. PS: I excuse myself if, some times, I might seem too assertive in my posts. I don't mean to be forceful but I can be quite eager when talking about topics I am interested in.
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    Greetings fellow Tau’ri. So, the basics, I’m based in the UK, grew up on Stargate SG-1 (though I did have to fight for the chance to watch it!), long time role player, and GM. I’ve tried GMing D&D (not a fan, though I love playing it), but found sci-fi to be my GMing genre, Star Trek Adventures, Infinity RPG (both by Modiphius), Star Wars RPG (FFG). I was actually having thoughts about reskinning STA to Stargate a month or two back, around the time of the announcement. Must be something going around! either way, I’m looking forward to seeing how the system comes along and to see what adventures I can run in the future. If you guys need any play testers, sign me up!!!
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    MGM AND WYVERN GAMING TO LAUNCH STARGATE ROLEPLAYING GAME INSPIRED BY HIT TELEVISION SERIES Fans to Get Sneak Peek at Gen Con in August, with Release to Follow at Gen Con 2020 June 11, 2019 — “Permission to barge in, sir?” Now all Stargate aficionados have “permission to barge in” and take on the bad guys with the Stargate Roleplaying Game. MGM, a leading entertainment company focused on the production and global distribution of film and television content including major franchises such as Rocky, James Bond, Fargo, Vikings, The Handmaid’s Tale and Pink Panther, and game design company Wyvern Gaming, are collaborating on a new roleplaying game based on the popular Stargate SG-1™ TV series. Fans will be able to get a sneak peek at the game at Gen Con this August, with the launch expected to follow in 2020. MGM’s licensing agency, Brandgenuity, is managing the development and roll out of the Stargate licensing program and brokered the agreement between Wyvern Gaming and MGM. Brad Ellis, CEO at Wyvern Gaming, said, “We love the Stargate franchise, and we wanted to create a roleplaying game in which fans can become a member of the SGC. Just imagining progressing a character from level 1 to 20 while exploring the universe is a thrilling thought. We’re building on top of the D&D 5th edition Open Gaming License to make this an approachable game for roleplayers while adding the exploration and mechanics necessary for a modern science fiction setting.” Robert Marick, Executive Vice President Global Consumer Products and Experiences at MGM, said, “There’s a passionate fanbase for Stargate SG-1 who are eager to immerse themselves in experiences that extend the brand well beyond the TV screen. Collaborating with Wyvern Gaming on the Stargate Roleplaying Game enables us to give those who continue to watch and re-watch episodes of the hit TV show the opportunity to enjoy the series and its memorable characters in a whole new way.” The new Stargate Roleplaying Game lets players explore the galaxy and aid in the fight against the Goa’uld System Lords. The core rulebook contains all the information needed to create a character and join the Stargate Command (SGC). Players will choose from a set of playable races and classes as they learn the skills, feats, equipment, and technologies needed to make their character thrive as an SG team member. The book also covers how to be a Game Commander (GC). In the game, Stargate Missions are handed down from Stargate Command. Players may be asked to capture a point of interest, explore new worlds, retrieve important artifacts, rescue important VIPs, or assassinate/capture high-value targets. Stargate Missions will launch the Living Campaign that will allow the players’ characters to advance through the ranks of the SGC. Through an online system, players can track their character’s progression, earn unique items, and become a legend within the SGC. For updates on the Stargate Roleplaying Game, sign-up at https://stargatetherpg.com/ Beyond the Stargate Roleplaying Game, MGM and Brandgenuity continue to grow the Stargate SG-1 licensing program with recent products/partners including an upcoming fan convention from Creation Entertainment, collectible figures from Chronicle Collectibles, and tees from The Forecast Agency and American Classics. Stargate SG-1 the television series, produced by MGM Television, picks up where the blockbuster film left off. Colonel Jack O'Neill (RICHARD DEAN ANDERSON) and his SG-1 team; Daniel Jackson (MICHAEL SHANKS), Teal'c (CHRISTOPHER JUDGE), and Capt. Samantha Carter (AMANDA TAPPING), set out to explore the mysteries of the Stargate. Each mission through the gate takes the SG-1 team to new worlds in a seemingly boundless universe. About Wyvern Gaming Wyvern Gaming is a game design company whose mission is to create "Approachable Games For Everyone." The company has been producing games since 2015 and have a track record of producing easy to learn card and board games for the hobby game industry. We have the drive to build games that people can enjoy. We love gaming of all types, everything from tabletop role-playing games to 3D virtual reality shooters. Our hopes are to turn our passion into a few gaming classics. For more information, visit https://wyverngaming.com Gen Con Event Sign Up: https://www.gencon.com/event_finder?search=stargate RPG Geek: https://rpggeek.com/rpgitem/279302/stargate-roleplaying-game Wyvern Gaming website: http://wyverngaming.com/ Stargate Roleplaying Game website: https://stargatetherpg.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WyvernGaming.TableTop/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/WyvrenGaming About Metro Goldwyn Mayer Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) is a leading entertainment company focused on the production and global distribution of film and television content across all platforms. The company owns one of the world’s deepest libraries of premium film and television content as well as the premium pay television network EPIX, which is available throughout the U.S. via cable, satellite, telco and digital distributors. In addition, MGM has investments in numerous other television channels, digital platforms and interactive ventures and is producing premium short-form content for distribution. For more information, visit www.mgm.com. About Brandgenuity Brandgenuity is a leading global independent brand licensing agency headquartered in New York, with offices in London, Munich and Hong Kong and ranked amongst the top 15 licensing agencies worldwide. The agency’s clients include BMW, Church & Dwight (ARM & HAMMER), White Castle, Edgewell (Edge, Banana Boat, Hawaiian Tropic, Playtex), Carmen Sandiego, MGM Studios (The Addams Family, Rocky, Pink Panther), ABI (Budweiser, Corona), NFLPA, and others. For more information, contact info@brandgenuity.com. View full article
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    So you are agreeing that the numbers are ridiculous? Why have you been arguing they aren't? It is all well and good to say that the GM should modify to suit themselves, and that is exactly what I did, but what about new GMs, or just non-confident ones? Intentionally putting in poor quality stats with the intention of the GM modifying them is a poor way to go about it. Why not do something like use reasonable ranges for standard, and disadvantage range, then have some further penalized max range. Or some more creative solution.
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    I'd advise the devs to go back to WOTC's own weapons data from d20 modern and draw the values from there, use the 10th range increment as the max range of an unassisted shot and the 2nd increment as place where such unassisted shots attract disadvantage on the attack roll
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    Any chances of supporting other systems than OGL 5th? I'm a huge fan of Stargate but I find 5th to be kind of ill fitting for the setting and it's a system I find really quite dull and un-thematic. I would love to see hacks for other systems, seriously think it would be amazing being run by Cypher System. If not I guess I can port everything across from this game to cypher.
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    Stargate is a setting with a lot of energy weapons... Without getting into the creatures with energy capabilities & such Replicator Disruptors, Staff Weapons, Pain Stick, Ori staff weapon, Ori Warrior Weapon, Kull Plasma repeater,The zat, Kara kesh, particle magnum, & no doubt many more considering this is just the handheld ones I could find in a few seconds. You've also got the jaffa armor that doesn't do much against bullets but presumably works well against staff weapons & the melee weapons used by the occasional unruly slave, the full body black armor worn by kul, the energy fied used frequently by goauld & maybe once or twice carter/vala, whatever the energy fields used by the asgards or ancient relics Splitting them would mean that a wraith, shortblade(knife?) or whatever can target TAC, taur'i firearms target BAC, and the various energy weapons target EAC while players really feel the hurt or different perspective of having to keep up appearances sometimes.
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    I've allowed every character to start with a feat in 5e for years, and it only adds to the fun. Sometimes it's racial feats only, other times it's open, but really - not only does it make the cookie-cutter characters a bit more unique, it also tends to increase the investment the players have in the characters.
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    Again, the assumptions of the system are that you're starting out with a bit of life experience under your belt but not a lot: after 2 millennia, tok'ra -- and indeed any of their species with access to the genetic memory of their system lord mothers -- should be proficient in most if not all skills. Given their experience and the physical enhancement provided by a symbiote, the average tok'ra is effectively going to be Logolas to everyone else's Gimli. If you were going Giving them advantage on checks Wis modifier times is realistically the closest you're going to get to reflect what they're capable of while keeping them reasonably balanced against other options. And honestly, given the setting of the game, I think I'd keep the elder tok'ra out of the PC's reach altogether. Being subservient to Earth's military is grossly out of character for the elder members of the faction from everything we've seen in the show, especially given how salty they were about Jacob/Selmak's tendency to side with the tau'ri led to them excluding him from some of their war councils. If you do make them a player option, they should be treated with considerable care. Keeping the species to the pangaran generation is, I think. the smarter choice. Their power level is more reasonable, and being a tabula rasa far more prone to interventionist action makes for a more probable reason for them to part of SGP and opens up interesting narrative choices playing them against their more cautious and conservative older siblings.
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    Another fan from little ol' Tassie! YAY! What a small world!
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    Magic is replaced by technology I am also curious about that leveling etc.
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    If you need a player to join your group I would be interested I live in Leavenworth
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    Hey, sorry, didn't mean to ignore your anxiety. I'm sorta in the same boat (aspie myself) so I certainly didn't mean to minimise it. My personal experience was that a bunch of friends who RP eventually got me to give it a go. It was a horror setting which I didn't care for but in time campaigns came up that were interesting and I got more into it and gradually got over being self conscious (now play an outrageous paladin called Ivor Fleshammer who is based on Zap Brannigan). Now we're in a D&D 5e game and while I basically hate fantasy, it doesn't matter because the story and company is worth it. Now that I want them to get into Stargate I have people I can nudge to play and get a group together. So, if I were to suggest a strategy, I'd try one of those game shops. I don't know exactly how inconvenient it would be but it sounds like a potential option? If you're not up for that, I understand. As Paul says it still looks like you can contribute in some important ways anyway. Best of luck getting something together mate.
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