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    Hello all, there has been a slight delay in the Kickstarter, but no delay in product development. I will have news in the coming weeks on the Kickstarter. Stay tuned!
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    This is not a "hack" of D&D. It's a game designed entirely around the 5e SRD just like several others, so it can't just be ported over to other systems. It would also drastically increase the necessary work and playtesting, as no two systems are the same. And I have never heard of any (licensed) game being developed on multiple systems unless it was a separate iteration made by different designers. I'm not a huge fan of 5e either, and especially now I prefer it used Modiphius' 2d20 system (as used by Star Trek Adventures), but that's not possible as it's an in-house system without a public SRD.
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    Any chances of supporting other systems than OGL 5th? I'm a huge fan of Stargate but I find 5th to be kind of ill fitting for the setting and it's a system I find really quite dull and un-thematic. I would love to see hacks for other systems, seriously think it would be amazing being run by Cypher System. If not I guess I can port everything across from this game to cypher.
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    Yes but complete radio silence is kind of hard to deal with. A simple update. That is what some of us want.
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    You don't have to multiclass after level 5 if you don't want to. If you want to keep getting more and more powerful Feats in the same class you started in, you can!
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    They can't be serious. that's literally what Stargate is. If you can't be an SG team tor Atlantis team, then its not a Stargate game, it a generic Sci-Fi. Hopefully this inst the way it goes
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    According to the interview, all playable species will be alien and not Tau'ri. Why have you chosen this exactly? Because I find that kind of limiting, especially considering the Stargate franchise is about us Earthlings getting out there. Having variation by being able to play as different alien species is of course very good, but why remove the most important human race from the franchise? Granted, if you can play as a non-Earth human and if there are rules for Earth equipment like weapons and gadgets, then there shouldn't be a problem to create Tau'ri characters, but it still seems very odd for a Stargate game. That's almost like saying you can't play a human in Star Wars or as Starfleet in Star Trek.
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    I would like to see classes having a limited effect on the types of characters created. I don't like systems where certain classes are needed to have a balanced group. I would prefer classes to grant bonuses for certain things rather than having exclusive uses of certain skills. Like scientists getting better checks at figuring out Goa'uld tech, linguists getting better checks to figure out new languages, fighters at fighting, etc. If this is just another d20 Modern clone, I will be saddened but still play it. The old AEG version was an okay game. There was nothing special to really set it apart.
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