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    Version 03.17.2020


    Stargate: Roleplaying Game Public Beta Version Release Date 03.17.2020 Please give feedback via the following form: https://forms.gle/3EBybjSCsgDYPEKw8 StargateRPGBeta031720.pdf


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    Hi all! My name is Brad and I'm the CEO of Wyvern Gaming. I wanted to first thank you for joining us on this mission of creating a new roleplaying game for Stargate. We love the franchise and want to make sure our game puts you in it. This adventure was the brainchild of our friend & partner Philip Loyer, who unfortunately is no longer with us. He would have been thrilled with the progress we have made, but incredibly nervous about the days to come. If he were still here we would joke about it and he would stress over it anyway. I miss my friend. This is for him. Thank you for helping us make a great game.
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