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  1. See my post in Game Develolme t for my home brew doc
  2. Indeed this is how me fudged it in our game
  3. I have been working on a home-brew to address a lot of these concerns. I have made a separate post about it but I thought it might grab more attention if I popped it in here as well. 2 - Stargate Action System - Gatemasters Guide - v0.1.pdf 3 - Stargate Action System - Players Guide-v0.1.pdf
  4. Really, I should have posted this one first..... 2 - Stargate Action System - Gatemasters Guide - v0.1.pdf
  5. I have recently started to playtest the below. I would be keen to here any comments you all may have: The general aim is to make modern combat feel different from ranged attacks in 5e SRD, promote a cinematic style of action and address simulationist concerns. Big Changes Replacement of the upgrades system with fixed value weapons and seperate accessories. Requisitions points - used to procure weapons and accessories but do not replace back up weapons supplied with prep kits. Reloading sacrifices speed rather than actions. Minor changes include: changes to the proficiencies and categories to create more design space and map more sensibly onto the classes Where possible I have minimized weapon ranges and made very long range weapons expensive or of limited use. Change to the prone and knockdown rules to work in modern combat. Shotgun are not their own category anymore - they fit in to the other longarm categories. Further notes: All the weapons in this system have been built using a standardized approach in which different qualities have different costs that combine make a functioning weapon. There is a second document that addresses the build system that I will post about later. I would welcome constructive criticism. Please bare in mind that the intention is not to simulate real combat, but make it distinct from 5e and encourage a dynamic and cinematic style of play. 3 - Stargate Action System - Players Guide-v0.1.pdf
  6. I have done something similar but a bit deeper. Still lots of issues to work out though we have now started playtesting.
  7. I'm working on a ruleset to build any ranged weapon in under two pages - should work for Tau'ri and offworld weapons. Will post it here when it's done. Maybe a couple of days
  8. Yeah, I fed back something similar through the feedback form based on conversations with my players. Your characterisation of insufficient design space is bang on. In the interests of simplicity we've collapsed the complexity of the system to the point that in play it raises more questions than it answers. My suggestions were to (1) separate the upgrades into 'functions' and 'addons'. Functions are inherent to the weapon being stated (automatic, belt fed, etc), while add-ons can be added to any of the compatible types - that's your scopes, lasers etc. (2) limit the number of functions, add-ons as well as damage rating based on Bulk. More damage more bulk. I fed back more to the Devs but that's the main points
  9. Some of the feats are good and the suppressing fire rules are okay. Disadvantage on attack may not matter when a lot of stuff will be at disadvantage anyway?
  10. I have had a scan of the two very extensive documents. A lot of work went in here and I don't see anything unworkable, although I think Asgard should remain a non-playable race. Thought your idea on multiple levels of disadvantage was interesting though. Still too complicated. I'd you have 2 levels of disadvantage/advantage, roll 3 d20s and pick the lowest would be perfectly fine and a lot simpler. The increased chance to hit/miss is already there in the number of dice you roll. The main issue here is that I think we're ties to having some classes because we have to maintain the major elements of 5e.
  11. Yes, the system isn't perhaps totally ideal but I think this is a betamax/VHS debate. Sure, betamax had the best picture quality but they were expensive and no one used them. VHS was cheap and good enough for porn and that was that. Here, 5e is a the most mainstream system at the moment. Even though the Stargate system already differs substantially from 5e (moxie, determination, gestalt from 5the level, different races and classes etc) it will have wider appeal simply because it's a system a lot of people are conversant in.
  12. Always struck me that Jaffa going down easier would be down to better training and familiarisation. I can't imagine that confrontted with Alien warriors for the first time I would shoot my straightest. After a couple of encounters they would learn to shoot for the Symbiote pouch and the lighter chainmail parts of Jaffa armor. They become a known(ISH) quantity. It also strikes me that Jaffa armor is best suited to the weapons of the kind of civilisations they're usually suppressing and that it would probably be a waste of resources to equip a mass army that you don't mind taking a few losses with really fancy gear that they may well wind up using against you. As far as this conversation goes, I really don't see the Devs embracing this kind of granularity. We have had quite a lot of pushback on requests to even slightly expand the list of firearms for example and there are a couple of good threads on this. I cant see the bonuses of realism overcoming the confusion and slower pace it would require. If we were making Stargate: MMORPG then I'd say hell yeah let's have complex armor mechanics!
  13. Ranges need looked at asap imho. The 1800m max range for a p90 or any other 'longarm' is ludicrous. Personally I feel like the combat mechanic generally need looked at. Just two sides pummeling each other isn't very interesting. We should design our combat scenarios with specific objectives (activate the switch, dial the gate and escape, power down the forcefield, retrieve the downed team member). Combat then becomes more about stopping the enemy getting in your way rather than chasing down every last mob and hp.
  14. I generally think this is a great idea. It provides a moderate degree of character customisation that is presently lacking - my guys are basically identikit except for their kits. I don't think it makes combat more complex on any real level. I think you might struggle to make the base damage values you've given work with attack specialist etc though. I think to decrease the combat focus even more the weapon you choose should effect social roles with NPCs. If you rock up with a Barret people might be a bit less welcoming than when you pack a discreet p90 - even if both can kill you just as dead. This means player have to balance the cost and benefits with a mind to non-combat activities. Alien weapons should be treated in the same way - if you rock up with a staff weapon you can't expect people to be nice to you, whereas a zat is a bit more low profile. There is also a sniper rifle in the episode where they rescue Teal'c's son from the labour camp. O'Neil takes it from a soldier and takes out a bunch of Jaffa while they bracket the camp with mortar fire.
  15. These changes would certainly make my engineer happier. Shotguns should be rolled into longarms. I don't understand this idea that shotguns are for less combat oriented characters when I think the only time they're used in Stargate is in some of the most intense combat against the replicators. I personally feel there's a need to either provide stats for a few specific longarms from the series with some different ranges, damage dice, capacities. I don't think that's giving the game a combat focus. I think if you ignore handguns you end up with maybe 10 weapons that need stats. Hard agree on the armour changes. Also think engineers should be able to apply their armour upgrade ability to multiple people without having to buy it multiple times same for weapons. This should be capped in some other way - like, instead of adding AC you should add damage resistance for one type of damage for a few hits - something that can be used in the field. You're right, a multitool does not an engineer make.
  16. I do not have time to write a full response right now but I"d like to echo and support the thrust of this. My engineer is very unhappy. More so since another player joined and went Scout which is what he was considering changing to.
  17. Shotgun can also fire weird exotic ammo, which isn't much use IRL, but can be fun in a game - flare rounds for signalling, breeching rounds for dynamic entry etc etc.
  18. The scatter shot should be bird or buckshot. 1d4 seems find for bird, but buckshot should be a d6 and would have a tighter but longer come.
  19. Yeah, I hope they do this too. If you're writing your own campaign coming up with settings can be tough.
  20. Agreed, Jaffa soldier is a must have. Mightbalso be good to give us stats for some actual characters from the show. It doesn't have to be perfect, just something to give us ideas when making characters.
  21. Probably on to something there!
  22. Yeah, i came to like it too. Much more serious series which would have done well in the age of streaming. Perhaps they should have rested the franchise for a couple years back then.
  23. Mal

    Staff Weapons

    Yeah, for the staff armour (standard Kevlar is actually worse in the show than just taking a hit naked iirc) it should retain the knockdown (perhaps allow a Dex save?) But the damage should be reduced or negated. Perhaps the armour can take a certain number of hits before it fails?
  24. Staff Weapons are difficult to model. They rarely hit, but when they do they usually do pretty epic damage. It might make sense for them to have a short effective range and penalties to hit - it is an inherently difficult weapon to actually aim. This could be compensated for with decent melee weapon stats. They could also have a knockback effect to handle the way people are usually knocked over when they take a hit. Any thoughts on this?
  25. Edinburgh, Scotland, from Hampshire originally though.
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