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  1. If it's based on 5e there will be classes and backgrounds. Classes are classes, backgrounds add to the number of skills you're proficient in. Provided there are enough backgrounds for diverse choices it should be all good in that sense. What the actual classes are and what their abilities are is another question altogether. The rules must already be fairly advanced as there has been playtesting already. We won't really be able to get a good idea of how the classes need to be changed or tweaked until we have a bit more information.
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    I'm going to have to look that up.
  3. Hey, sorry, didn't mean to ignore your anxiety. I'm sorta in the same boat (aspie myself) so I certainly didn't mean to minimise it. My personal experience was that a bunch of friends who RP eventually got me to give it a go. It was a horror setting which I didn't care for but in time campaigns came up that were interesting and I got more into it and gradually got over being self conscious (now play an outrageous paladin called Ivor Fleshammer who is based on Zap Brannigan). Now we're in a D&D 5e game and while I basically hate fantasy, it doesn't matter because the story and company is worth it. Now that I want them to get into Stargate I have people I can nudge to play and get a group together. So, if I were to suggest a strategy, I'd try one of those game shops. I don't know exactly how inconvenient it would be but it sounds like a potential option? If you're not up for that, I understand. As Paul says it still looks like you can contribute in some important ways anyway. Best of luck getting something together mate.
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    So I've been thinking about combat and I feel like it needs to have enough depth to be stay interesting. So I want to out a few concepts I feel should be in the game. Flanking In 5e, you flank when two character are in melee range on opposite sides of the target. In stargate, I think flanking should be a bit more potent. You should be able to flank at 90 degrees and from range. This could be overwritten by specific class abilities. Suppression You should be able to trade ammunition per round for a standing attack against an area and force targets to take cover. There would need to be mechanics to handle targets evading your fire, probably a Dex check. Equally,being able to pin the players down might be useful and good for RP. Multi-attack Some classes and weapon combos should be capable of attacking multiple targets if they are in proximity to one another. Damage could be spread between them or separate rolls made as in D&D 5e. Damage Gun damage usually relates to calibre and ammunition and this could get really messy really quick. Qualities like 'armour piercing' also make it a bit more complex but need to be accounted for. Different calibres would presumably be different damage dice. I don't know how AP would play in that environment. Can you guys think of any other concepts or issues relating to combat mechanics.
  5. Have a look around on rolld20. I'm lucky to have a group locally but there are lots of online teleconferences games. Otherwise have a look around for model shops/comic book stores, some of these may even run games themselves on a pay to play basis. You may well struggle to playtest without a group but its not as hard as it used to be to find people.
  6. Yeah, need to get on a rewatch as well. Have the DVD box set and really need to Rio them all to HDD to get rid of the very odd CGI menus....
  7. Mal

    Zat Guns

    Dex check makes a lot of sense as the resistance roll. Constitution check makes a lot of sense as a recovery roll. I think a second shot reducing the target to zero hp could be problematic. If you have a high level character with a bunch of health is that not going to feel really overpowered? Very much depends how the health levelling works. A ranged attack like this would normally need to meet or beat the targets armour class and then roll the damage as dice. Spells usually bypass AC and impose a Save. Success means you take half damage, which is also rolled up. What the Zat is sort of a combined ranged attack and spell attack. To attack, roll d20 + attack mod + proficiency (if proficient) to meet/beat AC. Target makes a Constitution save against the attack roll, if successful, target is stunned for d10 rounds halved. If a failure, then the target is stunned for d10 rounds. Target makes a Con check at the start of their turn each round with the DC set by the initial attack. Target falls prone while stunned.
  8. Thanks for this, really exciting!!!
  9. I think we would all love some more information about the prospects for a public beta. Frankly I happily would sign an NDA and get my players to as well if that would help.
  10. Totally agree with paragraph 1. Like the idea of a fighter/warrior class to represent the more primitive cultures. I see what you're saying I'm terms of not having a strict combat/non-combat class distinction. Your approach would be more inherently flexible. It would also make sense that a scientists might be or become a good shot with his or her chosen weapon - especially as an experienced team member, but they wouldn't have a deep understanding of combat tactics or a wide knowledge of how to use different weapons - for that they would have to multiclass a bit which I think is fair. I really appreciate your insight from the old RPG (we should probably come up with a short hand for that iteration). I sadly only have a bad scan copy I got to see if it might be worth giving a go. Sadly the scan cut off about and inch of text in the margin so it basically unreadable. Will need to go look at Jackson and carter.. wasn't the RPG set in the early seasons though? Before Jackson's increase in combat skills? Should we start outlining some potential class names and outlining the kind of abilities they might have?
  11. You would need classes that can also be applied to non humans so we can have playable alien team members. You would probably also want to allow fairly liberal multi-classing. I imagine the broad split would be combat/non-combat. You have a few varieties of soldier - close quarters specialist, all rounder general soldier, long range specialist, heavy weapons, pilot, etc. Non combat might be engineers, scientist, diplomat, analyst. I can see a player starting as a scientist, but based on game experience, picking up a few levels in soldier - mirroring the development of Jackson or Carter
  12. Mal

    Zat Guns

    The Zat is a really tough challenge to balance while remaining simple and intuitive so it doesn't bog down combat. It is a core element of the universe so it will really effect the feel of the game. I think Bahamut is on to something with the Disintegrate mechanics and limiting ammunition. I would chip in that since the Zat is a single shot per round weapon, it presumably wouldn't benefit from any bonuses from making burst or automatic attacks. I don't know how you would deal with classes that pick up multi-attack. I don't know how granular the Devs are planning to get with normal projectile weapons, but I would suggest that Zats would not be able to benefit from any bonuses you might get from equipment like sights, lasers etc. Think that's all for now
  13. Hi All, I noted my interest months ago but only just got to looking around the site and found these forums. My RP experience is most nWoD in which I've played 4 or 5 campaigns, and D&D 5e more recently. Really love the flow of the 5e system and, being an enormous Stargate fan, I was really excited to hear a 5e version was in development. I'm very keen to contribute so I'm curious as to whether any rules been made available yet? I can see that there have been play-tests so there must be something? Really interested to hear more about the direction Wyvern will be taking things. Cheers Mal
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