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  1. Netherlands. Though I'm not in the playtest group, so I wouldn't show up on the map
  2. There hasn't been a year since I first saw it on TV in 1999 that I haven't seen Stargate. Though with what has been happening for the past two years (or rather, what hasn't been happening), this is the first year where I just barely watched anything. Hopefully the RPG will provide some possibilities, through playing and/or writing fan-fiction using the RPG, to rekindle the fire.
  3. Yeah, I'd like to see a more "universal" core rulebook that focuses on Stargate as a whole. If it's centered on the SG-1 "era", then I'd feel it should be near the end of the series, or just after it (even if it excludes specific information about Atlantis/Universe), as I feel that that is the most "centralized" area of information for the whole franchise. Then supplements can go more in-depth about Atlantis, Universe, and various "eras" of the main franchise (90s, early 00s, 10s, or pre-SGA, post-SG-1, and SGU), and perhaps even dive into some of the more elaborate periods of history (the time of the Ancients, the Asgard-Goa'uld war, Lanteans, etc.). Basically so that even without supplements there should be enough information for players/GMs to create adventures set at least anywhere during the three shows.
  4. I've barely scratched the surface of TTRPGs and I never truly played one before, which also means I have no one to play with in person, let alone an entire group. While finding a group online is much easier, it is extremely difficult for me to adapt as I don't know anyone and I have to get to know people before I'm comfortable to open up (I have social anxiety that becomes much worse when I'm trying to find people to play with). Moreover, time, and especially time zones, is usually an issue for me as well, as I can't always spend many hours in a row just playing a game, and I don't live by myself. Another major issue is that, due to many past experiences with other things, I fear that I won't be able to find people that like what I like (in this case, the kind of game/story/play-style). It often happened that if I wanted to be part of a group I was always forced to do whatever the group wanted to do, rather than what I would have liked because no one else wanted to do it. TL;DR. Is there a way that I can still participate in roleplaying and playtesting Stargate? Or some kind of interaction with like-minded people that love Stargate and that I can get to know to become more comfortable with playing? I'm from the Netherlands, so maybe that can put things in perspective. I'm currently trying to play Star Trek Adventures solo (I know what most people think), and though it does work, it may not be properly representative for playtesting.
  5. Hello everyone! Wasn't aware we now have a forum! I'm Nick, I'm from the Netherlands, and I'm rather new to RPGs. But being a huge fan of Stargate, I'm thrilled to see a new RPG in development. It's been next to impossible to find groups with which to play games like Stargate or Star Trek Adventures, even more so with my particular interests. So I'm currently trying to get into RPGs by playing by myself. I'm a hobbyist writer, game designer, worldbuilder, artist, and all-round geek. I'm currently diving into the Foundry VTT and battlemaps, and I plan to create maps, artwork (tokens and such), and stories for both Stargate and Star Trek Adventures. I also backed Project Deios on Kickstarter, which will be a tool to create giant maps ranging from cities to entire galaxies. They already have a battlemap editor called DungeonFog that I'm going to use for now. I'm really hoping everything will turn out great, especially the Stargate RPG. But to be perfectly honest, I also know MGM's track record, so I'm kind of apprehensive about them.
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