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  1. I finally found it. Not sure how I overlooked it before. If you're on a computer, look at the navigation menu at the top right. "Home; About; News; Play; Forums; Downloads" Go to Play and hover over it. Context menu will appear and you click on Gaming Groups. Click on the only group there, the "Public Beta Playtest." On that page is the line "Now that you know what we're looking for, head over to the FILES section..." Click on the hypertext FILES link. On that new page is two pdfs, the most recent beta from 613 and a blank character sheet. Click on the post for the "Stargate RPG Public Beta Rules 06.13.2020." On the right of the page is a grey box that says "Download this file."
  2. I don't think it's a scam. I can totally see a massive company like the IP holder soft peddling the approval to Wyvern. What I find absolutely unacceptable is how they seem to have completely abandoned their own forum. All those guys are doing is sitting in zoom calls all day, there's no reason any of them couldn't dip in here regularly and interact with the fans and backers. Hell, when was the last comment or post from the staff on here?
  3. It's in chapter 9 preview on Google Drive. Page 116 in a red text box titled The Dial Home Device
  4. "Activating a DHD typically takes 1 minute and a DC 20 Engineering or Science check." This can't be right. Dialing a DHD is the definition of Push to Start. As long as the team knows their actual home(Phoenix site) address it shouldn't even take a check as it's as mundane as possible. Logging into a password protected wifi is more complicated.
  5. I'll be (trying) to run a game at a small con next week. I looked at the 2 gencon pregens and thinking I'll run the mirror one. Is there supposed to be maps for those premades or am I just supposed to wing it? And is the 7 pregen characters in the download page the only ones and the ones I'm supposed to use?
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