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  1. It's just a Reference Image, it would be illogical for me to commission exact art of something I don't know since why I'm asking in the first place. Being a little pedantic about the image in my opinion. Having addresses locked to certain gates would be cool, but having one gate only addresses presents logic errors in the planning and construction of essentially a Clarke Tech galactic public transit system. Now having a range limitation within the galaxy would be better, stargate clusters or mini networks. Lets say a stargate with a unmodified or supplemented original Alterran power system allows a 5,000 light year radius which it can connect to any gate there-in. That would lead to having Border Gates and Bottle Necks in less dense parts of the galaxy also with those limits the gouald loosing worlds to buried gates would make more sense and why certain worlds are chosen as a System Lord's throne world.
  2. Not for my session narratives and homebrews, we all have our uses for certain elements of worldbuilding.
  3. I found myself creating PC's the other night wondering what would Gate Address's look like from the Phoenix Site? I have a character from Langara for example and realized while refreshing my knowledge on them I have the first Six chevrons of there address but not my point of origin.
  4. Hendoe Prime


    Rank 1 Aturen

    Class: Engineer

  5. Hendoe Prime


    Rank 1 Jaffa

    Class: Diplomat

    Just coming of age and recieving his symbiont during the early days of the Jaffa Rebellion, Jaalnar's parents were killed when Apophis killed Heru'ur and absorbed his holdings his uncle adopted him and brought him too a Free Jaffa encampment. From there he didn't master the Staff, Death Gliding, or Poetry. He found his calling in debate and outreach becoming a true Statesman among a Warrior People, his first achievement was mending the relationships between the Jaffa and 3 human worlds that were under System Lords who used their Jaffa to brutalize them for millenia. These wildly successful negotiations led to Phoenix Command recruiting Jaalnar and several colleagues to accompany teams on Diplomatic missions. Jaalnar has learned 9 languages including the Four Races, Wraith, Ori, English, Unas, and Russian most through the SGC's Jackson Institute initiative.
  6. Hendoe Prime


    Rank 1 Tok'ra

    Class: Scientist

    While not present alongside the SGC with his other Tokra during the fall of the system lords, Idel was working on projects even kept secret from other Tokra. This lead to him and a almost dozen others being isolated on a world kept secret from any outside the council, until the Lucien Alliance discovered it or more accurately discovered a minor system lords discovery before killing it and moving on the research outpost. What the subject of the research has yet to be unveiled but there rumors and whispers follow Idel into every lab even among his own.
  7. Hendoe Prime

    Joseph Mills

    Rank 1 Human

    Class: Soldier

    Hailing from the world of Langara, Mills was part of a the unit in charge of defending the Langaran Stargate after the incident with the SGC later resolved. Now a Joint Operations Initiative between Earth and Langara has lead to his acceptance to the Phoenix Site working alongside other Earth allies and learning what the galaxy may have in store for his people whether their prepared or not. As a teen Mills witnessed the deaths of Aunt and Uncle while fleeing to a shelter with his cousins when Anubis attacked the Capital. Since that day Mills has had no empathy for Goualds, Jaffa Faithful and even free Jaffa which has led to fair number of conflicts with Jaffa personnel between missions.
  8. Hendoe Prime


    Rank 1 Tok'ra

    Class: Medic

    Ankara has always chosen a host with a medical background leading it currently a her to have great knowledge of several species anatomy's making her one of the greatest concentrations of medical knowledge the Stargate Program has ever had. This all works out safe in a hidden Tok'ra base but in the field she needs backup mainly in the form of fire support. Her skills have saved at least 2 members of the every current Phoenix Site team and now with operations heating up against the new system lords her field hospital is need around the galaxy.
  9. Hendoe Prime


    Rank 1 Unas

    Class: Scout

    Originally from P3X-403, Droo'Tah was too young to join his clan in the "403 Incident" but after reaching adulthood Droo aka Drew took to following and tracking Recon Marines under the command of Colonel Edwards. The Marines took a liking to Drew later including him and 6 other young Unas in a Shadow Squad, Edwards eventually saw the potential of a Unas Recon unit. Although his request to form a Battalion Strength unit was denied, Droo'Tah and a dozen others trained by the Marines were recruited by Chakka to join the Phoenix Site which unlike the SGC back on Earth embraced the Unas and intergrated them into the teams lacking their skillset.
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