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  1. Honestly I think this is all they really want lol. I was just hoping someone would have a better idea for how to fit it in with the canon.
  2. I'm not arguing your point. I actually think you're completely right. It's pretty unrealistic that a group like that would be able to (or willing to) unite so many worlds and so many different people the way the real Stargate command did. Rather than giving an in depth explanation as to how they won. It'll probably be easier to simply say "they managed to defeat the goa'uld". Again we're just trying to fit the scenario into the canon as best we can. I think when you tell a story like this the realism kinda goes out the window lol
  3. Yeah, I think a complete history change would be best. One of my players suggested that we skip ahead to after the goa'uld were defeated as well. Just have earth completely controlled by the Nazis and they would be trying to take over the galaxy.
  4. I'm really trying to make the Stargate cannon fit this scenario. A couple people in my gaming group are big ww2 history buffs and wanted me to write a campaign where they could fight the Nazis. My thought was that the goa'uld Hitler would be a much weaker system Lord (if they even were a system Lord to begin with) and wouldn't have the means to take over earth the usual way. So they infiltrate the most powerful faction by taking the leader as their host.
  5. Yeah that's very true. Maybe I could use that somehow. Maybe Hitler could be an enemy of the system Lord's. But I'd have to make him pretty powerful lol
  6. Sorry, I should have been more clear. I didn't plan on the Stargate itself sending them to an alternate reality. The plan was to have them find something on another planet that would send them to an alternate universe. And as far as the goa'uld limiting the technology, the idea is that the Nazis already had advanced technology and had already taken over earth. It would have been almost impossible for the Hitler goa'uld to convince the people he was a god. My thoughts were that he would be working with what he had. The Nazis pretty much already worshiped Hitler. There wouldn't be much need to hold them back technologically.
  7. Actually becoming resistance fighters on earth was something we talked about. We were thinking that earth would be radically different from the world we know today. This would hopefully keep it interesting enough that staying on earth for most of the campaign wouldn't be an issue.
  8. My group has played through the two premade campaign settings and I would like some creative criticisms on a new idea I have. I would like to send the team through the gate to an alternate timeline. One where the Nazis DID manage to get control of the gate and used it to get alien technology. Unfortunately they were no match for the goa'uld. Now Hitler himself has been taken over by a goa'uld symbiote and has turned all of the Nazis into Jaffa. I was wondering how far I should take this without it becoming to racist but still being realistic and fitting within the Stargate universe.
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