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  1. I'm tempted by a demo session, but I've not really got any experience with the D&D engine. Is this an issue?
  2. That should be a good time frame for me! Are you planning on every week though? Just wondering because I do record podcasts on Sundays sometimes too, including this coming. And when are you thinking of starting? I've only had chance to just glimpse at the rules since I didn't think I'd get to play it anytime soon, and have no real experience with D&D (only played a single game). I've only really played the Free League engine.
  3. I'm in the UK, so depending how late Sunday afternoon I maybe able to participate if you've got slots and are welcoming of newbies. What time/timezone are you thinking Sundays?
  4. I think that's mid-day in the UK so if it was a weekend I'd be able to participate!
  5. What sort of time would you be looking at?
  6. Personally, I was just hoping for a bunch of folk who could get together for a few hours to have a session on Zoom or Skype.
  7. Hi all! Is anyone playing online atm and looking for new members? I'm UK based, English speaking, usually free to play from 6/7 pm BST.
  8. It's gossip that gets around, though. I've heard it before that the books took in Devlin and Emmerich's notes for sequels, but I've never seen the source myself. Same sort of gossip that ID4 is a Stargate sequel because of some of the similarities between the third book and ID4, I guess. Speaking of, I'm now onto Book 3 of my rereads! I try not to binge read series these days, so I always take breaks between series and franchises, and started Retribution last week. I'd forgot all about the Setim's defence system on Earth! Probably not. It's so far removed from SG1.
  9. Just a quick correction note. In the Introduction in Chapter 1, the System Lords are referred to as Overlords.
  10. I'm revisiting Bill McCay's Stargate novels for the first time in a while. I read them through a few times about 10+ years back. I'm a sucker for alternate takes on things so I've always really enjoyed the experience of reading these. I'm about a third of the way through the first book, Rebellion. Any other fans on here?
  11. February was the date given in the recent podcast interview!
  12. Fantastic! Good news, thank you!
  13. Well it seems be human characters, are none Earth-human characters such as Langaran or such. Even then, it's still Stargate in the Tok'ra or Jaffa. But yeah, it would nice to have the option to play as an Earthling.
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