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  1. Just a quick correction note. In the Introduction in Chapter 1, the System Lords are referred to as Overlords.
  2. I'm revisiting Bill McCay's Stargate novels for the first time in a while. I read them through a few times about 10+ years back. I'm a sucker for alternate takes on things so I've always really enjoyed the experience of reading these. I'm about a third of the way through the first book, Rebellion. Any other fans on here?
  3. February was the date given in the recent podcast interview!
  4. Fantastic! Good news, thank you!
  5. Well it seems be human characters, are none Earth-human characters such as Langaran or such. Even then, it's still Stargate in the Tok'ra or Jaffa. But yeah, it would nice to have the option to play as an Earthling.
  6. Thanks for sharing that! Interesting insight into what is in store. I'm looking forward to seeing how the narrative you're setting up works.
  7. Today marks the 25th anniversary of the original release of Stargate. I know SG-1 is what a lot of fans tend to enjoy most, but I've always really enjoyed the movie myself. GateWorld has a pretty cool article up in celebration: https://www.gateworld.net/news/2019/10/stargate-25-years-later-legacy/
  8. I'm glad to hear it's under consideration! I'm going to Cal Mah again next year, so I hope to see you there!
  9. Ha. I'm sure we all would! I honestly don't think we'll ever get to see them in any official lore though.
  10. Lore-wise, I'm really happy to see the Nox getting some extra attention, even if it just second hand influence. I really like that!
  11. I think I'm more interested in the Aturen as I don't recognize the race from the show so I assume it's something new!
  12. I always enjoyed Universe and found it only got better and better. Time is one of my all time favorite episodes of Stargate over all and there's been so many smaller moments and episodes within Universe that I think are franchise highlights.
  13. I know the game made an appearance at GenCon, but has Wyvern thought about taking the game to some Stargate specific events to run demos? Seems like the perfect events to market directly to Stargate fans and let them get a taste of the game. Cal Mah 3.0 is next May in the UK. There's also Gateway next June and Gatecon next August in the States.
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