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  1. What I meant is that such as with your poster above advertising Langara, including the Earth symbol would only confuse visitors from any other world, as logically you're indicating that Langara can only be reached from Earth. Which would be a pretty awesome way to reboot the way the gate network is structured as it suddenly makes who controls which worlds far far more strategically important
  2. I suspect the answer is probably "both", but the DHD is kept powered down and locked away in the basement for emergency situations. As a corollary, Phoenix Base using a dialling computer means it's going to be unaffected by next year's Avenger 2.0 incident but any teams it has deployed are going to be just as badly affected as those of the SGC
  3. I imagine that unlike the SGC mission patch, the SGP one would very specifically not include the address and probably not the home sigil either, just to be on the safe side.
  4. Technically, the 7th chevron is functionally irrelevant
  5. You should put that in the feed back form
  6. I dunno, it certainly seems to improve survivability in light gun arcade shooters if you're using both guns at once.
  7. Stargate Worlds. Now, if that had been the basis for the TTRPG...
  8. In-character stuff here. This text will be replaced with the opening scene when the game starts
  9. Out of Character stuff like strategy discussions, thoughts on story, etcetera, happens here
  10. The thought of what it would cost to print all that out makes my head spin
  11. I suspect that had the franchise not already thoughtlessly used up that name for what it should have called Stargate Destiny, that thr book could easily and more accurately have been called the Stargate Universe RPG
  12. Max # Characters: 5 Character Level: 5 Attributes: Standard point-buy Build Methodology: Classless, per Chapter 7 (pg 85) of the 20200613 beta rules as follows: Level 1: The character begins with a Hit Die of d8, and three combat proficiencies -- Light Armor, Common Weapons, and Sidearms. Additionally the character has 41 MP to spend; at this level only, all proficiencies cost a flat 3 MP. You may purchase as many as you wish but may have no more than 4 of any single type (Skill, Tool, Weapon, etc.). Unspent MP carries over to future levels. Levels 2-5: For each level from 2 to 5 the
  13. You can have Phoenix as an independent command in which case Loyer is the one in charge reporting directly (as possible) to the joint chiefs & the president, or you can have it as part of the SGC which makes him ultimately subordinate to Hammond even if he has largely operational autonomy. You simply cannot have it both ways. Especially given all the statements about Phoenix being part of the SGC seem to avoiding the issue of the Devs so far paying the barest of lip service to the concept while essentially ignoring that the SG1 Roleplaying Game singularly fails to live up to the impli
  14. Sadly it was stated on the Discord that the official take is the bland propaganda version where Phoenix is part of the greater SGC, so arguably has Hammond in the CoC. Still no word on whether the book will be providing any supporting material for people unimpressed with Phoenix and wanting to instead play a Cheyenne-based campaign alongside SG-1
  15. Bearing in mind however the likelihood of a driver being sent through the gate is rather small...
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