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  1. Whether this works or not depends on how you have the DHD dial the gate. If a side chevron locks on when the appropriate symbol passes through the prime chevron, then that's a pretty reasonable chance for the victim to notice something's wrong. If the chevrons however just light up in response to keys being pressed on the DHD and the ring's just spinning until it builds up to 88 mph then the subterfuge could work. But basically they're talking about deliberately gutting a significant safety protocol (not to mention compromising Phoenix Site's security and secrecy by hardwiring its address
  2. Okay, assuming everyone has access to some recent flavour of the chargen rules, shall we see what sort of characteers you folks want to make?
  3. Click on the Play tab and select Gaming Groups. You should find the sign-up option there
  4. I'm still up for running this if everyone is still interested
  5. Adventurers League & Path Finder Society are different from Living Stargate in important and utterly fundamental ways. First, there are so, so, many more than 13 adventures a season. Second, they're really no where like the linear story the LSG campaign has set itself up as. Thirdly, character progression isn't the strictly linear affair it is with the SG RPG. Oh, and there are a gajillion more people playing them than will ever play this campaign. If you're going to start level-gating adventures -- which I think is a terrible idea that screams trying to hammer a SGRPG peg into a
  6. I imagine they'll release a Cheyenne Mountain / SGC sourcebook but "for 20 years" is likely the reason we've been stiffed SGC content in the main book. Given the licensor's insistence on the 5th edition engine, my guess is that it's similarly the living campaign that's seen as the major hook to maintain customer interest. Since all the classic bad guys are fragged as of the end of Continnuum and anything after that is territory of whatever new series that arises assuming not a reboot, Phoenix is the only logical answer to give players and devs an open enough canvas to play with while still usi
  7. What I meant is that such as with your poster above advertising Langara, including the Earth symbol would only confuse visitors from any other world, as logically you're indicating that Langara can only be reached from Earth. Which would be a pretty awesome way to reboot the way the gate network is structured as it suddenly makes who controls which worlds far far more strategically important
  8. I suspect the answer is probably "both", but the DHD is kept powered down and locked away in the basement for emergency situations. As a corollary, Phoenix Base using a dialling computer means it's going to be unaffected by next year's Avenger 2.0 incident but any teams it has deployed are going to be just as badly affected as those of the SGC
  9. I imagine that unlike the SGC mission patch, the SGP one would very specifically not include the address and probably not the home sigil either, just to be on the safe side.
  10. Technically, the 7th chevron is functionally irrelevant
  11. You should put that in the feed back form
  12. I dunno, it certainly seems to improve survivability in light gun arcade shooters if you're using both guns at once.
  13. Stargate Worlds. Now, if that had been the basis for the TTRPG...
  14. In-character stuff here. This text will be replaced with the opening scene when the game starts
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