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  1. I've found the best way to cope with this episode is to manage expectations ahead of time and tell players they should be treating this as the introductory tutorial level of a video game where you're railroaded through a bunch of basic plot and mechanics. Additionally, they should be reminded that capture and escape are somewhat mandatory plot beats in Stargate in order for the narrative to clue the characters in on the activities of the bad guys
  2. Outcome: Incomplete


    Number of Players: 4

    Gatemaster: 1001100x02

  3. Increasing the tech level of a weapon makes armour less effective
  4. The scout is more or less SpecOps. Bows are included because they're excellent stealth weapons.
  5. If it's a choice between alternatives, it will say OR. The presence of a comma in a list lacking "or" is read as being equivalent to "and". You are correct however that stylistically the lists of prereqs should be written in an identical fashion.
  6. Option 2 is just dumb. No credit for playing with a character that isn't the one you wanted to play the game with in the first place? I can't see anyone agreeing to that.
  7. The Dev's posted that they're still screwed with respect to shipping everything from China to the distribution hubs, so books are going to be sent out first when they hit the distro hubs, anything else will go out in a second wave once they all arrive
  8. The other option, not listed, is that given 5e is what it is, you just simply increase an existing character's HP and Proficiency to the minimum level allowed by the adventure. No class abilities/feats upgrades until they accrue the required MP
  9. The 6 Advanced Training feats are the "core ability" of each class and are worth 9 MP. Vanguard in comparison is worth only half that, so not needing a minimum ability score is perfectly fine
  10. Parachuting Selena in at the end as the token tau'ri is a very odd choice
  11. 1001100x02


    Rank 2 Aturen (Noxian Pacifist)

    Class: Scientist

  12. No, it was going to be its own thing, starting from level 5 using classless characters balanced to what they should have been. Given how decompressed PbP tends to be, i'm not sure how well it'd cope with the time frame of the living campaign's window of a mission being live for purposes of affecting the future plot lines
  13. Have you registered Algernon as a living stargate character yet?
  14. The Living Season eps 3 & 4 will be released to everyone after they debut at GenCon. I mean, think about it -- would you release the answers to a test before the test is sat? Same deal with living eps, where the rewards gained at the end of the ep and the knock on effect on the overall story of the season are affected by what happens in the session. Having a copy of the episode ahead of time gives way too much incentive to cheat. Please also bear in mind there's a pandemic on. It's knocked everyone's time table off kilter.
  15. Technically yes they're allowed but as someone who would otherwise advocate for the idea I have to strongly suggest you go for a regular build. As you've noticed the backend doesn't handle them yet and you're at a non-trivial game balance disadvantage in terms of what your character is capable of compared to a standard character. For the moment they're best left for home campaigns where the GM can better address balance issues
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