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  1. Tau'ri teams always have military leaders. Logically as teh SGP is sometimes touted as aliens operating under human leadership you could extend that but just as easily you could classify the human members of a majority alien team as "technical advisors"...
  2. Given the existence of System Lord Yu, I'd be extremely tempted to turn Mortal Kombat's Shao Kahn into either one of his immediate vassals or a completing System Lord in his own right. Similarly a number of the franchise's characters and iconic costumes could be recreated as servants and rivals.
  3. Which was entirely my point. You don't make the weapon less efficient just because you don't want better results on a less efficient RL attack move. You modify the check based on whether the tool is being used correctly, not modify the tool itself to bias the check into giving the results you want.
  4. As that's a rule from a game of muscle powered ranged weapons, I'd absolutely allow someone with a readied handgun to get an AOO freebie off against an enemy fleeing them or just moving right past them. But even if it is melee, chances are they're fighting jaffa who are at least very likely to be armed with staff weapons they can try to whack or trip you with.
  5. Disengage basically lets you charge right past opponents blocking your way without getting shot in the back, so not a bad idea as a present to give a team mate
  6. As explained above, that's a non viable option. Organ Targeting, because of its ease of application even if you take the more restrictive version currently printed in the Medic requiring advantage (which I believe is editorial oversight rather than intentional) is valued at 9 MP. Procedure feats have a cost of 5 MP (compare Vital Organ Targeting, which grants a smaller average damage that only applies upon the 5% chance of a critical)
  7. Those are situational modifiers, which as we've seen from the rules introduced in the gencon quick start guide are easily introduced. They have nothing to do with the physical capabilities of the weapon itself and trying to baseline nerf weapons to make up for the failure of GMs is poor design methodology Attacking following movement without taking the aim action aka "firing from the hip" should just flat out reduce all ranges by half; Surge serves nicely as a significantly priced character option to negate this inherent penalty on a once per combat basis. (Consequently, the Hip Fire feat really should be renamed to Point-blank Fire or even Melee Fire.)
  8. It came up on the discord following gencon that those playing more pacifist character types -- particularly the Aturen Noxian Pacifist -- found the idea of the mandatory gaining of the ability to do extra damage was a poor design choice either on a conceptual level or because it's actually mechanically impossible for them to utilise it and thus are left unbalanced and disadvantaged compared to other characters. There was some talk of moving it to a procedure feat but its value of 9 MP to the standard 5MP of that subtype means that's not going to happen for, similarly, reasons of game balance. Ignoring the soldier for obvious reasons and focusing on the medic as proof of concept, if the game provides a super pacifist as a starting character type, should the classes be designed in such a way that particular character is able to progress equitably?
  9. So it quite skipped my notice that the June update robbed the Scout of the longarm proficiency and replaced it with bow and shotgun. I think it's crazy and serves no particular benefit -- and is in fact the exact oppositeas it leaves the 2nd-most-likely-to-bean-actual-soldier non-proficient with the standard weapon of their profession -- but is this a changeup that my fellow scouts agree with? Instead of being forced into fixed proficiencies, would you prefer a more open ended "You have [blah] weapon proficiencies and [blah] tool proficiencies. Spend them as you wish; weapons can be swapped for tools but not the other way around."?
  10. I think you as a player can can, but it has to be with a different character. Similarly for GMing and accruing MP: any given PC can only benefit once from an episode.
  11. This episode's relation to canon seems more unstable the more I think about it, but I'm still sticking with my mostly positive opinion of it The Retcon: What you as PCs did in succeeding or failing to save the facility does not change. Thank you again for playing and we hope that this small change to the end of the episode alleviates the issues some had. The idea of Tawaret being Apophis's post Amaunet bride instead of being the one replaced by her remains uninspiring but it's not a deal breaker. While we know in real life that the US military is involved in some truly heinous deeds and even in-universe is clearly capable of being party to things like scientific slave labour, I am glad that the heroic fiction of the USAF can remain unsullied by knowingly participating in what would be considered by many a war crime. Even if that were not the case -- Stargate does like throwing moral quandaries at its characters from time to time -- I think the error lay more in introducing events on Pangara in the first place. An entire planetary population is at risk. We need you to persuade the civilians to let our science types use the base because it solves the goa'uld issue in the chain of supply for their cure. Come on. Even if the players aren't aware of what goes down on Pangara vis a vis chumming symbiotes, it doesn't take a lot of imagination to join the dots when you're talking about access to the ability to mass produce symbiotes. Turning around and telling character and player alike they have no business reaching that conclusion feels like being gaslit. Especially given we had no particular pushback indirectly manipulating one of our psychwar targets by convincing his jaffa allies allowing the base meant they'd have free symbiotes instead of having to murder and steal from their enslaved kin in order to maintain supply. My biggest sticking point is that tok'ra players get shafted over Egeria having been recovered after being farmed to death and the implication -- now removed -- of having a functional sarcophagus to hand. Yes they hate the thing but given their viability as a culture/species is at stake, what the stakes in ignoring that just this once?
  12. If you knew you were removing a character option that leaves tollan characters disadvantaged, why wasn't there a replacement option ready to go when the announcement was made?
  13. This felt like a benign version of the hoary old "an Enterprise crew encounter a godlike being" episode like that time Q stuck everyone in Robin Hood only without the benefit of any character exploration (because pit falls of writing episodes for randoms). I appreciate the desire behind the concept of episode 3 and the effort our GM made to run it, but this was just bad. Like alienatingly bad, and I say that as someone who got the whimsy of it. NPCs feel like they're there just as road markers and nothing more, with little or no weight or impost within the plot or to the PCs. The thing with Chucky is so utterly random it's farcical, especially as Puck makes no mention of the party having potentially unleashed another Anubis on the galaxy; the reveal is a haha gotcha slap in the face. I'm not against wacky adventures having repercussions, but this is just poorly executed. Given this whole thing continually runs over an hour short by all reports, I think you could easily establish that characters and items either do or don't migrate between set-piece scenes and have Chucky do the opposite (my preference would be for Chucky to display ontological continuity, thus signposting he's a real monsterboy, thus giving the party a scene to realise something is wrong and potentially correct their mistake). Speaking of poor design, a railroaded 80s nostalgia trip means nothing to people who weren't originally there for it (you're not going to remember the 80s unless you were born in the 70s), didn't care for it, or who are playing non-tau'ri characters and thus unable to bringing any of that fond familiarity into play without hugely metagaming. Everyone desperately rolling to try and figure out the Bowie song they play at the end was kinda excruciating. I mean, seriously, this is something that's being put out there as representative of a game that's already fighting almost 2 decades of lag between its setting and now in an attempt to appeal to new players? At the very least this mission should have been preluded with an 80s movie night in the SGP rec hall to give the alien characters -- who can potentially comprise an entire team -- and younger players some ground in the themes of the episode and some skin in the pop cultural game. Hell, given the module is using MGM properties -- certain time travellers illicitly appearing aside -- and the frivolous nature of the story I wonder if pre-circulating a youtube montage to that effect wouldn't be a wise step Naming the power behind it almost immediately the characters exit the gate also blows pretty much all of what little mystery the episode holds -- Oh, it's the trickster fairy, which means its an ascended ancient because english mythology is their thing. I think the story could have gotten its desired wacky shenanigans mileage out of an honest riff or pastiche of Midsummer Night's Dream. Frivolous relationships, comical misunderstandings, competing desires. That's something everyone can get into and cut loose with, especially if you get Puck coming in to give the speech at the end. On a final note, it might just be a personal thing, but I remain to be convinced of the place of "let's explore random new world" plots given the SGP comes across as being pitched as a semi-deniable special ops command designed to provide active support to ongoing anti-goa'uld efforts across the galaxy. Given the existence of cache worlds for Phoenix ops, I think if nothing else is changed about this ep, the reason for going through the gate needs to be recontextualised around that concept.
  14. This was a great episode in its own right and a fantastic one to open the Living Campaign with. It contained a nice mix of mental, social, and physical challenges, and as such presented opportunities for all character types to excel while not overwhelming parties where those characters were absent. Of note The combat training at the beginning flowed well into the armed conflict at the end in terms of getting people to think about use of environmental cover I think a lot of people are going to want to go up against Wepawet (and his scheming bride) again. He's enjoyably competent enough to trip player paranoia, and enough of a jerk players are going to want to take that smirk right off his face The cake mystery
  15. Blurb: You are tasked with exploring a world that appears earth-like, but from a part of its past. Can you infiltrate the culture and identify any allies, or will you make enemies that Stargate cannot afford?
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