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  1. No, it was going to be its own thing, starting from level 5 using classless characters balanced to what they should have been.

    Given how decompressed PbP tends to be, i'm not sure how well it'd cope with the time frame of the living campaign's window of a mission being live for purposes of affecting the future plot lines


  2. The Living Season eps 3 & 4 will be released to everyone after they debut at GenCon. I mean, think about it -- would you release the answers to a test before the test is sat? Same deal with living eps, where the rewards gained at the end of the ep and the knock on effect on the overall story of the season are affected by what happens in the session. Having a copy of the episode ahead of time gives way too much incentive to cheat.

    Please also bear in mind there's a pandemic on. It's knocked everyone's time table off kilter.

  3. Technically yes they're allowed but as someone who would otherwise advocate for the idea I have to strongly suggest you go for a regular build. As you've noticed the backend doesn't handle them yet and you're at a non-trivial game balance disadvantage in terms of what your character is capable of compared to a standard character. For the moment they're best left for home campaigns where the GM can better address balance issues

  4. I suspect they're mentioned because the book is broadly applicable to year 6 of the series, but the living campaign is very specific at starting at the start and unlocking things as it goes where as home games might start later or choose to introduce things early.


    Honestly, if the Hebridian/Serrakin duality didn't exist, their essentially self contained nature makes them something GMs would want to invent for Phoenix given they only have 2 appearance in the series proper.

  5. Quote

    I don't suppose there's a decent way you know of to figure out which worlds had been visited by SG-1 teams up to the mid-2002 period where Phoenix Site starts?  It appears that Hebridians weren't first mentioned/visited until later in Season 6, which makes them a 2003 'discovery' based on Wiki info, and therefore also off limits despite actually being one of the groups explicitly mentioned in the core rule book.

    Do you mind giving a page reference for that please?

  6. On 8/16/2021 at 1:30 PM, Voice said:

    I got my slots for the Season 1 Episodes.  E1 & 2 on Thursday (2p & 7p), E3 on Friday (4p), and E4 on Sunday (9a).

    this is the character I’ll be playing.  https://stargatetherpg.com/rpg/characters/494-faelan/?association_id=494-cfff0a21954af3f11190be44a3fd710e

    Um, I'm afraid you have a slight problem: the living series is set during SG1 season 6 in 2002, years before the Alliance was created after the fall of the System Lords. As such, your character's backstory is non-compliant and could see the character disallowed (especially as you're playing an enemy agent trying to embed themselves inside SGP, something I think you're going to have to run past the people in charge of the campaign)

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  7. Mechanicus is not a part of the core 13 episode plot of the season but a stand alone side mission aka a random gate address of the week episode (technically mislabelled as ep 3 but you can just consider it the third of the 5 side missions available at gencon).

    A Twisted Past has been removed from SGP canon and replaced by A Matter of Fae as a result of extensive feedback. As far as I'm aware if you played ATP you get to keep the MP earned for doing so and thus can indeed use the same character you did in that adventure to play both Mechanicus and A Matter of Fae

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  8. Not an official reply, but given Wyvern are only renting the Stargate IP they're going to be unable to maintain any sort of officially sanctioned compatible gaming material the way you do from The DMs Guild or Storyteller's Vault. Not only would. These sort of agreements are chock full of corporate oversight and signing off on to ensure no harm comes to the brand, which would mean Wyvern would need to expend the resources to exert significant editorial oversight of anything produced under a 3rd party program to ensure it's of a sufficient standard they can then pass it on to MGM for their editorial veto.

    There's probably also a whole legal minefield regard who owns the IP rights to anything that is created under the licencing agreement.

    Being a game based in 5e, it is covered by the OGL so there's nothing stopping people producing and even selling their own content. But in the latter case they'd have to do so in such a way that it is not done using either the Stargate IP or the Stargate SG1 RPG trade dress, logos, and designated product identity.

  9. Only to a point.

    The core 13 episodes of each season are over-all sequentially connected even though the individual episodes may not lead directly into the next to start off with.

    In this case, the first three episodes are each starting their own plot threads and have no connection other than episode 1 is your first day on the job and others aren't. With the caveat that I've yet to play beyond that point I'd say that all bets are off and from episode 4 onwards the plot is likely to touch on if not actually be be reliant on one or more prior episodes.

    There are however stand alone "side missions" that are unconnected to the plot of the season are basically your standard "monster of the week" scenario where order of play is largely unimportant

  10. Some sort of replacement/emergency DHD seems a popular goto as a season research objective. of course, the question then becomes will a gate without a dhd be able to reliably dial out to a correct address?

  11. On 7/22/2021 at 1:21 PM, Jake Conhale said:

    I've read all of the McKay novels. Hated the last two as they didn't have any resolution.

    The best part was in my copy of the movie novelization, which I ordered off of Amazon, I found a Stargate ticket stub...

    You better believe THAT's staying in there!

    Really wish we could have seen those energy rifles and whatever the stargate was originally supposed to look like. I can't quite picture it the way it's described.

    Any chance of typing up the descriptions for those of us without the books please?

  12. Whether this works or not depends on how you have the DHD dial the gate. If a side chevron locks on when the appropriate symbol passes through the prime chevron, then that's a pretty reasonable chance for the victim to notice something's wrong. If the chevrons however just light up in response to keys being pressed on the DHD and the ring's just spinning until it builds up to 88 mph then the subterfuge could work.

    But basically they're talking about deliberately gutting a significant safety protocol (not to mention compromising Phoenix Site's security and secrecy by hardwiring its address into the DHD). That's absolutely an R&D encounter to (a) do it, (b) not break anything else while they're doing it, and (c) fixing it when they're done.

    If they want to telefrag someone into an iris, why use Phoenix's address when you can just use earth's?

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