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  1. This was a great episode in its own right and a fantastic one to open the Living Campaign with. It contained a nice mix of mental, social, and physical challenges, and as such presented opportunities for all character types to excel while not overwhelming parties where those characters were absent. Of note The combat training at the beginning flowed well into the armed conflict at the end in terms of getting people to think about use of environmental cover I think a lot of people are going to want to go up against Wepawet (and his scheming bride) again. He's enjoyably competent enough to trip player paranoia, and enough of a jerk players are going to want to take that smirk right off his face The cake mystery
  2. Blurb: You are tasked with exploring a world that appears earth-like, but from a part of its past. Can you infiltrate the culture and identify any allies, or will you make enemies that Stargate cannot afford?
  3. Blurb: As part of the SG Phoenix team, you have been pushed hard during your training and missions. With much-needed rest and relaxation in Haven, you come upon a dispute about water rights, as the river is low. Can you settle the dispute, and resolve the issues before catastrophe ensues?
  4. Blurb: New to the Stargate Phoenix Program, you have been selected as a recruit for training. If all goes well, you may graduate to become a Stargate Phoenix team member to go off-world and explore the galaxy. Are you up for the challenge?
  5. The current Prone condition text: The distance needs to be metricated, and the disadvantage applied only to melee attacks given the whole point of being prone while shooting is stability while presenting a smaller silhouette
  6. Rank 4 Tok'ra

    Class: Scout

    One of the few very members of the Tok'Ra who actively chose the path of resistance instead of being involuntarily drafted into it at birth. Glacya began her life as a member of the court of Sokar; as such, existence was savage and sensual, its members encouraged -- and expected -- to inflict their wants and desires and frustrations upon Sokar's slave populations in his name.The rite of passage into the higher echelons, as befitting a lord as cruel as Sokar, involved being joined to a randomly selected host and surviving a brutal gauntlet inside a huge death-trap filled pyramid while being hunted by unas similarly being tested for their fitness to serve as hosts. It was a harrowing experience designed to create monsters. Where as most survivors eventually gained the right to finally choose a host of their own liking, when presented with the choice Glacya was amongst the few who rejected it. She had grown accustomed to the body that fate had provided. Or so she told herself. In reality, the idea of being forced to assimilate yet another life just to prove her supremacy was gradually becoming... unappetising. As to were the excesses afford by life as one of the minor functionaries of Sokar's court
  7. I've been doing no such thing, I've agreed since the beginning that the range data is flawed. What I've been arguing is that ranges exceeding the space representable by existing RP aides like battlemats and the computational limitations of VTTs are not inherently bad nor the existential crises some people are making them out to be. Because that's not how 5e works. This game uses 5e; it can't change those baked-in parameters -- weapons have a short range then automatic disadvantage to their max range -- otherwise it defeats the whole point of using 5e. You can situationally decrease what the short range is, but that's it
  8. Oh I'm totally aware. Something like that is the same erroneous information that leads to the p90 having such a ridiculous max range because FN reported that in a statistical outlier under the most favourable conditions their 5.7mm round managed to make it some ridiculous distance From Stutzman's own site: On Thursday (10 December), the day before Stutzman’s 33rd birthday, Stutzman upped his game and gave fans even more to cheer for, shattering his own world record with an even farther shot, at 310 yards, almost six times the distance Stutzman shoots from in Paralympic events (50m, approximately 55 yards). The game engine has a baked-in tendency to look at what's possible over what's likely because the expectation is that the GM will modify down to suite themselves.
  9. I think this has been hashed over fairly comprehensively on the discord but for those who aren't there. Leaving aside the issue of inaccurate ranges for the moment because that is where we agree -- a problem that objectively exists and is easily solved -- I think the logic behind the idea of modern ranged weapons presenting playability issues due to their functioning as intended is based on the flawed assumptions (a) that a miniatures skirmish map has to encompass the extent of those ranges, (b) that the probability shooters are going to have line of sight out to anything near that distance is in any way high (c) that (ranged) combat under 5e is meant to have anything like the granularity of 3.x mechanics. At the distances a skirmish takes place at, a shooter lining up a straight shot shouldn't have to worry about automatically incurring disadvantage purely due to distance unless they're using a particularly underpowered weapon. It's things like cover or the environment or physical stress that are going to affect the attack roll. You don't have to put a huge area into your battle map because of range capability of weapons. That's precisely what theatre of the mind is for. And, to be brutally honest, the GM. If the party are going to snipe jaffa from well outside ma'tok range, then the GM just has to gird their loins and use a note pad because, ultimately, the exact location of the enemy minis doesn't matter a hill of beans until the party ARE in ma'tok range. Logically, the boundary of the skirmish should be the range at which both sides can reasonably hit each other. If the GM feels that the P90 users should suffer disadvantage until ma'tok range is achieved or even closer to the party's location that's on them alone and frankly isn't something that should by default be forced on all players just because the GM has a problem with the way 5e decided to make combat work. Your attempt to make range a parallel to Shadowrun's realworld combat vs matrix combat problem falls somewhat flat too because range isn't competing systems as currently presented Moving between combat locations on the fly or moving between mass and single combat may present logistical problems but I can't comment on that because I'm a VTT noob and there aren't as yet rules presented for such a thing. But the former isn't a problem for real world games or those that don't rely on something like roll20
  10. The farthest accurate shot in archery under World Archery conditions is 283.47 m (930.04 ft), achieved by Matt Stutzman (USA) at the TPC Craig Ranch, McKinney, Texas, USA on 9 December 2015.
  11. I'd advise the devs to go back to WOTC's own weapons data from d20 modern and draw the values from there, use the 10th range increment as the max range of an unassisted shot and the 2nd increment as place where such unassisted shots attract disadvantage on the attack roll
  12. In what way are Weapon ranges unwieldy?
  13. In Children of the Gods, Teal'c says that when junior matures it would take him as a host. but it was very much along the lines of someone being forced to drink their own urine to survive
  14. I managed to get all three, and at a mostly sustainable time for Australia (sooo many colours on that spreadsheet)
  15. You're in the military, you're not a merc or other form of freelance murder hobo like in D&D or Star Wars. By and large, as a soldier you don't get to choose what you're issued with. Even special forces operators have a limited choice of firearms
  16. Literally the only reason the goa'uld got defeated in the regular time line was because humanity cooperated with other species and non-white cultures in a way inconceivable to a Nazi mindset (not to mention the replicators doing a good deal of the heavy lifting if I recall). The Asgard might initially help out should the Reichgate team stumble across Cimmeria and work out what's going on before immediately enslaving it (after appropriately purging the insufficiently "Aryan" members of the population, but they'd take one look at a Nazi-controlled planet and go "nope, you're on your own". With Teal'c, it's quite unlikely they'll get the Jaffa. Send them to Abydos during WWII and they absolutely aren't going to defeat Ra without the nuke
  17. It's the stuff you have to agree to when you download the playtest rules, that you won't divulge anything to non-playtesters during the playtest
  18. So does that mean all your slots are filled?
  19. The original RPG had a nunch of Nazis evacuate Earth via the Antarctic gate and create their own little Iron Skys-esque civilisation, but frankly I always had trouble with that set up. If you want to fight nazis, you need to change the history of your setting and have the Germans either directly recover the gate from Giza instead of Katherine and her dad, or else they manage to steal it on the voyage back to the states. Have them set up a research lab at Tannhauser, which is where the Americans recover the gate and history continues as normal. Fastforward 60 years and you can have your gate team stumble across the Reichgate team trying to conquer/loot/extetminate the friendly local population of your choice. And don't forget, despite the casting agency's shortcomings the population of the galaxy is majority non-white. And they will be acting accordingly.
  20. Allowing a technologically advanced society to exist beneath a newcomer or former equal would probably be considered an affront and risk to the system lords on every conceivable level, not to mention the danger such technological awareness poses to the symbiote's own survival undetected within the society itself. A fun point of historical divergence would be for the Thule Society's hunt for mystical relics to uncover Osiris and even Hathor. They'd both be more about subverting that particular group into their personal fiefdom much like Hydra...
  21. You looking for othwr Aussie players?
  22. A forum game would be fun. I wouldn't look for it to be too complex though: the decompressed nature of the exercise tend to make them drawn out and prone to player attrition
  23. What he said. At this point I think it's obvious the devs don't see the core book doing anything except emulate the TV series as much as a 5e product can, which means the vast majority of activity is going to be centred around spacecraft, remote enemy outposts, and hiking around the hospitable bits of rural Canada while getting to know the amish-like aliens we hope to free from their servitude to false gods. Interactions with any sort of even moderately urbanised society are going to be unusual and most likely fleeting as the big damn heroes that are the SG teams pave the way for diplomatic delegations. In the core book. Said diplomatic engagements, deep cover, rogue-NID off-book ops targeting civillians, and other shenanigans that deviate from the standard format are clearly going to be the basis for future expansions. I mean, they've paid for the licence. Why put everything in one basket?
  24. And don't forget that the creation of a hok'tar/psychic is a long standing goa'uld research project. It didn't get anywhere until Nirti got her hands on an Ancient gene resequencer and even then that didn't go well. Then we have the ancient woman from antarctica with the healing hands who dies from the plague that the ancients sort ascension to escape. We have no idea what caused it as I recall, but it doesn't take a great leap to imagine just as the asgard's genetic engineering doomed them the ancients similarly doomed themselves. TL;DR - superpowers in Stargate kill you.
  25. More importantly it's probably not covered by the licence. But it's been my anecdotal experience people feel free to throw out established canon or at least give it a bit of DIY love because they disagree with what the writers did -- or didn't -- do, or they want their PCs to be the primary plot movers instead of canon SG-1.
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