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  1. If you're going to do "slots", it might make sense to base those on what rail you're mounting the mod to.
  2. I kind of like the idea of granting an ally dodge. Given you don't know who the enemies are going to shoot at, it doesn't seem overpowered
  3. Also listing "bow" is strange, since that's wrapped up under common weapons currently. It seems insane that a modern military scout would not have the ability to use longarms, so second that.
  4. Of all the solutions I've heard floated, this seems like the most straightforward fix. I would back this option over either listed in the poll.
  5. Our group used the persuasion checks as an opportunity for roleplay, so I can't echo the complaint. Undoubtedly, the adventure had a plan for if the persuasion failed. I will also note that all the source materials are available here
  6. Copyright allowing, implementing this Unas subrace could be interesting https://stargate.fandom.com/wiki/K'kaan
  7. I agree the ranges are too long, but these ranges are definitely over-correcting for some of the weapons.
  8. In terms of the gameplay prior to the point where the queen is discovered, the encounters didn't feel as well balanced as in episode 1, and there were way too many random rooms that had nothing of value or interest in the facility. If players are to explore 20 rooms, there should be at least a few more that have some interesting things to discover, and the combat challenges needed to involve more than Jaffa with broken Ma'Toks.
  9. I'm not sure I agree with the method chosen of retconning this episode. The original setup of "team finds a living Goa'uld queen" seems fine, even if the disposition of said queen could perhaps have used some work. If it was presented, for example, that the Pangarans worked out a way to study the queen to synthesize tretonin without needing to mulch any sentient beings, that might have been much more palatable, while still presenting enough of an ethical dilemma to be intersting. The biggest problem with the retcon was that the purported Dilemma wasn't much of one at all. Given the facility had already been broadcasting for two days, destroying it subsequently wouldn't have any value to protecting the location of SGP, so it's unlcear why any NPCs would be behind that course of action.
  10. chitinid


    Rank 2 Jaffa

    Class: Soldier

    Dal'Rad grew up on one of Anubis's Ha'Taks serving Anubis's chief scientist Thoth, and served faithfully for many years, believing the Goa'uld to truly be gods. Over the years, he began to question what he was taught, as over and over, he witnessed system lords succombing to mortal temptations and vices. After witnessing SG-1 killing his master Thoth, Dal'Rad realized finally that the Goa'uld were not the gods they claimed to be, and joined the Jaffa rebellion. Dal'Rad found himself under the tutelage of Master Bra'tac on Chu'lak, and learned much not only about the way of being a warrior, but about the universe and the Free Jaffa's place in it. Dal'Rad eventually joined the SG-P in order to continue fighting for his people and their allies, the Tau'Ri. He became adept with Tau'ri rifles, favoring the accuracy and range of the strange weapons, although he still customarily carries the same staff that he had with him when first becoming a free Jaffa.
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