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  1. Actually you just create either item or weapon in items directory and then just drag it onto sheet anywhere. It gets sorted automatically Iam allowed to publish some pre-made items. Mostly waiting for icons for them. So in next update at least some pre-made weapons could be in Thank you! Really appreciate it
  2. Just drag and drop it in there It will shou up in inventory section. Weapons are on main page as those are used often. Consumables or generic equip is on different page under inventory header
  3. So as per request, new compact NPC sheet is implemented and ready to use https://www.buymeacoffee.com/sadovsf/version-1-3-0-released-new-npc-sheet
  4. I would dare to say that 9m is quite far away. If i remember correctly in series it was usually found out only after really close encounter. Almost hand shake so 2-3m sounds more reasonable for me
  5. Thank you so much! Will take a look on it asap
  6. Sure I have and iam really glad you like it! https://www.buymeacoffee.com/sadovsf About npc, anything specific that should be different from player? My guess is probably some gm notes section. Maybe some place for more story info for them? Iam using simply player sheets for it If you have some idea what it should contain let me know here or even better create request here: https://github.com/sadovsf/StargateRPGSystem/issues/new/choose I will take a look for sure!
  7. Iam glad i could help Iam not sure about premium module as i cannot get probably payed legally for it. But iam allowed to even include come compendiums with prepared items and weapons for players so it could be quite nice i think. In a mean time if you like it and you can spend some small support on it i would greatly appreciate it as it takes quite some time to develop something like this and there is still lot to do For sure, let me know if you need something new in there or you run into some issues ;-)
  8. So its official, system is registered in Foundry VTT and can be used right now! https://foundryvtt.com/packages/sgrpg If you will be missing something please let me know ideally by opening issue on github page. Its super fast: https://github.com/sadovsf/StargateRPGSystem/issues/new/choose
  9. That would be awesome, any hints or help is appreciated
  10. Thank you Iam working on some smaller new features as we play with my group and trying to reach authors here so I can register system in Foundry officially. Let me know if you run into some issues
  11. So after a long learning of VTT API and systems and really super short testing i bring you what i would dare to call alpha version of SGRPG system for FoundryVTT: https://github.com/sadovsf/StargateRPGSystem/releases If you run into some issues let me know here: https://github.com/sadovsf/StargateRPGSystem So far mainly systems and workings we wanted for our play and that were working in original roll20 implementation should be ready plus some QOL improvements. Hope you enjoy it and if you do, please consider supporting it. It helps me to keep working on it https://www.buymeacoffee.com/sadovsf
  12. Me with my group are playing StarGate based on beta rules and we wanted to move to FoundryVTT. As iam programmer myself i started to port roll20 character sheet into FoundryVTT system. It will be probably long journey and iam not sure i will be able to finish as i dont have much free time. But well, someone may find this helpful already as a base for finishing this port or maybe i will have enough time to finish it myself. Anyway here is my repo with prepared basic structures, setup and very first part of character sheet visually moved to Foundry system. Hopefully i will have much more time for this port to finish it soon. My repo: https://github.com/sadovsf/StargateRPGSystem Original source for porting: https://github.com/Roll20/roll20-character-sheets/tree/master/Stargate-RPG
  13. Sure any gate that has iris on it whould work for what they were trying to achieve. I thought it would be R&D as well just in this case it would take ages which players did not like although it made sense to me so i wanted to double check with you guys here
  14. Hi, today we played session based on current preview pdf of rules. Players did come with idea to rewire DHD in a way that when Jaffa goes to dial adress it would override his adress and force him to dial Phoenix base resulting in him killing himself on Iris when he goes through. I feel like this should take considerable amount of time, maybe even trigger R&D encounter and take pretty much few days maybe. What would be your solution? (They did have 24 hours of time when they wanted to try that).
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