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    Class: Medic

    Shiul was blended with Captain Henry Jones, Air Force combat medic. Cpt. Jones did his residency at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, until he was recruited to the Stargate program for his expertise in pathology. ORIGIN: Biome: Swamp (Florida Everglades): Attribute: Wisdom +1; Patient Hunter: may use Wisdom modifier instead of Dexterity modifier when making Stealth skill checks. Background: Military (US Air Force): Bonus Proficiency: Choose any one armor or weapon proficiency (Longarm). Drills: gain +1 HP per level. Triage Can observe a character’s current physical condition as a Bonus Action with a DC 20 Medicine check. If successful, learn the character’s Current and Total HP as well as their Total Hit Dice. You suffer Disadvantage against a target if you are unfamiliar with its biology. Unnoticed Field Medic When healing a team member using First Aid, attacks against you suffer Disadvantage until your next turn. Man Down While you are conscious and within 1m of a dying team member, they require one fewer death saves to stabilize. FEATS: Medic's 1st Procedure: Crash Training: 1/round, may use a Med Kit to revive a character who has been dead for up to (Prof. Bonus) rounds with a successful DC 25 Medicine. Medic's 2nd Procedure: Urgent Care: When healing with a Med Kit, may choose to replace all the Healing Dice with the same number of Tension Dice. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cpt. Jones was on a mission with Shiul's former host and others; they were seeking answers and a cure to a mysterious disease that was ravishing the population of Alaris, designation P4X-239. They were attacked from the air by a cloaked Tel'tak. Everyone else, other than Cpt. Jones and Shiul, were killed, but Shiul's host Delmar's injuries were too severe for Shiul to be able to heal in time to make it out in time, but Shiul/Delmar determined that Cpt. Jones' injuries were not severe, but he was in and out consciousness due to a concussion. Shiul/Delmar were frantically trying to keep Jones awake and asking him if he would accept the blending of Shiul. Jones' answer was "Yes, ma, I agree ~ {slurring: take my medicine}". Both Shiul & Delmar took that as an agreement. Delmar leaning over Jones, Shiul made his way out of Delmar's mouth, which kills Delmar then, and into Cpt. Jones'. After a few minutes, Cpt. Jones fully healed and now fully aware, realizing that he is now Shiul's new host. There was somewhat of a back and forth between the two. Jones says, "Ok, if we are finished with our Smeagol and Gollum routine, might I suggest we make our way out of this crater death trap, back to the Stargate. We'll need reinforcements to recover everyone." And, going around quickly as he can, Cpt. Jones takes and secures his squads' dog-tags in his chest pocket, and dashes for the Stargate. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ BACKGROUND Cpt. Jones grew up in Kissimmee, Florida and did a lot of boating (swamp airboats & skiffs) and hunting in the Everglades; attended the University of Miami on an Air Force ROTC scholarship in Pre-Med, then 4 years U of M MD, and finally did his residency at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, until he was recruited to the Stargate program for his expertise in pathology. Cpt. Jones' father was an archeologist (retired) and of course a huge fan of the Indiana Jones movies, which is why he named his son Henry, and when someone gets it, they might call him Indiana. Jones' pride & joy is his swamp airboat, Air Gator. He has photos of it, him & his friends, and his trophies that he keeps in his wallet. WEAPON PREFERENCES: M4A1 (mod'ed): Tranqs, Burst, Extra Capacity, Laser Sight, and Scope Berrata (mod'ed): Tranqs, Burst, and Laser Sight in a concealed holster Combat Knife: in concealed holster Personality Traits: Cpt Jones loves to hunt and be outdoors; prefers not choose to kill people (he arms himself with tranqs), but knows how to defend himself and others. Shiul is content doing research, and is a survivor-type. Ideals: Cpt Jones holds life sacred. He's not sure what to think about Goa'ulds, other than parasites - yet sentient, because they remind him of baby alligators and he loves hunting & eating alligators in Florida Everglades; he secretly wonders if Goa'ulds taste like gator. Shiul wants the Tok'ra to live in peace, without the Goa'ulds, and knows that they need the Tau'ri (the SGC) to accomplish this. Flaws: Cpt Jones can be curious about everything, always learning, always wondering how something works. Shiul can get a little agitated and impatient.
  2. Here are a couple episodes that deal with hacking the DHD: One in particular, Carter and her "2nd favorite beloved" scientist, Dr. Jay Felger, remotely hacked Ba'al's DHD using a computer virus, Avenger, (scrambling his DHD's gate addresses) (of course with some initial R&D to create the computer virus), but Ba'al's Goa'uld scientist, the glutonous, Nerus, reprogrammed it to spread, and that took the afternoon. After fixing it, Felger says he has locked that tampering down. In the episode, "Prototype", we learn that Annubis programmed the gate on P3X-584 to "gate-forward" potential any pesky organic trespassers to another gate address. At the end of the episode, Annubis' genetic spawn, Khalek, reaches the Gateroom, uses his powers to activate the gate dialing computer and walks through the gate, but returns to SGC moments later because of the security measures in place in P3X-584. In all cases, they had a special computer connect that can connect to DHD to hack it. So, I would say probably a couple of hours if they're qualified/experienced and had the equipment, to maybe a couple of days if they're new to hacking DHDs, and to virtually impossible if General O'Neall attempted without having his brain filled with Ancient Knowledge first ;) I would expect that SGC would now develop rugged smartphones (made of the alloy of Carbon, Trinium, and Naquadah) instead of having teams haul laptops on missions =) , along with micro or mini drones for exit-gate recon. I know I would. ;)
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