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  1. On page 62 of the rule book, under 'Weapon Attributes', the 'Tech Level' entry says: "This is the default tech level of the noted weapon; however, all weapons can be improved, raising their effective tech level." Unfortunately, I can't find any mention of what 'improving' a weapon involves or entails. For example, what would a Tech Level 2 Bow look like from a game statistic standpoint? Increased damage die size? Extra range? Extra 'Special' entries? The ability to mount upgrades like a Reflex sight?
  2. As a bit of a character quirk, I've decided that my Scout character (Faelan) keeps his own notes about things of interest on trips to various gate addresses. I'm not including the notes to avoid the risk of spoilers. Unfortunately, I (the player) am not quite so organized, so I've got a couple gate addresses in my notes that don't have names associated with them, and one that I remember asking about (Phoenix Base), but either didn't get an answer or can't find the notation scrawled on my character sheet. Can anybody help me fill in the blanks? S1E01 P??-??? - Phoenix Base P1X-774 - No name? P3X-582 - No name? S1E02 No gate travel S1E03 P6H-970 - No name? S1E04 P2X-678 - Parva
  3. As with any other substance, the toxicity/lethality of CO is dependent on the dose/concentration.
  4. I suspect they were simply built with an earlier version of the rules, and that bit was missed in the process of updating them.
  5. Where did you hear that? As of the latest Kickstarter update, where they expect printing to be done by the end of August, and the timelines for container shipping, it seems somewhat unlikely that they’ll have copies in time for GenCon. (It takes about 20 days for a ship to go from China to the US, for example, and that’s once it’s fully loaded.). After the ship arrives, it needs to clear customs, and have the contents get delivered to wherever they’re going.
  6. Page 27. ”Hebridean (undefined): This technologically advanced planet is home to two sentient races, the human Hebridians, and the reptilian Serrakin, who live in relative peace together. The planet does not have a Stargate, and is accessible only by spacecraft.”
  7. Page 27. ”Hebridean (undefined): This technologically advanced planet is home to two sentient races, the human Hebridians and the reptilian Serrakin, who live in relative peace together. The planet does not have a Stargate and is accessible only by spacecraft.”
  8. A small point of order on the background: 'guy with a misguided grudge' is not the same thing as 'enemy agent'. The original idea was indeed that he was going in playing the long game to get revenge, but he'd learn that SGC isn't the bunch of duplicitous assholes he'd assumed based on what he thought he had known about the death of his father figure. Also, if you're going to disallow characters based on bio information (especially time period), you ought to give some basic idea of *when* the time period is in the 'Series Guide' document. I had presumed that all of this was happening *post* series, because there was no indication to the contrary in said document. I wasn't a die-hard watcher of the series, and don't really remember much beyond stray episodes after they'd gotten a ship, so I'm struggling a bit on figuring out what *is* allowable based on the given timeline. I don't suppose there's a decent way you know of to figure out which worlds had been visited by SG-1 teams up to the mid-2002 period where Phoenix Site starts? It appears that Hebridians weren't first mentioned/visited until later in Season 6, which makes them a 2003 'discovery' based on Wiki info, and therefore also off limits despite actually being one of the groups explicitly mentioned in the core rule book. Or, since Hebridians are a space-fairing group, are they still allowable, having joined up with SGC via some other location/meeting? Note: I have roughed-in a new background using events prior to Season 6 Episode 9 as the basis. Let me know if it has anything that prevents approval.
  9. Thanks. Thanks for the heads up. I was unaware of the timeline for Phoenix Site. I'll do some more research and build a new backstory to go along with the character. The build will likely stay exactly the same, though.
  10. I got my slots for the Season 1 Episodes. E1 & 2 on Thursday (2p & 7p), E3 on Friday (4p), and E4 on Sunday (9a). this is the character I’ll be playing. https://stargatetherpg.com/rpg/characters/494-faelan/?association_id=494-cfff0a21954af3f11190be44a3fd710e
  11. Voice


    Rank 3 Human

    Class: Scout

    Part of the crew of a Hebridian smuggler and arms dealer, Faelan was on Langara attempting to find the secret of a rumored new weapon they were developing (the naquadria bomb). During his stay he was unable to find the secret, but was exposed to SG-1 through the events of "Meridian" and "Shadow Play", and realized that, with the proper access, he could use SGC to hunt down *far* more contraband technology. With plans to do just that, he arranged a series of innocuous code phrases with his captain indicating the locations of information dead-drops, with plans to "call home" to his 'family' on a routine basis. With a bit of fast talking, and a fake background, Faelan maned to enlist, only to be assigned to Phoenix Site, which has thrown a bit of a wrinkle into his plans. Faelan's cover identity is that of the crew of the 'Morning Star', a trade and exploration vessel owned and operated by his uncle, Fergus. Having heard about SG-1's exploits from various people on a number of planets they visited, he decided he wanted to join up.
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