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    Faelan sort of remembers growing up within the Lucian Alliance, and looking up to Netan as something of a hero and father figure. He believes, not without justification, that Stargate Command is responsible for Netan's death, and is seeking revenge. That death, and the discovery that it was at least partially orchestrated by the Alliance, broke his world view, and he left to wander space as he came to grips with the massive change to his life. He no longer has any affiliation with, or love toward, the Lucian Alliance, but Stargate Command is his main focus. He doesn't know how he's going to do it yet, but plans to infiltrate and aid the organization until such time as he can wreak the necessary havoc. In reality, pirates from the Lucian Alliance attacked and captured the Hebridan starship he was on as a child (14), and his injuries resulted in a loss of memory prior to his waking up in a hospital. He spent 10 years (until 2008) as part of the Lucian Alliance, so his loyalty there is real, though it may be somewhat shaken if he discovers the truth about his past. (Assuming the current year is 2021, Faelan is currently 37.)
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