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  1. Wacko! Hi, I'm Jack O'Neill with (three fingers) two L's. Hailing originally from Minnesota and now somewhere top-secret in Colorado.
  2. You're pretty much spot-on to the GenCon playtest. However they were definitely tweaking the rules. In the playtest - all attacks with staff weapons were with disadvantage. All attacks knocked all players within range prone unless you saved vs Dex saving throw.
  3. Hi - Based on my GenCon playtest there were specifically 6 named classes. This information was pre-alpha playtest so it is subject to change and Brad asked that we not divulge too much information. I.E. they do not want to set expectations that the rules have to the same as the playtest. Soldier Scout Diplomat Engineer Medic ? Each character also had a race. Wording like "feats" was not used, so that is still up in the air. There are definitely class abilities and racial abilities.
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