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    At an initial glance it looks good - although the 'chapter heading' illustration looks a bit like a still from Wormhole X-treme! I'd suggest using the word 'Species' rather than 'Race'. There are some people who get confused and start seeing racism in games that use the word 'race' for different sentient species especially when you give different species differing stats, abilities etc. Using 'species' instead makes it plain what is going on. That said, it is good that the game caters for playing just about any sentient species that the galaxy has thrown up. A Unas could be fun to play! In the character creation chapter, it might be beneficial to add a list of species, origins, classes etc. available as a quick reference even though it's worth reading the appropriate chapter before making your choice (at least, the first time you create a character). The equipment chapeter is obviously incomplete: do remember to include the MALP (there isn't even a heading for it). What is there needs a good proof-read (do you want errors reporting?). You also need to add UAVs/Drones. Oh, and rules for spacesuits. Also different space-capable craft, the different Goa'uld ships, etc, that might be encountered (they can feature later on in the combat chapters too). Feats are likewise a work in progress but there are some neat ideas in there - like the use of medical procedures in combat and the concept of downtime feats. Not sure about the mechanism for the downtime feats - perhaps each period of downtime, the benefits of, eg. cookie or virtuoso, may be applied to a different team member, rather than the requirement to take the feat multiple times? Using Ability Scores: very dlear explanations. Nice! Good GM (gatemaster - neat!) advice. Do make sure the chapter heading gets changed from 'Gatermaster' to 'Gatemaster' though! Good ideas for structuring a sequence of sessions to give that TV series feel.... and the idea of 'continuity correction' is excellent. The Life Forms chapter would be a good place to provide resources for other sentient species that are not playeable - primarily because they are opposed to the Taur'i, or because they are friendly but too powerful, like the Asgard. Overall, there's the potential for a great game here. I look forward to reviewing the finished work on RPG Resource in due course :) Do you intend to do an 'episode guide' book (or books!) in the future. Have a fairly detailed synopsis of each episode of the TV show, stat up NPCs/Monsters/novel equipment, provide ideas for further adventures stemming from what occured in the episode or using NPCs/equipment encountered. (See Mongoose Publishing's Babylon 5 books for good examples of this approach.)
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