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  1. You say true and I say thankya. I admit my initial post about this was a little premature and upon reflation I think you're right. There are still a lot of System Lords that were written off off screen and thousands of goa'uld out there we just don't hear about which is where I'll be focusing the efforts of my campaign. But yeah I understand wanting to give themselves a chance to be able to play in their own sandbox.
  2. Canonically I don't think there are any short term issues with it's use though.
  3. This whole thread has summed up so many of my annoyances with this game. It is called Stargate SG1 but it is so removed from SG1. I would love to see the stats on how many people just ignore the SGP and the General Hammond clone and play SGC proper as like SG14 or something. It boggles my mind as to how they came to the decision not to have players play in the SGC under General Hammond like people have been dreaming of doing for 20 years.
  4. Hey there guys. I'm from New Zealand but have a strange 24 work schedule. Would be happy to join in a group for the odd game if you'll have me a long as a guest character
  5. I know this might be an unpopular opinion but I'm personally going to be almost entirely disregarding range and ammunition for pretty much anything but long range where they'll need to use some kind of sniper rifle. I mean you guys have all seen Stargate. Range is never a factor nor is ammo with all semi-automatic apparently not being a thing there Some games I'm really particular about stuff like ammunition. Especially in horror games where you're up against some monster and only have 6 shells in your shotgun. It adds to the horror of it all but Stargate ammunition is almost never a factor. It doesn't really fit the tone of the show. Just my thoughts.
  6. It's only from sustained use though. To be honest I can't imagine what kind of game some GM is running that requires sustained use of a Sarcophagus. Personally I feel like this isn't something that should be dealt with through mechanics anyway so much as through roleplay but I think that about quite a lot of things though.
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