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  1. I have run a GM table for a while and have over a dozen 5e books for D&D and for 5e compatible games and such so I understand there is a lot to consider when launching a new book content system. I was simply wondering (and I know this might be covered by a Confidentiality agreement so no answer might happen) are there are going to be source books separation or setup such as: 1 source book for each 'tv series' or a single book covering all 3 and the movies in different chapters, on top of a 'GM' world book and a possible Player's book? When I buy the books with everything I would want, (for example if I wanted to set my campaign in the city of Atlantis but during the time it was returned to Earth at the end of the show.) Would I need to have 2,3 or 5 books to get all the content to pull off the campaign that I want successfully, or would it be contained to one or two books to start? Also, I would really really love for the game to have 'completed' character sheets for each TV Show hero at both the start of their "SG:1" careers, possibly midway, and definitely at the end of them when the shows left the airways. It would be cool to compare Major Carter to General Carter, and Sargent Jack O'Neill and General Jack O'Neill. Young and naive Jackson living on 'paradise planet' vs, Ascended Jackson vs Ori Jackson. Young and hip Christopher Judge, and Beefy monstrous Christopher Judge, I mean Teal'c. Also Rodney McKay and Ronin and John and most importantly Zelenka. NOTE: I'm not expecting to see characters who didn't show up on screen during the show after their one or two episodes as they could be critical story fodder.
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