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  1. Over Discord or some other program?
  2. I am looking to play a online game as well.
  3. I am wanting to learn how the game is played so I can eventually run a campaign. I am looking for a group to play with over Discord, Skype, or any other program.
  4. It looks great, however one of the corners was damaged. Im a little sad about that.
  5. Hi everyone I'm Eric and been a longtime fan of Stargate. I look forward to playing with all of you. I only wish I had found this Kickstarter sooner so I could have been a backer instead of a late backer. Also could someone link me to the playtest guide for character creation please? I can seem to find it.
  6. If its on a Thursday or Friday, or Saturday and finishes before 6pm your time I would love to play.
  7. I'm a late backer and I got the leather backed book. I'm just wondering if I get access to the episodes for free or if I have to purchase them. Also is all I need to play the episodes or is there something else to download with the races and classes until the core book pdf is ready?
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