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  1. The Stargate Phoenix Series Guide's disallowed equipment list includes Filtration/Radiation Masks but they are on every iconic character's equipment list and included in the base kit on p. 58 of the core book. Which is correct?
  2. I'm going with Anvil Industry out of the UK. They're a little more expensive but their Regiments line has a good selection of modern male and female bits including P90s. My main advice is, if you're in the USA, spend the extra for faster shipping unless you want your package sitting in Chicago Customs for 3 weeks.
  3. I really enjoy painting miniatures. I can find minis for most of the figures, (I plan on using elves for any Aturens I need.) but I'm having trouble with Unas. The closest I've found is Wargames Atlantic's Lizardmen but their snouts are too big. Has anyone found something closer to what's in the book/TV show?
  4. I believe the game "officially" available at Gencon and there's a bunch of Statgate living campaign games on the schedule there.
  5. When will the stl files from the kickstarter be available in the store?
  6. Hello! Just found out about the game yesterday and my girlfriend and I are already looking forward to playing at Gencon. Sam
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