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  1. @sadovsf has done a fantastic Foundry VTT module for the game. I would highly recommend checking it out. He builds it in his own time rather than it being a licensed product, but it’s updated pretty regularly and works really well for my games.
  2. Thanks, I’d not thought about it being the spelling, that’s why search wasn’t finding it!
  3. The "Village Mayor" Diplomate build featured on page 325 shows a feat called Resonate Words, but I cant seem to find a listing for it anywhere else in the book. Was this a feat or class ability that was removed or renamed?
  4. I totally appreciate that, but as mentioned it would be nice if we got to see the pulled adventure. And a rough timeline on when releases are due. People have been commenting on the forums for quite a while about episode three, so the spoilers are already out there.
  5. There is however the Living Campaign which is based at Phoenix Base, a location talked about in the book. Episodes 1 & 2 are both available from the store and more episodes are due to follow. Each episode includes a mission, background and NPC stats etc.. Stargate Phoenix Living Campaign
  6. No, sadly not. I have to say I’ve been a little disappointed by the season pass. I purchased it a couple of months back expecting regular releases but since buying it nothing has come out. Episode 4 was released in error and then quickly removed but still no sign of episode three. As I understand it episode three was played at shows but then pulled and a new episode three was released. But season pass holders will only get the new version and that won’t be until the end of September? Which is almost two months since ep 2. My game group have now played 1 & 2 and are desperately waiting on the later episodes
  7. Fantastic! Thank you. I've loved using this so far in my game. Looking forward to testing out the new NPC sheets
  8. @sadovsf I’m really liking it so far, thanks so much for doing this. One thing I would love to see in the future would be a NPC block style character sheet for our Jaffa and other foes. Do you have a Patreon or some other way that we can help support you on?
  9. Thanks. I only downloaded it a week or so ago, hadn't realized that there was a newer version
  10. I’m still prepping to GM my first game but from reading the rules these are my thoughts. Would love to hear from anybody that can confirm either way though. 1) From reading the description in the book I would agree that activating the Phasing device is a object interaction rather than a action. 2) I would say that the DC’s listed on page 61 are correct. I can’t actually find the part in the book that you referenced for “repairing mechanical items” but in the section for R&D the DC’s for modifying tech lvl 5 are 25 for each time increment, so 15 to repair seems extremely low.
  11. Hi from the UK. I just recently purchased the book and am liking what I’ve seen so far. Looking forward to taking my players through the Living Campaign.
  12. I have the season pass and have downloaded episodes 1,2 and now 4 but I don’t see episode 3 anywhere to download. Am I missing something obvious? I’m new to the site and the game so may very well just be missing something!
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