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  1. Some interesting parts in which one can become a Tok'ra/Goa'uld , Jaffa (More permanent transition), will we even think about Replicator issues for enemies or PC?
  2. Fair enough I would agree this can be hard to answer depending on how we feel about the characters, but I was watching the episode in which Ronan was wraith fed brain washed, what spawned the thought. As for Jack and John, I think they'd use stun pistols and would end up in close draws on an open military exercise course. Great thoughts!
  3. Greetings fellow Gate peeps, Are we not only excited for a game in one of our favorite story universe, but also for the fact we have a place to chat and discuss what we like....so with that. Who would have one if given the proper chance in fight format. Ancients vs Ori (Strictly Ascended) Jack (SG1) vs John (SGA) Teal'c vs Ronon (Yes, never truly decided) Wraith vs Asurans (Minus the whole food source conflict) Is Anubis still a threat to the universe? Please share your thoughts, don't be too cruel.
  4. Checking in to see how many of us congregate here
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