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  1. I don't have to defend the current ranges because they aren't at fault. The issue is how 5e manages the long range disadvantage versus short range. In 3e, attacking at max range imposed a -18 to attack roll; in Cyberpunk, attacking at a weapon max range had difficulty 30 (hard even for a experienced shooter with REF 10 and fitting weapon skill 10; she would still need to roll a 10 in a d10) under normal conditions. So, whereas other systems have come on top this issue, be the range 50, 100 or 1,000 meters, 5e falls behind because of the short/long range mechanics. Also, Tetrasodium, I rec
  2. And again, we come to the simple issue of converting the P90 into a submachine gun rather than a longarm and thus we don't have P90 users sniping targets at 1,800 m. ranges. A thing such as having Proficiency with Longarms feat covering SMGs, assault rifles, hunting rifles, shotguns and marksman rifles shouldn't mean all those types should be encompassed in a single, catchall category (meaning a shotgun could potentially be fired at 1,800 meters). The feat could allow for the character to be profient with all those weapon types, then have each weapon type broken down into subcategories: SMG, a
  3. Ranges aren't absurdly long. The issue here is the fact 5e rules work with just a short/long range variance regarding penalties to attack rolls. The 1,800 m. range for longarms wouldn't be applicable to P90, as it is a submachine gun, not a proper longarm; in fact, 1,800 m. is quite the range for an assault rifle but not for marksman rifles. As a sidenote, the effective range for a P90 is around 200 meters. At 20 m. you are basically dead if shot with one. Then again, this issue with ranges seem to come from people using "standarized" mats for tactical combat. The "teather of mind" allows
  4. Rewatched the episodes, searched and read transcripts. There's no reference in neither to Teal'c stating something like that. So, unless it's from the DVD reshooting... Why would a larval goa'uld take a jaffa as host when it could use the jaffa's abdominal pouch to survive?
  5. That would fall more likely under feats field rather than "races". It would be more like Carter gained a feat (let's call it naqadah blood) after Jolinar's death; Ancient gen would also be sort of a feat for humans. However, no such things (yet) in the rules. Goa'ulds never take jaffa as hosts. It might be snobish pride or it could have to do with jaffa physiology, but a jaffa turning into a host hasn't happened a single time in the show.
  6. If it was Stargate 3.0, I wouldn't mind throwing a PbP game. But my actual experience with 5e is zero (have read the SRD, but haven't played nor mastered).
  7. You could always shuffle a few names. Rather than Ra and Apophis jaffas, you could throw Ba'al's and Yu's. And have the clones being for two girls; one at her teens (preserved), the other a child. And for additional surprises, have both be Nirrti's clones (and all this mess being another attempt at a hok'tar host: the child shows some "peculiarities"). Regarding AEG material on goa'ulds, I recall something about most of the content on suplements not being considered canon, so it wasn't covered by the IP.
  8. And the whole thing derailed. I thought the idea of a forum game was an alternative for online, live sessions. A post-by-post play that would help solving timezone issues and the likes (and probably would make finding available players easier).
  9. This premise basically discards nazi Germany. If a goa'uld was to infiltrate and subvert the most powerful faction, that would be either the United States or the Soviet Union. Larger territories, more natural resources availability and sheer manpower make them potential targets compared to the small Germany, with no access to oil or rubber, for example. So, in order for a nazi controlled Earth scenario to work, you have to dismiss Stargateverse canon and make it a fanfic literally, with lots of plot holes as to how nazis defeated allied forces with alien technology without incurring goa'u
  10. All this goa'uld Hitler scenario could only work if the goa'uld infiltrates and subverts the whole organization to do its bidding. With the usual goa'uld MO, the scenario would never work. Let's put it this way: nazi Germany discovers how the stargate works, then proceeds to create its Stargate Program. They run across the galaxy taking advanced technology to further the nazi agenda on Earth. In the process, they anger the System Lords, who move against Earth. A goa'uld invasion force is dispatched and the nazi SGC fails to stop it (basically, the nazis have been using their newfound techonolo
  11. You are taking it already too far. It's been canonically established stargates don't deal with alternate universes. The most a stargate could do is send characters into their own past, a past where nazis are defeated. Changes to that timeline would eventually lead to a Moebius paradox: for example, SGC wouldn't be created, characters wouldn't be in the team (they could even not exist) and they wouldn't travel back in time, potentially changing the timeline, which would fix the original timeline and events. What you want to do requires specifically a quantum mirror, not a stargate. And wha
  12. Seeing the only thing helmet does is adding additional AC points with no other advantage nor disadvantage, I'd consider it an armor accesory rather than light or heavy armor. Still, for categorization sake, it would be heavy armor (this category doesn't reference the weight of the armor, but their hardness against projectiles; light armor is made of "soft" materials, such as kevlar, and as such they offer limited protection, while heavy armor uses "hard" materials, as ceramic or steel plates, to improve their defense capability against bullets and the like).
  13. It might not be exactly what you are looking for (group for live, online playing) but what about games via forum? This one has a specific section, "Forum Games", which is unused (as far as I can see).
  14. Don't use "mats". Or use a "1 square=10 m." rule (this measure complicates character movement, though, as it is harder to track "fractions" of the square a character moving in ranges of 3 is covering). Then, there's also the issue with 5e simply having a "short range shot/long range shot" mechanics; a rule related to range increments from 3e would be more helpful, as it imposed a -2 penalty for each range increment between shooter and target, making attacks at maximum range have a -20 to attack rolls (-10 with thrown weapons).
  15. Vala falls into the "charming rogue" role (like Han Solo); she's not a spy nor an infiltrator (in Stargate SG-1 RPG, Vala would probably have been a pointman). And yes, there are Tok'ra spies and goa'uld asraks in the show but there's a reason all the Tok'ra spying happens offscreen and the asraks play the role of adversary when they appear; the main focus of the show is not undercover operations but exploration and discovery. Most people buying a Stargate based game probably expect to emulate adventures like those from SG-1 rather than playing Jacob/Selmak in every mission. I would po
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