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    MSgt Pierce was a Air Force gate room technician at Stargate Command for several years. Her career was dedicated but unremarkable and normally unnoticed. Life at the SGC is challenging, dangerous, and sometimes traumatic, so she was looking forward to her 20-year retirement and moving on to safer work. Of course, that's when disaster struck. A gate room compromise and base lock down left her stranded with several SGC personnel and Tok'ra allies, one of whom was critically injured. When she was the only one able to host the dying Tok'ra symbiote, Pierce struggled between her desire to leave the Air Force and SGC and a sense of duty and compassion for the embattled Tok'ra. In the end, she chose duty and became host to Crekesh. Her career is now considerably more important to the Air Force. MSgt Pierce is sharp, dry, and ever-sarcastic. in contrast to the determined and somewhat optimistic Crekesh. She constantly suggests kicking her "hitchhiker" to the curb, and finding him a host "other than an annoyed middle-aged Sergeant". However, he provides a good counterbalance and secretly. she really does like and respect him. Heather Pierce.pdf
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