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  1. Well I think that's more an issue of RPGs not being strong enough, which I'll be taking a look at when I get to my equipment chapter revision soon.
  2. I'll be going through and updating a good chunk of the damage, but keep in mind that the starting damage for a weapon doesn't account for the dice doubling at 6th, tripling at 11th, and then quadrupling around 16th (depending on how you build your character). But there is a numbers pass that will happen in a few days/a week when I get to that step of the chapter by chapter revisions. This is what testing is for!
  3. Guys, this is just a problem with HP in general. How many bullets does it take to kill a man? One. But if you've got 30 HP you can never die to a single bullet, not even a crit. However, let's also keep in mind that characters will be doing more damage as they level up. There's simply no way around the fact that HP as an abstraction makes every attack unrealistically weak. A rapier IRL can kill a man in a single hit. But that's just not possible in DnD beyond level 1 or 2. A soldier who has entered specialist leveling likely purchased attack bumps, ect, so I'll need testing to dial in fight times. Unless we get rid of HP all together, however, we'll simply never have weapons, not even punches, that feel realistic. Instead, the GM will need to use description to get to where we want. If the creature isn't dead, it likely wasn't a direct hit, which is in line with a television show. We rarely, if ever, see anyone take a bullet to the head in Stargate. That level of violence just doesn't fit the setting.
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