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  1. First actual gaming session went well, but we need to work on non-combat encounter mechanics.

  2. Hello from Indy, current home of GenCon, where I just purchased the core rulebook. I must say I am thoroughly impressed with this game and plan on starting a season with my family for my upcoming 54th birthday. I will be the GM, of course, and my children who have played D&D 5th edition with me will play the primary characters. My husband and I are huge Stargate SG-1 fans; so, I have convinced him to play as well. I have tentatively named our group Phoenix-7, unless that name has been taken by another group somewhere. Anyway, stayed tuned, and I will update you on our first episode in two weeks. If you are in the Indianapolis area or have visited GenCon 2021, say "Hello!" Maybe we can get together for an episode sometime. Robert B. Poe
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