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  1. @Bahamut_A6M5 I truly appreciate your comments. I agree...the stun/death effects should be handled with care. My suggestion of eliminating "to hit" modifiers may have been a bit too harsh. I am open to the suggestion of treating the ZAT as a weapon with "very short basic range". My other suggestions were mainly in the spirit of balancing the ZAT to deter abuse. My concern is if some deterrents or limitations to using the ZAT aren't implemented, the ZAT stun/death combo potentially could turn out to be a crutch for PLAYERS (and DMs) in combat situations. If it's too easy to finish off an NPC (or worse, a PLAYER) in two rounds, then there will be no incentive to use other weapons. The worse example I can think of on this subject is an abusive DM equipping an entire combat party of NPCs with ZATs and successfully killing off the PLAYERS in two rounds with only the stun/death combo. I am a big fan of the SG-1 series, and I want to see the RPG adhere to the series cannon as much as possible. The ZAT is an iconic staple weapon in the SG-1 universe, and I think it must be included in the RPG. However, as @Valdore states above, the ZAT (as it is represented in the TV Series) might not play well on TT in terms of balance. On disintegration: I'm not too concerned on how this effect is handled, except that I think it should be limited as an action that can only be performed outside of combat. I welcome more of your (or anyone's) thoughts on this. Thanks.
  2. I agree with Bahamut_A6M5's great suggestion that successive shots be a requirement for the "stun-to-death" effect. I also agree that the save against any ZAT effect should be constitution based (appropriate save is TBD). I would also suggest that ZAT attacks bypass standard forms of armor and that "normal" armor saves do not apply. Since the time-frame of the RPG falls somewhere in Season Six, there may be technology (aka Kull Warrior Armor) that can be obtained in a mission and researched to eventually provide some PLAYER protection against ZAT attacks. IMHO, the ZAT has the potential to be a very "broken" weapon, and should be "nerfed" for the purposes of the RPG. Here are my ideas on that: It may seem a bit contrary to SG Cannon, but I would consider the idea that the the ZAT could be treated as "unwieldy" when used as a fully ranged weapon and suffers from the additional traits: 1. Attempts to use the ZAT beyond melee range do not benefit from "to-hit" modifiers. 2. Using a ZAT is a full round action. For additional balancing of the "death shot", I would also add the requirement that, "for death to occur, the attempted shot must be made at point-blank range". A shot at a range beyond point-blank would result in an slight extension (+1-2 rounds) of the stun effect (or some variation of diminishing returns on successive ranged stuns here). If a PLAYER is stunned by a ZAT and fails to save against a "death shot", then their HP is reduced to zero, which triggers the standard 5th edition "death saves". Some other traits of the ZAT: 1) It can be used to overload (disable) various "electricity-based" technologies. 2) Stun shots do not cause "damage" to characters. 3) It can still disintegrate "dead" organics. However, (for balance but also contrary to SG Cannon) a single ZAT only has enough power to fully disintegrate up to two human-sized targets, and the disintegrate action can only be performed outside of combat (i.e. hiding the bodies). Note: In the TV Series, the disintegrate effect is only used in a small number of episodes in Season #1 and is relatively non-existent after that. 4) Replicator technology is immune to ZAT effects. 5) I agree with Valdore that the ZAT is a loud weapon with a very distinct and easily identifiable sound. Thoughts anyone?? Bueller??...Bueller??...
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