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  1. Back to the currency question, Season 1 Episode 3 (or 4 depending on the way you want to count them) (BD ep 3) Emancipation, the currency used there was gold coins.
  2. I could also offer some knowledge in the matter of military training and customs as I am a retired United States Air Force Master Sergeant with 21 years military service. And yes I served in Air Force Space Command for 4 years.
  3. Remember that the Stargate program is a United States Air Force military operation and the Phoenix Site commander is Major General (2 stars) Loyer. As stated on page 126, "General Loyer holds to the Geneva Convention, even off world." As per the example of "Daniel Boone", he was very proficient with long arms. I will have to re-watch the episodes with Ronin, his side arm and blade were very .. unusual.
  4. My comparison was the way the text was written. Ability score, feat, not feat and feat. Example: Requirement: Wisdom 13+, Medicine Not Requirement: Wisdom 13+ and Medicine So if a scout didn't have medicine in their origin and didn't chose it as a bonus feat at creation, how would they be able gain the "first aid" feat in later training? And I'm not talking about adding facilities bonus. How would the scout apply first aid, with any proficiency, to a downed medic at higher levels?
  5. As a Scout you get almost all weapons types and most of the training you need by level 5. You should have good Dexterity and Wisdom scores because of your skills and a good Constitution score because of your saving throws. Through character creation you have an idea of where your character came from and what he /she did before joining SGP and you select your backgrounds and additional skills accordingly. Now that you have attained level 5 and have been out in the field a few times, you find the need for other skills which you have the Mission Points to buy, but there is one problem, you don't have the necessary requirement(s). Now here is the question though the answer may be obvious to some but not all. The requirement for Advanced Training: xxx lists an Ability score of 13 +, and then a skill. Example: Advanced Training: Diplomat, the requirements are Charisma 13+, Persuasion. Does the person who wants the Inspire ability awarded by this training have to have both the ability score and the skill or just one of those listed? Another example is Vanguard with a listed requirement: Stealth and Survival I may be wrong but after reading the two examples, I think it would be ability score or the skill.
  6. Voxal Voice Changer is real time software that I have used with Discord. Currently there is not a setting that would match the Goa'uld voice but it provides the ability to make and save your own voice modification settings. Some of the adjustments included are pitch shifter, echo, reverb and amplify. You also have the ability to record and playback. I don't remember the price. Great for online use but be careful with in person use, hard to describe unless you have experienced it because of the time delay.
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