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  1. I didn't realize there was older Stargate RPG.
  2. What sort of class system do you think the game should use? Or do you think it should be classless?
  3. Thank you both!! I haven't heard of roll20 before. I will have to check it out.
  4. I would think that having racial traits, like in d&d would carry over. A Jaffa is likely to have more bonuses with staff weapons than a human soldier from Earth.
  5. Hello explodes, My name is Drew. I live in Ohio. I am a huge Stargate fan. When we first got cable while I was in highschool, it was the first show I watched and I was hooked. I still remember seeing my first episode. It was where SG-1 was trapped in Sokar's he'll planet. Since then I was hooked and watched it almost exclusively through highschool and college. I fell out of it in adulthood as responsibilities took over and life got rough. Now with this RPG coming out I am rewatching the series and learning to play tabletop games. I never played before due to my parents religious
  6. No, I feel like the Ori could easily beat the wraith. The powers that the priors have would give them the edge.
  7. Hello, I look forward to playing the Stargate RPG next year. I am to my to spend the mean time rewatching the series.

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