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  1. The later half of the tagline is redundant, maybe change it to something like, "Based on the hit .T.V. show".
  2. PX-15945


    Rank 1 Tok'ra

    Class: Scientist

  3. Version 1.0.0


    Various Stargate fonts for use by .G.M.s and players. If you know of any others please tell me and I'll add them. Alien: Asgard, Furling, Goa'uld (Decorative), Goa'uld (screen used Nak't), Nox, and Wraith. Ancient: Computer, Handwritten, G-handwritten, and Anquietas. Stargate Glyhs: Mk.1 Gate glyphs (Universe), Mk.2 Gate Milkyway glyphs (.S.G.1.), and Mk.3 Gate Pegasus (Atlantis). Titles: Stargate franchise title and Assidious (early .V.H.S. episode subtitle font). Virus free when uploaded. NOTE: THIS IS NOT A WYVERN GAMING DOCUMENT. Download at your own risk! (This document was submitted by a member of this site. Wyvern Gaming does not vouch for the security of this document.)
  4. I was working on a sesion plan but deleted it when I heard they wouldn't use the .A.E.G. Goa'uld information. I wasn't sure if it was worth posting to the forum so here it is incase someone wants to use it, (if you do please tell me how it went). It has 2 parts: 1.Discovery The team gates into a typical Goa'uld pyramid gate room but it's semi dark and cold. Clearly a battle had taken place her long ago, there are Jaffa bearing both Ra and Apophis's marks strewn around the room, (number and loot value being up to the .G.M.). Exploring further they find the buildings of the small compound around the pyramid temple seem more like military training barracks and regular residential housing, (a bit like if Phoenix Site had a small town attached) again with slaughtered Jaffa everywhere including Ra marked civilians. Hidden in the cellar of one building they find two active sarcophagi. One is damaged but works enough to keep preserved what seems to be the corpse of Anhur, the other is undamaged and contains a little girl who is alive but in statis. (There are several Ra marked civilian and soldier Jaffa dead in the building above the enterance, almost as if they were guarding/protecting it). How is Anhur here when he was publicly killed by Apophis on Chulak? Do they bring the girl to Phoenix Site in or out of stasis? 2.Answers and a moral quandary. Anhur is revealed to be a clone created by the original as a contingency plan using prototype technology created by Arawn, (which Ba'al later improved upon and used). Much like Earth Apophis discovered the planet by going through Ra's old gate addresses archive, (it was dialed earlier in the exercise then Earth was) then promptly forgot about it after learning the planet had no Naquada. It turns out that the little girl is the constructed clone host of clone Anhur's daughter and as of yet shows none of the typical Goa'uld personality traits, (though is starting to get fustrated at being couped up). (The body of the girl the host is cloned from can be found amongst the dead civilians but is clearly several years older). 4 options 1.Kill her and learn what they can from examining the corpses. 2.Extract the symbiote and train the blank slate Jaffa host. 3.Hand her over to the Tok'ra, (with possible later appearance). 4.Keep her on Phoenix Site and train her as a medic/support personel.
  5. Are me and my group the only ones who find the Beta visually hard to read/focus on compared to the old .A.E.G. and D&D 5th ed. books? Generally speaking the pages seem to be unecessarily graphically crowded in a compressed layout making it hard to read/focus and wasting page space. Switching to a more spaced out less graphic heavy 5th edition style would be an improvement and help attract more casual and D&D focused gamers. The main problems, (from my perspective) are the following: 1.The page borders are too thick making the contents seem compressed and wasting page space. 2.The side border graphics, (left side gate and Asgard/Norse text and the right side: Phoenix Site, "menu", .glyph, and .D.H.D. graphics) seeme to be uneeded, (the right side graphics inparticular). 3.The page elements need to be more spaced out so as to be more easily read. 4.Stone background texture needs to fill the whole page, (no white background text boxes).
  6. Version 1.0.0


    For player use. Please credit where possible and post completed versions! NOTE: THIS IS NOT A WYVERN GAMING DOCUMENT. Download at your own risk! (This document was submitted by a member of this site. Wyvern Gaming does not vouch for the security of this document.)
  7. Hello, I'm PX-15945. I'm British in my late 20's/early 30's and been a Stargate fan since I was young annd the origina terrestrial .T.V. run of .S.G.1. on Channel 4. I've played a couple of short Stargate campaigns using the, (now old) system but that was a long time ago, (the .D.M. made us genuinely hate that minor System Lord, she was evil and couldn't say dead). Don't ask) and have some recent experience with 5th edition through my local gaming shop. So it'll be interesting to see how this new game turns out and develops, (hopefuly it won;t be as clunky and broken as .W.O.T.C.'s Star Wars Saga Edition) and howboth Goa'uld history and minor/later introduced factions such as the Lucian Alliance will be detailed. I reccomend listening to the Terrible Warriors's .S.G.12., "The Shield of Mars" campaign. It's short but entertaining and a plausible early S.G.1. series story.
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