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  1. Are you reading it through the Kindle app on the Fire 10 or a .pdf viewer? I get the same error when reading on the Kindle app, but I sideloaded acrobat and can read it using that.
  2. Nice! Looks like you have the 1st gen vest too!!!
  3. Every table develops their own stories, and I expect a lot of GM's are already planning on building off of threads that were unresolved. Players in the group, what would you like to see uour GM's bring to the table, or build upon?
  4. Anybody have any cosplay or props they'd like to show off?
  5. Any chance we'll see Wyvern have a presence at Rose City, or any other weast coast conventions?
  6. Hello! I'm not sure if this is the correct space, but I would love map tiles optimized to add to a VTT like Roll20. It would be nice to have them in jpg format trimmed to fit the grid system on a VTT - Also maybe produce a set without grids already on the maps so we don't have to spend a ton of time tryong to line the grids up. Also feedback on what has already been made available. In the Haven tiles, the Aturen District Ground Level the sections are very poorly stitched togther on the overview. Can this be fixed to make adding them to a VTT at least in line with the other overview maps. Thanks!
  7. Is the news of MGM's sale to Amazon impacting this at all?
  8. Any possibility of seeing Wyvern Gaming at Wizard World Portland?
  9. Long time Stargate fan from Vancouver WA, and I can't wait to get my hands on this game!
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