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  1. Hear about the latest about the soon to launch Kickstarter for the Stargate Roleplaying Game! Brad Ellis, CEO of Wyvern Gaming, talks about why they choose 5th edition to base their game on, creating a new race for the game, and working with MGM to make it canon. https://roleofthedice.com/2020/01/06/episode-121-stargate-role-playing-game-with-brad-ellis/ iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/episode-121-stargate-roleplaying-game-with-brad-ellis/id1294474637?i=1000461700543 Google Play Music: https://play.google.com/music/m/Dsslvskqetlcihh6nojzb2h4jna?t=Episode_121_-_Stargate_Roleplaying_Game_with_Brad_Ellis-Role_of_the_Dice_Podcast Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-493438868/episode-121-stargate-roleplaying-game-with-brad-ellis RSS Feed: http://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:337077417/sounds.rss
  2. Yep. https://stargatetherpg.com/clubs/
  3. Hey guys, we very much appreciate your feedback and want you to know that it was heard. Upon careful consideration and consultation on how the US military handles armed coalition forces. We have decided that it totally makes sense that Tau'ri forces and personal would defiantly be included in a base of this type. Tau'ri will be a human race option. Thanks!
  4. We're still debating this internally as well.
  5. Enjoy... https://www.geeknative.com/69169/why-pick-dd-for-the-stargate-rpg-an-interview-with-wyvern-gaming/
  6. Hey guys, I just wanted to put your mind at ease. We have a communication plan that we are sticking to. We are focusing a lot of our effort on game development at this time. Please understand that especially with a license property that there is an approval process that communications must go through. We're working with MGM very closely to ensure that what we produce is canon and makes sense for the franchise. This takes time. With that said, private playtesting has been going extremely well and there is a ton of excitement with those that are playing it. We'll be sending out new information soon and you'll see the frequency of communication increase as we get closer to February. Thanks Wyvern Gaming
  7. We have thought about it and these are both good options under consideration. However, I have nothing to announce at this time. Thanks!
  8. Both missions were very well received! One of the questions on the survey asked if the game felt like Stargate, the unanimous response to this was YES! The players felt there character played well and loved the character sheets. Here is an image right before a session. The front of our Diplomat pregen character.
  9. Sazeral

    Zat Guns

    I like the idea of resetting the effects after a number of rounds. We were thinking something similar on using conditions and having a constitution save.
  10. Sazeral


    Hi all! My name is Brad and I'm the CEO of Wyvern Gaming. I wanted to first thank you for joining us on this mission of creating a new roleplaying game for Stargate. We love the franchise and want to make sure our game puts you in it. This adventure was the brainchild of our friend & partner Philip Loyer, who unfortunately is no longer with us. He would have been thrilled with the progress we have made, but incredibly nervous about the days to come. If he were still here we would joke about it and he would stress over it anyway. I miss my friend. This is for him. Thank you for helping us make a great game.
  11. We had such a great time at Gen Con this past year and we were excited to start to introduce Stargate RPG to the public. We had the very first playtests and we had awesome feedback. Over 200 people played our first 2 missions and based on surveys, from 1-10 the average score was 8.5. We're so excited to bring you this game and we think you're going to love it. This section of the forum is about giving us feedback on the game development. What would you like to see. Have you played a playtest? What didn't you like? Let us know here.
  12. How should Zat guns work in a roleplaying game?
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