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    Howdy, Long time Stargate and TTRPG fan here. Stargate SG-1 was the first show I ever binged (lo' some 10 years ago) and have been a fan of the entire series since. Currently running two D&D 5E campaigns: one weekly and one not-so-often. Looking forward to seeing what the team is cooking up with this new SG-1 RPG. Cheers!
  2. I concur with the successive rounding rules described above. I'll throw my two cents out there and suggest maybe making zatgun attacks require a contested dexterity save on the part of the target. This is in line with the effect of the weapon: no real way to defend except for special armor or more practically to dodge/roll out the way. In much the same way that some spells have DC's in 5e I would think that energy weapons could benefit from having a similar mechanic (energy weapons are really just scifi spells no?) that could be penalized at certain ranges. For example, the default DC of zatgun could be 8 + dex modifier + any proficiencies - some penalty for being at far range. Furthermore, requiring a constitution check or save every round by the stunned target could be a good way to determine the duration of the stun effect. Perhaps the default behavior is: On a failed dexterity save the target is stunned for a maximum of 1 minute (10 rounds). At the start of a stunned targets turn they make a constitution save. On a success the target is no longer stunned. Insert above mentioned successive round rules here. If a stunned target is stunned by a zatgun again (not consecutively) it counts as a failed constitution save for their next turn. (i.e. a player can spend their action to keep they enemy stunned but in doing so may not be able to do anything else. This could keep zatgun spamming to a minimum...) I also agree with idea that death by zat should really just drop the pc to zero hp and trigger standard death saves.
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