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  1. Absolutely. Like the Appendices in the original AD&D Dungeon Master Guide, these sorts of tables should (would) be indispensable. It wouldn't take much -- as with all content in the core book it should skim the surface with enough detail to get by, but with room for expansion in a later supplement with far greater depth.
  2. I mean, it's a pregen not a character class requirement. The nice thing about 5e D&D is that you can indulge in this strange combinations. For the pregens, you just want a compelling mix of options.
  3. Maybe it was before it's time, or too late -- it had the potential that has been realised by an arc series like Star Trek: Discovery where the investment is rewarded by watching everything one after the other, but the episodes can more or less be enjoyed as standalone. There was something about that emphasis that made it different to the other Stargate iterations.
  4. Welcome. Good to have you onboard. Do you play anything other than 5e and Spycraft-powered Stargate?
  5. I'd forget that line:

    "This is how they controlled it. It took us 15 years and three supercomputers to MacGyver a system for the gate on Earth."

    -- Sam Carter, "Children of the Gods"

  6. Sounds like a reasonable proposition.
  7. There are dedicated books for the functions, yes. I think it would be a solid approach to have expansions based on the individual series, given that they take the show to a different area of the universe (small "u") with their associated challenges and enemies. I think there's room for a single book on ship combat, handling ship roles, and the vessels of the various core species seen in SG-1; that can be expanded on in the above mentioned series books. A starship combat lite system in the core book would be a nice to have, but not a necessity.
  8. I'm looking forward to seeing what changes in Campaign mode and the approach suggested for getting an ongoing arc in a uncaring and savage universe like that occupied by the Alien mythology.
  9. Welcome. And it's good to have you here—nice and early. In before the rush, but not so early that you're stood in the corner looking awkward eating a questionable-looking canope.
  10. Another UK players - Greater Manchester area.
  11. Pondering the ninth chevron

  12. Well, it seems to me that the most important thing to have coming back on your arrival at a new forum is some sense of welcome. I hope that I can go some small way toward providing a micro-Welcome Party to one and all. At least until the energy kicks off and more people post regularly.

    It's the challenge of a new forum (and a new game) that the atmosphere feels like you've turned up for a party (or a film at the cinema) 30 minutes before the start time... Sat alone, nibbling snacks, hoping that you're going to be joined by like-minded people soon enough.

  13. Welcome. What other RPGs have you played? Do you play other games that handle different worlds and genres? Or are you more used to games that handle a single sort of setting, like high fantasy or hard sci-fi?
  14. Welcome. Possibly the best click bait title for a forum post that I've seen in a while! I understand completely the different draw of electronic games and tabletop. I love a session of something like Horizon Zero , for example, but it's a different experience altogether to sitting down for a face-to-face game of, say, Numenera or Gamma World; even though they might both aim toward the same kind of vibe. What RPGs have you tried recently?
  15. Welcome. My wife had a comparable experience with her first and playing one of the Zelda games. The theme tune seemed to spark an interest -- and has done ever since (even though my sons now in his mid-20s, that ol' Zelda magic remains a weakness). What are you a professor of?
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